Monday, March 12, 2012


Color Me Nana is partnering up with Fashiolista and United Styles to throw an exciting new contest for all you aspiring fashion designers! United Styles is a brand new online webshop where you can design your own dress, any way you want. All of you guys have the chance to design a dress especially for me, with the possibility of it being sold in the Fashiolista pop-up sale. Pretty rad right?

Read below on how you can compete, and most importantly . . . what you can win!

- Register on Fashiolista here, if you haven't yet.

- Design a dress for me on United Styles.

- Completely happy with the design? Add the design to Fashiolista by simply clicking the heart-button. Make sure to tag the dress with 'United Styles' and 'Dress design for Color me Nana' - otherwise your entry will not be uploaded for the contest.

- Now collect as many loves for your design on Fashiolista as possible, by sharing it with your friends, followers and other style lovers! Get creative!

On April 5th, I will choose my one favorite dress out of the 5 dresses with the most loves. The winning dress will be actually made, and sold in the Fashiolista pop-up sale here. The winner will also receive the dress she designed for free!
Go to the official contest page on Fashiolista to find all the entries.


I'm really excited about this contest, and it will also be running on the blogs of my sister Natalie and friend Bonnie. So come check it out on all our sites, and start designing :)

Good luck!