Monday, September 1, 2014

F21: Hello From Berlin!


Forever 21 tank and embroidered jacket
Sabrina SL choker

Hello from Berlin, Germany! Natalie and I arrived here Friday morning, and have already seen so much of the city in just the 3 days we've been here so far. Today is our last day here, and we're making the most of it by exploring the last few neighborhoods we haven't hit up yet, and hopefully checking out the Anne Frank exhibit I've been dying to check off my list. The past few days have been one huge blur of food, wine, beer, German, Google Maps, public transportation (we're always on that S or U train), art/graffiti, electro and eccentric interior and exterior design. Berlin was everything I've dreamed it to be and more. The city is bursting at the seems with creativity and youth everywhere you go, even in the more gentrified areas (Berlin Mitte or Prenzlauer Berg for example). Berlin is food heaven, with a heavy Turkish influence and an all around preference for exotic tastes. You'll most likely find more Vietnamese and Thai restaurants wherever you go than German food, surprisingly. But that's what is the best thing about big cities like Berlin. The melting pot nature and cultural diversity is so distinct here. It's really marvelous. It gives NYC a run for it's money. You walk around with beers like its nobody's business. You'll find a library in a techno club in case you feel like reading some classics. You pay whatever you want for wine at the local wine bar because they still have trust in the honor system. The same goes for public transportation here, where there are no ticket takers or turn-styles, but users of public transportation are trusted to purchase their tickets according to use. Berlin so far feels like such a free-minded city that embraces so much of a well-rounded focus on the human spirit. Endless beer and wine makes the city feel less drunk on alcohol and more high on social interaction. It's just wonderful! 

This is just a quick glimpse from our first night in Berlin and some other moments so far. Our first night we stumbled across Haus-Schwarzenberg in Berlin Mitte, a grungy, artistic building made up of artistic work spaces, an independent cinema, a cafe/bar, and a few museums. It was such a standout spot from the rest of the Berlin Mitte neighborhood, which is more ritzy and polished than the rest of Berlin. Haus-Schwarzenberg was right up our alley and we ended up drinking some beers with the locals at the off beat bar at the back of the alley, ESCHSCHLORAQUE, as the DJ spinned everything from old school rock and metal to 90s rap and Cuban music. So down with everything about this place.  

Natalie and I have been sporting Forever 21 our entire trip, so make sure to check out the #F21xMe hashtag on our Instagrams to check out our fashion adventure in this amazing city! 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hammock Nap


6 Shore Road maxi dress

The last time I hung out in a hammock I was probably 16 at my parent's old house. It was my sanctuary of book reading and imagination building. Here is a moment of hammock-ing in a totally different sort of situation, but it still brings back the same good memories. 

A little update while I'm in Berlin. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

F21: The Cutout


Forever 21 cutout shoulder top
Paige overalls
Mipacha shoes
Goldbarr necklace

Making the most of my last days of summer by baring skin in new places. To me, the shoulders are one of the sexiest parts of the body to show off in the summer. A left over sun kissed glow and a few extra freckles make them special. They are a reminder of summer more than no other. This top from Forever 21 shows them off in their fully glory. An everyday reminder of the warmest days of summer, sand in our hair and a childhood perspective on the world around us.

Currently in Berlin, Germany right now with my sister Natalie and we packed some of our favorite Forever 21 items for the trip. Next time I update, it will be from Berlin!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stockholm | Day 1


VEDA coat
Paige tank
Siwy boyfriend jeans
Modern Vice boots
Quay sunglasses

Natalie and I have finally arrived in the beautiful Stockholm, Sweden! Our first day here was absolutely fantastic. We arrived at around 8:30AM Monday morning, and hit the streets after a quick freshening up at our hotel in the center of the city. I didn't sleep on the plane, so by the end of the first day I was wiped. Swedish coffee did the trick when it came to keeping me going throughout the day. Thanks so much to the wonderful Videofyme team who is hosting our stay here as we cover the shows during Stockholm Fashion Week, as well as show you guys Stockholm through our eyes with the Videofyme app. The city is so open and bright with gorgeous, old-fashion architecture to complement the city's well-known appreciation for modern and minimalist design. Food of all kinds is everywhere, and Natalie and I especially fell in love with the indoor food markets, where we indulged in some of the best Turkish fare. By nighttime, the city turns a little sleepy and the skies more rainy, with things closing around midnight on weekdays (something so different from NYC's around-the-clock lifestyle that we've gotten so used to), but it was a perfect excuse to call it a day earlier and rest up from our endless trekking adventures around the city by foot and subway (tunnelbana). The subways here are each completely decorated with art. I think the last terminal we went through was a rainbow cave or something of that sort. Kind of cheesy, but heartwarming at the same time. Despite the difficulty Natalie and I had navigating the city's confusing subway system (we're getting used to it now), we still got around quite well for our very first day, hitting up the places around our hotel (this area is called Norrmalm), the magical narrow streets of Gamla Stan (Old Town Stockholm), and getting an amazing view of Central Stockholm from a park in Sodermalm, an area we want to go back to and explore more later this week. Not to mention, I'd say around 95% of the Swedish population is painstakingly beautiful. So many perfect looking boys, it hurts!! More on that later. And more to come on the shows we will be covering!

In the meantime check out my latest Videofyme video from our first day in Stockholm!