Friday, March 18, 2011

Melie Bianco Leopard Messenger Bag GIVEAWAY!

Hey lovelies! I'm teaming up with handbag line Melie Bianco to hold a special giveaway for you guys! Enter to win this Gwen Distressed Leopard Carryall Messenger Bag that I wore here on the blog not too long ago. I always have this baby in rotation!

To enter:

1. Like Melie Bianco on Facebook
2. Follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin'
3. Leave a comment below with your name and email

I will choose a winner a week from now. This giveaway is open to ALL of my readers!

Good luck!



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Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Anonymous said...

sweet bag!

Joll Burr said...

wow another amazing giveaway! the bag is stunning! liked Melie Bianco on fb, following oon twitter and blogloving and here is my email:

xo, Joll

creme powder ♥ said...

great giveaway <3

Leah said...

Love this bag. A girl can never have enough Leopard in her life.

xo L.

Rach said...

this is so cute! entering the givaway! :)

fashioneggpplant said...

havent wanted to win anything more than i do this!!!
followed all your instructions, enter me please :)

sarah tirona

CL said...

Loving the print!

Brownies and Bows said...

Amazing giveaway! That bag is gorgeous!


I love your spotted top. :)

Ps. Thanks for the email!

x X

kate maggie said...

Oh my GOODNESS! This is my dream bag. When I first saw it on your blog I actually went to their website and realized they dont ship to Canada. Needless to say, I was heart broken. Its everything Ive ever wanted in a satchel!! Ah, I am crossing my fingers!!! Following on all three!!


HannahLeigh said...

I've been looking for the puurrfect printed bag (had to go there :p). LOVE IT!


Lydia said...

This bag is amazing!


The Fancy Teacup said...

Already following you on Twitter on Bloglovin, and have already liked Melie Bianco on FB! Melie Bianco always has such fantastic, eco-friendly purses.
Thanks for sharing the giveaway, Dylana!

Jamie Chen

Salha said...

Love this bag!

Salha Jemaiel

abcdefghiloveyou said...

That bag is gorgeous, love your blog, thanks for this opportunity! :) I'm following you on here and bloglovin! :) x


Sandra said...

amazing purse!

A N G E L A said...

Hey!! this is great!! I am already a follower! ;)

Angela Alvarez



anaivecloset said...

I want this so bad!

Ana said...

this is a beautiful bag and your blog is amazing

Marloes. said...

I'm obsessed with this bag!
I liked Melie Bianco on facebook, and I already followed you on twitter and bloglovin! :)

My Style Affair said...

Great bag. Fingers crossed!

My Style Affair

DiamondsandTulle said...

check, check, and check! LOVE this bag!

Happy Friday girlie!

xx VIvian @


Catherine said...

Ah, I love it!

xox Catherine

Anonymous said...

Mela Lynn

Kaśka said...

I love the bag!


Anonymous said...

1. Like Melie Bianco on Facebook as Monika Lintang Retnani.
2. Follow you on Twitter as @monikaretnani and Bloglovin'.


Ladybird said...

Leopard, can't go wrong ;)

Ida said...

love it :D

Adrianna Traxler said...

I've been eying your leopard purse the moment i saw it. Truly so in love with...i have an obsession with leopard, but then again what girl doesn't


Laura Loves Clothes said...

This bag is awesome! *_* I participate and I like a Facebook page and I follow you on bloglovin & twitter! I hope to win! Love, Laura.

disco in moscow said...

Great opportunity!
1. Follow you on twitter (as jollypen) and bloglovin'.
2. Like Melie Bianco on Facebook as Weronika Świdnicka

e-mail -


Gorete Sousa said...

Love your BAG!!!!

dolceedamara said...

Liked and following!


Franzi said...

I love the bag and i love leo, too :) so that giveaway suits me really! Love, Franzi

Audrey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maria said...

Great contest!

Gitte Maria

Anonymous said...

What a nice giveaway ! This bag is fantastic ! Happy to enter this giveaway.

Following Melie Bianco on Facebook and you on bloglovin.


cocorosa said...

All done :) Love this giveaway!!

NLR said...

Wauw, I love this bag.. No, I don't love it, I'm IN love with it!! ;-)

Nanna LR

SusyV90 said...


laxmi said...

Laxmi Gurung

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Iulia Romana said...

How toughtful of you to giveaway such a beauty ! Love it :D
I follow you via Google Friends Connect because I don't have a bloglovin' account..

Baby Budget Blog said...

Loving the bag and following all!

Carrie said...

Love it!


Her Bal said...

hi ddddelicious!
this is my first comment on a blog post. ever.
the bag looks terrific and so do you:)
love you lots

Camille said...

hi, my name is Camille
my email is camille (dot) croteau (at) gmail

in the future, could you let your readers know how the emails are being used in the future? will it be used by you or other third parties in the future? thanks...

Kate said...

I did all 3! Such a cute bag!


SweetGurl♥ said...

OMG ! it's gorgeous !
My name's Ariadna Acosta and my email is

socialitedreams said...

i've been following you with bloglovin already and i "liked" them on facebook :) cute bag!

socialitedreams at

Anaonheels said...

Hello, I like and follow you :) My name is Ana Surdilovic and my e-mail is:

Maria Maliki said...

Maria Maliki

Becky-May said...

This is such a cool one :) I'll enter for sure!

my email is

The Flower Girl

Samara said...

Count me in! This is an awesome giveaway.


Anonymous said...

cool giveaway (:
thanks for hosting it!

elegant_storms (at)

Stella said...

ahhhh the bag is to die for!! I think it's beautiful!

stella kim

epeżi said...

Hey, I follow You, great blog.
Amazing bag!

Coralie said...

Great, I love this bag, I want it :)
I'm following and liking. But you will choose a winner, not draw ? :/ It's your choice but I feel like I don't have my chances...
I'm still leaving my email :

Thanks for the giveaway ! - french fashion blog

Rachael said...

This is a great giveaway!! I would love to own this bag!

Mel said...

Cute bag!

Mel Lo

Hummingbird Cocoon said...

Everything done ! :D great giveaway, thanks :)

GorJess Fashion For Less said...

What a great bag and great giveaway! Thanks so much! I would love this bag!

gorjessfashionforless at yahoo dot com

Belle de Couture said...

Love that bag! :)

Already following you on Blog Lovin', now I'm following you on twitter... like'd Melie Bianco on FB (name: Jennifer Rand).

::fingers crossed::


Fairy tales can come true.. said...

I've found myself in that bag...i really like it!

Tashina said...

Such a cute bag!!

tashina at

Desiree Diaz said...

I just fall deeply in love with this bag!
great giveaway!


Anonymous said...

I love Melie Bianco! And this bag is fantastic...

Emilytjj_x said...

Im following you on twitter via 'Retrostyled', i already follow you on bloglovin' and i liked Melie Bianco :D

Name: Emily

Anna said...

Beautiful bag!

I'm following you on Twitter, Bloglovin' and just liked Melie Bianco on Facebook.


Emma said...

Great give away!! I did everything I had to do! :)

x Emma

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that bag is so cute! It's my birthday today, so hopefully it brings me a little luck, I'd love to show this bag off! ;)

I already follow you on Twitter (lipscandycigs) and Bloglovin. I like Melie Bianco on FB (Amber H).
Thanks so much!

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

Nika Chic said...

I already follow you on both and now I follow Melie too :)

Sandrina said...

I`m from Germany and I hope this is ok ? ;)
I follow you with google friend connect, because i don`t have twitter and don`t unterstand bloglovin :D


Meanz said...

Liked Melie Bianco on FB, Followed you on twitter and am already following on Bloglovin!

- Meanz (Koi Story)

ketchupowa said...

love your bag!

Lydia Bratton said...

Oh my goodness...this bag is gorgeous!
Lydia Bratton

EmerJa said...

I love it.
I am already following you on Bloglovin, but not twitter because Iknow have an account.
My name on facebook is María Jesús Delgado
My e-mail:


Marisa Violeta said...

This is probably the best giveaway I've ever seen and I would die if I won that beautiful bag! *-*

Anyway, I'me following Melie Bianco on Facebook (as Marisa Violeta). I'm following you on Twitter (as mariseviolet). And I'm following you on Bloglovin!

My name is Marisa Violeta and my email is

Anonymous said...

Nice bag!

mfashion said...

Awesome bag. I did all things to enter.
Marcelina, xxx

Katie said...

What a gorgeous bag, and I'm loving the ring too, care to throw it in too?? Just kidding ... Anyway, I follow you on Twitter @cheepideas, like you on FB, and follow you on bloglovin' ... Hope I win, I need some animal print in my life! :) :)

kgchastain at gmail dot com

Laura said...

ok that bag is just WOW!! looooove it!

done, done and DONE! please enter me :)

Laura (


Cara said...

So fun! What an amazing giveaway...
I am of course following you on Twitter & Blogloving and GFC, I can't follow on Facebook though, I don't have an account!

xo Cara
Cara McLeay

Caitlin said...

Caitlin Murphy


Morgan said...

So gorgeous. I already follow you via Bloglovin, but now I also follow you via Twitter. And I like Melie Bianco on FB. <3

Morgan said...

I totally forgot that I should probably add the last part:


pam said...

following you on twitter! and bloglovin' and liked melie bianco on fb.

Nettie said...

Oh my god! I want that bag! <3

I already follow you on bloglovin and twitter. Already liked the fb page.


Michaela said...

Amazing bag!!!


Enya said...

YAY! it's beautiful

Tiffany said...

I loved this bag the first time you posted it. So cute

S and G said...

love your blog!



It blog girls said...

beautiful bag

Closet Fashionista said...

Looove it!!! :D
I follow them on Facebook and I follow you on Twitter and with bloglovin :)
Megan -

Kalina said...

great bag, I must try!

greetings from

Enery said...


Jones said...

I love the bag!


lia said...

following you on twitter, but i don't use facebook. and follow you on google reader, but don't use bloglovin

thingsyoukeep @ hotmail . com

Suz said...

nice! i did everything (twitter = @fashionisaparty)


Poptartlr said...

I have been wanting this bag ever since I saw you carry it! It's been bookmarked for ages:)
I just had to spend 25 minutes trying to figure out what on earth my twitter password was so I could sign in.... I forgot it ages ago and haven't been on twitter because of it:)
Linda rust

Kenya said...


Kenya Nunes Gomes

mscoolasfiya said...

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter feels like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun...
and I say it's all right

-The Beatles;-)

Jennifer Butler

Galia said...

Beautiful bag!! :)

lavogue-ish7 said...

done all of the above.....
i want the bag soo bad!!

Sol said...

Following you, except that I don't have a twitter account. Crossing fingers! I need that baby!

Kisses from Argentina!

Kristen said...

Adorable! I love it! I am following you both!

Sarah said...

I totally looked that bag up instantly after you rocked it!!--i want soooo bad!!!

christine donee said...

amazing giveaway!

Christine Kastler

kgal1298 said...

I'm honestly too lazy to go and like all of those pages bleeehh.

LizAnn said...

Lovely! That bag is phenomenal, and I just absolutely adore the print! Stunning!

VPV Intern

Vivian Nguyen said...

Wow, what a lovely bag!!


Kathleen Carla. said...

omg i was in love with your bag before in the post, and now there's a giveaway for it! loove it ;).
here's my entry! :)
liked them on FB, am already following you on GFC and blog lovin' :).
Hope you have a fab weekend Dylana! ;) soo excited to see your new hair too girl! :)

<3, Kathleen.

Miss Bias said...

Thanks to you and Melie Bianco for this giveaway.

I'm liking Melie Bianco on Facebook and following you on Twitter.

Miss Bias

Vickii said...

lovely bag! Thanks for the giveaway!

Sian said...

All liked and followed ;0

alannah. said...

done, done & done!

alannah taylor


eelectroCutee said...

I like Melie Bianco on FB.. my FB name is kartika margaretha
I follow you on twiter and bloglovin too.. my twitter username is @tika_margareth

kartika margaretha
email: eelectrocutemee(at)yahoo(dot)com

Jessica Wu said...

Jessica Wu :)

thank you for commenting on my blog!

Jaz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
g.ta said...

Love Leopard Print!!
I want!! want!! wanna!! <3
Greta Chandra

Eunicia Balaj said...

This bag is soo pretty <3

Eunicia Balasz

Olivia said...

hey love your blog so much, you have impeccable taste!!

mariska said...

1) done liking
2) done following :)
3) mariska , email:


Olivia said...

hey love your blog so much, you have impeccable taste!!

Olivia Harrison

Jac said...

Done, done, and done! Such a cute bag.

Daiane said...

exciting! done, done & done!

Stacey Kay said...

I need this! Following you in every way possible!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration” {Promotional Video}
Cleveland Free Press: Goodwill Huntingg Shopping Guides
Blogger Spotlight: Pearls and Personality
My Vintage Handbag Line

Gela said...

gorgeous bag! i'm not usually into animal prints, but i'd love to try incorporating it more into my wardrobe. :D

liked Melie Bianco, & followed you on both Twitter & Bloglovin!

Gela Abores
boat ride through the sky

jeanine romo said...

Awesome giveaway. Super cute bag :)


Angie said...

i've been eyeing that gorgeous bag ever since you first wore it! : ) thank you~

pandaphilia1 :at: gmail @dot@ com

Anonymous said...

That bag is just too gorgeous for words!
It really reminds me of Proenza S. and I love the leopard print! :)

xx natalie

Luciana said...

AMAZING!!!! I want it so badly...

Valeria said...

OMG Thank you so much!

Valeria (

MelEll said...

Amazing bags!

Mel Ell

Rosanne said...

Aaaaaah the bag is fantastic!
I'm following you and Melie Bianco,

Honolulu to Paris said...

This is one mean's so wonderfully cute and professional, ahh what a dream! Living in Paris now and i gotta say it'd look mighty fine on these streets.

Thanks for the contest!

following: via parawaii
facebook liked: via christa conry

Anonymous said...

such a fantastic bag! great giveaway hun!

Alexis xo

Bea S. said...

I love your blog! I'm following you now <2
Amazing bag!! :_ I want :)

Name: Beatriz Chocano

Lisa Ameera said...

Would love to win that fab bag! Leopard never goes out of style <3

Lisa Ameera

Patrizia De Luca said...

<3 hope to win!

Bernadeth G. said...

done with all the requirements!

*fingers crossed*

Piia said...

How cool is that bag!!!!! Wow.

Piia said...

uu, great bag :)
pounpuu at gmail dot com

Carolina said...

Carolina Silva

bonjour.....JR said...

Cool bag...

Martina said...

Lovely bag!!!


Melissa Tjioe ♥ said...

ah.the bag was superb.

-i've already like Melie Bianco on Facebook
-i've followed you on twitter as @melissatjioe
-i've followed your blog via bloglovin


Katrina said...

liking melie biano on fb, following you on twitter and bloglovin' all done!

fab giveaway

katrina jones

Mairyliscious said...

the bag is amazing



Berta said...

Following all three ways.

UnaBb said...

amazing satchel!!

Day by Day said...

ohhh lovely bag!!!
Kisses!!! said...

I loved this bag from the first time i saw u keeping it!

Meekay said...

Followed all the steps!!

José said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Camii Palta said...

my name is Camila Palta
take care!!

Linda Martinez said...

Linda June Martinez

Stephanie said...

Stephanie Tran.

juliaalice said...

such an amazing bag! i've done all three things :)
my email is:

Julia x

Elisa Muñoz García said...


XOXO!! :)

iOliW said...

Bag is lovely :)

Samantha said...

Wonderful bag!! I've followed the instructions :D


evija said...


sammyhaller said...

I love reading your blog, It brightens my day. :o) That Melie Bianco bag is beautiful. It is completley superb. I love the print, brass hardwear, and leather details. I can never have too much leopard print.
I can imagine myself using it a ton. I would definitley use it in the day and for going out at night. It is such a statement piece. I wear a lot of black, so i think this would add pizazz to my closet. I have been searching for the perfect leopard messenger bag. This one really stands out to me.

My name is Samantha Haller
and my email is

coookies with milk said...

your giveaways are one of the best!!:)

i loove this bag and i hope to have luck for this time:)

My name is Dana..

63colibri said...

Oh my, oh my, i am new to leopard print, but i loooove the bag. I am Alina from 63colibri.
Thank you!

Because It Rocks said...

this bag is a leo-dream come true!!(and it looks like mulberry's Alexa as well!!)

ania said...

Ania Hocine

I absolutely love this bag!

Vides said...


Adventures in Fashion said...

Seriously?! This is AMAZING!!! I've been in love with that bag since I saw it on you... fingers tightly crossed that I win! :)



SAUCY | f. | BABY said...


I like Melie Bianco on Facebook under: Nicole O.

I am now following you via Twitter under: @saucyfbaby

& I am now following you via Bloglovin' under: saucy.baby21[at]gmail[dot][com]

xo Nicole

Lauren said...

Love the print! Such a beautiful bag ♥
I love following your blog.

following on facebook, and bloglovin'
( don't have a twitter )

Lauren Merrill

Pithsala said...

Did everything as told.
[FB: Imsu Pithsala, Twitter: @Knightinn]
Love the bag!

Pri said...

Priscila Pastor
xo xo

Leah Harrison said...

I "Liked" Melie Bianco on Facebook (FB: Leah Murray)
I'm following you on Twitter (@leah_face) and Bloglovin'
My name is Leah Murray and my email is:

Dirty Hair Halo said...

Michelle said...

done everything u told to do!
I'm Michelle kristiani, and my email: have a nice day ! xx

Alexandra Zhu said...

So sexy!
Name: Alexandra Zhu

Vania said...

love the bag!
i've done all your instructions.
please enter me!


Rubi said...

love, love, love!

C Dogg said...

hey gorgeous :) love this bag!!!

<3 carly curiel

Ms.Fashionista said...

I have liked Melie Biano on Facebook, followed you on Twitter and Bloglovin'!

Love this bag so much! Hope to win.


tanya said...

Lovely giveaway!

I'm loving your style, I want to start a blog of my own but I don't have the guts too LOL sorry for the bit of randomness

I did the facebook, twitter and bloglovin follow and like.


Alice said...

adorable bag!
and i love reading your blog posts.
many thanks for the giveaway


coxy said...

ahh this bag is amazing!x


Angela said...

Love the giveaway!!!!
Omgsh the bag is so cute!!! and it's leopard! I've always wanted a messenger bag like this! I would definitely wear it any day! I love your blog! and I also tune in to your sister's blog! you both are gorgeous! Love both of your style!
i liked melie bianco on fb, i followed you on twitter and on blogloving'.

Angela said...

Sorry forgot to mention that i followed you on twitter under @angiecee106 (Angela C.)

Anonymous said...

Thank u so much for this wonderful giveaway!!
I follow you with bloglovin' and twitter and like Melie Bianco!


Paloma Rivera said...


paloma rivera

Mickey said...

I love this!!!

bestie said...



ruty said...

Great bag of animal print! =)
I hab been followed your blog before, and the blog of your sister.

btw I'm waiting for your intervention for Mango ;)

Anonymous said...

all done! <3 the bag

Olive Green Adventures said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ale said...

It's beautiful!

Ana said...

thanks, the bag is amazing!!
I don´t have facebook but im following you on bloglovin!
ana sampaio

86W00D said...

All done :D
Cecilia Landa

Tu blog es genial, no me lo pierdo!

Kieran said...

satchel + leopard print = sartorial heaven


donna said...

I just stumbled upon your blog through the interwebs and I'm now a follower. Would love to own this bag as well!

heart Donna

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