Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Photoshoot with Sabrina // Autumn Rush

With fall finally giving hints of itself in the air, I felt it to be the right time to debut part 1 of my photo series with my new friend, model and student Sabrina Jetli. One gorgeous Manhattan day, we met up at Central Park to create some beautiful looks and images for her portfolio. I came prepped with three outfits I had in mind that represented three very different kinds of styles, but all linked with a similar feel. My vision when it comes to photography always falls back on a dreaminess and free-spirited outlook on life and fashion, but that still feels related on an everyday level. It was so much fun working with Sabrina the day of the shoot and incorporating some of her own pieces to personalize each look. Look # 1: The Explorer. I chose apparel in hues of rusty orange and black, to be broken up with a light, light denim. This girl feels the autumn rush. She takes in her surroundings and incorporates them into her seasonal dressing. She sees everything through her camera lens, so as not to ever forget a moment that inspires her. Her spirit and dreams are multi-dimensional like the layers that she wears, and she isn't afraid to fully embrace more than one thing, because life is too short. She's a little flighty, but still very grounded. As long as she's in balance with nature, she's in her element. I think this is the type of girl I connect with the most. Especially in NYC. It's nice to stop for a while from the craziness and just breathe in something as simple as the first golden leaf of fall.

**Pictures taken by me


elleandbee said...

Beautiful photos, love her lip colour

REDvalentinas said...

Love this outfit!!!


Paprika said...

Pretty photos, I like how colourful it all looks & all the patterns involvedxx

Lady Vintage said...

She's so beautifull, adore her style

fran said...

she is awesome


Jeans Please! said...

wow! amazing model!

MacK @ SoulMakes Jewelry said...

Love this!! so good

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

Poisson D'Avril said...

photos are great, i like colors very much, styling too!


Sabrina Jetli said...

Wow! Love this! Thank you so so much beautiful! I had soooooo much fun!!! Xoxo

Liezel Esquire (FASHIOLIEZTA) said...

Wow! Great pics, and she's gorgeous! x

Anonymous said...

Ces photographies sont chouettes.
J'aime beaucoup ces petites lunettes et
J'adore ce sac.

Kacie Cone said...

Fantastic pictures! I love her coat and boots, she looks awesome!

Alexandra Steinmetz said...

I love these pictures! I'd love to know more about what you shot on and what settings you were using!

Nikki Williams said...

love this look! she is stunning



Seeking Style said...

You are a fabulous photographer!

xo Jennifer


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Michelle Lee said...



BananaModa said...

I love your photos! Your very artistic and inspiring!


Mandy B said...

These are so beautiful! She reminds me of my mother. What lipstick is she wearing?


muhammad asim said...

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