Monday, November 8, 2010

Shop Dixi Tess Black Semi Sheer Blouse GIVEAWAY!

Another giveaway to kick start the week for you guys because I love you all too much!

Enter to win this Tess Black Semi Sheer Blouse from Shop Dixi that you see above. Doesn't it make the perfect fall layering piece? To enter to win all you have to do is:

1. Visit Shop Dixi here

2. Leave a comment below with your favorite item from Shop Dixi and your email address

Bonus Points for following me on Twitter

This giveaway is open to all my readers worldwide and will end next Sunday! Good luck you guys! Also, make sure to check out the new items that have just hit the Shop Dixi online store. Hurry, because they go fast!

Outfit post to come soon!

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Jolie said...

Wow, great giveaway! This is my fave cardi:
I am a follower by gfc and on Twitter!

Jamie K. said...

i love the Riverhart One Piece from the shop! :D:D

have also liekd ur new FB page ;) as Jamie Kao Peixin

and followed ur twitter as _waxlyrical :)

my email is:

Vonny said...

really nice giveaway :D

Joie de Viv said...

Great giveaway Dylana! Love the Rose Grecian dresses in the shop!

xx Vivian @

Joie de Viv said...

I just "Liked" your page (and saw today's post via your FB post!)

xx Vivian @

Joie de Viv said...

Just followed you on Twitter! Name: shopaholicdream

xx Vivian @

Inez said...

Nice give-away girl!!!!

my favourite item is Rose Taupe Grecian Dress, It's so cheap and gorgeous, but it's sold already :(


Christina Key said...

Wow what a great giveaway! *-*


Violeta said...

This is my favorite item:

my e-mail is

Marilù said...

My favourite i s Adelaida Floral Sheer Kimono Blouse.

My e-mail:

Thanks for your sweet idea!

Finger crossed! :)

Fashions Not A Luxury said...

I Love the Thin grunge knit cardigan with shredded hole details on the front! from Dixi Website. Been a Follower & now on Twitter> Love the Tess Black Semi Sheer Blouse. Great Giveaway. x Ari

Belle de Couture said...

Awesome giveaway!

My fave item is the: Celeste Nordic Wrap!

I follw you via facebook! :)
name: Jennifer Rand


joanna said...

I love the betsy cable knit cardigan:

--Joanna (

Jac said...

Lots of cute things. I'm loving the Naya Two Tone Tights and the Madison Ballon Sleeve Dress.

This chick's got style said...

Curshing on that jumpsuit!!

Anonymous said...

awesome :) my favorite clothing item on shopdixi is the Ayla Blue Drape One Sleeve Dress.. .. i like the sheer sleeve and one shoulder showing! but what i REALLY love are all the amazing rings!

Miss Oh' said...

Great giveaway!
I love love LOVE the Shayla Double Sleeve Etheral dress (

I follow you on google and liked on fb ages ago!
(I made a new fb page too, follow me on if you like)


Conny said...

I follow you on google (I am not with facebook;))
and I fall in love with this:

Greetings, Conny <3

Adelythe said...

That's nice ! :)

My favorite item on their website is the Joanne Blue Pussybow Blouse (that one :, because of the color, the light see-through and the bow !


Adelythe said...

And I'm following you on FB !!
Love again,

Queen of Hearts said...

my faf item is Darla Beige Platform Wedges!

my email

i'm following you on fcb :D


Marie a la Mode said...

Fantastic Giveaway, Dylana! I checked out the site and since I'm looking for new jewelry I really like the Amity Turqoise Stone Ring.

I'm doing a giveaway as well (Urban Decay/MAC/OPI)if you'd like to check it out:

Thanks for the chance!

CristinaB. said...

Love this giveaway! :)
I really love these one:

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

I think my favee item has got to be the one up for grabs.. the Tess Black Semi Sheer Blouse.

I'm already following you on twitter (@StaceyBelko). :)

Berta said...

I liked you on facebook.
I like the Sadie Large Stone Rings on Shop Dixi.

Morven said...

Ahhh amazing giveaway!

My fave item is definitely this:


following/fanned you on twitter/fb.



Rosa creativa said...

Awesome giveaway!!! Ill try my luck

Kate said...

My favorite item is the Rose Black Grecian dress!

Not sure if these are supposed to be separate comments, but I also follow you on twitter & like on facebook!


Anonymous said...

ooh,i´ve been following you on twiter and fb for really long time..

my fav item is Lissie Lace Frill Sleeve Dress, it´s so simple..i would love it with wedges and cardigan..

and my email is:

Unknown said...

Great giweaway!
This is my favourite:

Rachael said...

Such a great giveaway!!

The blouses are so pretty, one of my favorite would have to be the Laney Cream Floaty Tunic, so romantic!

I also follow you on Twitter and am a fan of your FB page so, bonus points for me!

Francesca Robertson said...

i love THIS item from shopdixi SO CUTE!!!


Le Kiss Kiss- CLick Here!

Tereza Š. said...

this dress is my favourite:

pancakeSTACKER said...

Great giveaway!! I'm very into the chunky knits for fall, so I'd love to layer on the Addison Grey Boyfriend Cardigan.

And I'm a follower on your twitter (I'm @pancakeSTACKER, of course).

Hope you'll stop by sometime soon! said...

lovely! i visited the shop!
my favourite is the Harmony Silk Vest ! so classy

and i'm following you on twitter :)

Anonymous said...

That isso great!

fav item

I think Im already following on twitter

EmerJa said...

Paige Deer Winter Cardigan Grey
£28.00 is my favourite!! I love knitwear!!

EmerJa said...

Paige Deer Winter Cardigan Grey
£28.00 is my favourite. I love knit wear.

(I forgot to enter my e-mail)

Unknown said...

i love this one

p.s. fan on FB! :D

ShandART said...

Thank you for the opportunity to win!!
I LOVE the Laney Cream Floaty Tunic!

I follow on Twitter and Facebook!

Tari said...

AWESOME giveaway!!
Im loving the Darla Beige Platform Wedges.

Angie | said...

ooh yay! these pieces are so ultra-chic. i love the Riverhart One Piece. i'm hoping that super high heels will lengthen my petite frame and make this work because it's gorgeous!

pianistwithanaccent at gmail dot com

twitter (pandaphilia) and fb fan (Angela C.)

thanks so much!

Xxxxxx03 said...

I love this giveaway! This shirt is beautiful!

My favourite item from Shop Dixi is:

I love your blog and I joined your facebook group :)

Thank you

Sue said...

My fav piece at shop dixi is this wonderful knit wrap!

Awesome giveaway!
Love your blog!

following via Facebook and google friend connector!!

The Jazzy Belle said...

hey lady,
Great giveaway! yay.. thanks!
I'm going to have to go w/ that double sleeve ethereal dress as a favorite. LOVE IT! thanks for introducing me to this great site. great stuff.

have a great day!

anaivecloset said...

I like this dress:

MISSfashioniful said...

My fav is the bronte lace jacket!
its so chicc!
thanks for introducing me to this new site!

Jasmine P said...

love this! My fave item is the Celeste Nordic Wrap!! :)

Unknown said...

BEautiful piece to have!!! i woul love the Joanne Blue Pussybow Blouse, i just love this kind of blouses.

eelectroCutee said...

I really like

I became your fan on facebook.. my FB username is Kartika Margaretha

I also followed your twitter page.. my twitter username is @tika_margareth

kartika margaretha

J. said...

Defenetly my favorite items would be the Laney Cream floaty tunic ( it's just so cute and very versatile, I can imagine a ton of ways to use and I really like those two colors put together !
Anyhoo followed you box on twitter and facebook ! :)

Liz said...

My favourite is the Shayla Double Sleeve Ethereal Dress

love the sleeve, they look magical;)

I've followed you on facebook and twitter btw.. and my mail is frauelize at hotmail dot com!



rinconnerea said...

my favourite, without any doubt!

the blouse is amazing!


Louise Nowelle said...

Amazing giveaway!

My favourite piece is the Diana cream sheer blouse (and the Orla grey owl tee!!)

Lou xx

MiracleBox said...

My favorit item is definately the Ayla Blue Drape One Sleeve Dress <3

El'Aundra Dolce said...

I'd love to feature you on my blog! I developed the idea for "Featured Followers by Elle© " & this is how I promote my followers. But it helps them increase traffic to their blog & allows other followers to learn more about the blogs that I feature. If you're interested my blog is at
♥ El'Aundra

Beauty Standard Blog said...

Great giveaway, i love most of their stuff! So relaxed and cool at the same time.
My favorite would have to be the 'Diana Mauve Sheer top'

My email is

Enya said...

My favourite item is the Paige Deer Winter Cardigan in Grey!

Kellie said...

Awesome giveaway!! My favorite item is the Raine Leopard Smock Dress. I'm obsessed with leopard print lately.

Kellie said...

I'm following on Twitter! My name is @PlayingDressUp

Kellie said...

I liked your page on Facebook!

Nathalie Meurens said...

I love Dixi's Adelaida Floral Sheer Kimono Blouse!
Awesome giveaway!
Follow you on twitter & FB


Denise said...

I love the taylor smock dress! adorable silhouette. at gmail dot com

Me said...

My fav item is this

Name Coral Arratia

Caroline Glazer said...

thanks for the giveaway! I love that blouse!

I also really love this cardigan from the site:
It looks so cozy!

Anonymous said...

The nicole floral maxi dress is gorgeous! I'm now a fan on facebook.

Polina said...

this is great!
my email address is on my profile :)

C said...

Hi Dylana, I love this cardigan:

my email is:


Daisy said...

Hello pretty lady! Yay! I'm in!

My fav item is the: Madison Balloon Sleeve Dress

My email:

Thanx! Have a great day!


KD said...

i don't usually enter giveaways but i don't know what draw me to this one :) i just looooooooooove this jumpsuit

i hope i win! :)

LahTeaDah said...

My favorite{s} would have to be the Elinor Shredded Grunge Cardigan and the Diana Mauve Sheer Blouse!!!

Yours Truly

86W00D said...


My fav item is:

I really like your blog
Felicidades desde México


Destined For Now said...

Lovely things! I'm a fan of the rose black grecian dress.

duckalicious said...

I kinda fell in love with this dress vecause of its crazy sleeves:


I follow you on twitter (@fashionduck) and joined you facebook page, plus I also added you as one of my page's favorites;

Anonymous said...

I like this: ( ( and this ( finally this (

Shamini said...

loving the Celeste Nordic wrap!!

ok, so already following on Twitter since some time now + on Facebook!


Savannah said...

This is an awesome store! Love the Celeste Nordic Wrap the best:)
Thanks! savsrocksloud(at)

Anonymous said...

I love the Albany Taupe Chiffon dress. It's so pretty!

Camila F.

elia said...

I love this shoes! <3

I follow you on Twitter and I'm your fan of your new Facebook page :)

Loufits said...

great giveway!! =)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cee said...

Hi Dylana,
I'm following you on FriendConnect and Twitter. My favourite item is the Skyla Heart Cardigan :)

Rachel Holm said...

oh how exciting. i loove the panda scarf snood and the shredded grunge cardigan!

fab07002 at byui dot edu


Anonymous said...

enter me please :)

my favorite item from Sgop Dixi is nicole floral maxi dress

i also became your fan on facebook :)

Sally said...

My favorite is definitely the Lexi Navy Dress.

J. said...

Heey I actually already entered your contest but I'll try it again since maybe there was an error when I posted the comment :)

My favourite piece would be the Lacey cream floaty Tunic, since i find it to be a really versatile item, that i can imagine combining with countless thigns in ym closet, besides i love the kinda naif aif it has and i lvoe that the black strip is kind of see trough ! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylana.
My favorite item is the Diana Mauve Sheer Blouse. I love sheer and button-up tops. (I also like the cream and apricot colors in this blouse too.)
Thanks so much and I hope that I get a chabce to win!!!

Alexandra said...

I really love this pair of earrings (both shades) and I'd love to match them with .


Laura said...

Hi! My favourite item is Mandy Red Floral Dress ( I love this dress!!
My email address is

I follow you!

I'm a fan of you Facebook page, my name is Laura Castejon.

Thanks for the giveaway!



Melu H. said...

Hola! My favorite item is:
I really liked this dress!!

Besos! :)

Valeria said...


I love this dress:

Thank you!!!

Valeria said...

I'm also following you via facebook!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rhoda said...

I'm loving the Zalia Deep Red Silk Mix Vest, it's gorgeous!! (

I'm a fan of yours on FB too.

kellarcards at

Jones said...

I love so many items! But I think my favorite is the jasmine silver mix cardigan.(

I'm also a fan of your fb page and I'm following you on twitter.

Camille said...

Why is my favourite article sold out ? :(

Well this dress also looks classy :
Black, sober, just as i like it!

Thanks !

Love from France,
Camille (

Marta Castellanos said...

I liked your facebook acount!!and wanna join to the contest!! xx

fisiwoman said...

My fav item is Tamara Sheer Smock Dress.

Ana Belén R.M

fisiwoman said...

Following on twitter (@fisiwoman)

Ana Belén R.M

fisiwoman said...

Following on FB (Ana Belén R M)

Ana Belén R.M

Jenn said... love this lace dress!

thanks for the giveaway!

Kellie said...

I love the Penny Panda Scarf Snood

following on twitter and facebook @kelliec3

Anonymous said...


Lucy said...

I love this Cassidy Red Cable Knit Cardigan!!

Tannia Fermar said...

Hi Dylana.

Great giveaway. My favorite Shop Dixi item is the HATTIE GREY BLAZER

My mail is

I'm your twitter follower since days ago as GeminiFS and your Facebook fan as Tannia Fernandez

Anonymous said...

my favorite item: Nicky Polka Pink Pussybow Blouse


Nikki said...

Great give away!

Love the blouse a lot and also this dress from their site:

I saw lots more that I wanted cool webshop :)


Isabella said...

Amazing giveaway I would LOVE that blouse!!!

Right, so I've followed you on Twitter and I've Liked you on Facebook.
Twitter name: @fashiionvictim
Facebook name: Izzy Barter

My favourite is the Shayla Double Sleeve Ethereal Dress.
I think I might buy it once I've saved up! Those sleeves are amazingggg.

My email is:


Stephanie said...

Love the giveaway! My favorite piece is this cardigan, unfortunately it's sold out!
hope i win :)

karla guadalupe said...

Fantastic giveaway!!!!

Karla Bazan

Lisette said...

Lovely blouse! My favorite item is the Kira Mint Lace Bodycon Dress.
x Lizz

Unknown said...

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