Sunday, September 22, 2013

All Saints // NYFW SS14

Caylee, Natalie and I stopped by the All Saints presentation during NYFW and was show the upcoming spring/summer collection. It was a simple yet standout presentation that took place in an open, light-filled loft full of mannequins dressed up in some of the most striking yet understated shapes I have ever seen. I can always rely on All Saints to give me the best masculine cuts on jackets that still seem and feel soft and feminine. The color scheme was the classic All Saints black, white and neutral, but there were a few pops of fire engine red that injected a feeling of refreshment throughout the entire presentation, but that didn't take away from the timeless appeal of what All Saints stands for in their design aesthetic. There was an artist at the presentation drawing the inspiration behind the collection, which was a large vase of roses that was slowly decaying, with the vision of being brought back to life and reborn into something beautiful and grand once again. It's the vision of spring and the nature of All Saint's spring collection, which takes everything that they have created in the past and reinterprets it in a new and fresh way, that still is extremely timeless. 


Paprika said...

Wow I love how they included an artist in the presentation, his work looks beautifulxx

elleandbee said...

Looks amazing!