Saturday, December 7, 2013

Playlist // Winter Subway Rides

I haven't shared a playlist with ya'll in awhile and since we are now officially in the midst of the winter blues, I thought this would be just the right little something to brighten up the mood. I go through phases with music, listening to a particular genre or random group of songs for an annoyingly long time that it sometimes takes me at least a month to get back into them once I decide that I can no longer bear to listen anymore. Right now, I've had a few songs that have really engraved themselves onto the side of my brain and that I think the beats have literally been tattooed on. Still not over my obnoxious run with this playlist yet. Tell me what you think :)

Pizza Monster by Cherry Glazerr (on Spotify)


Diana Deyn said...

Very good playlist, a lot of great compositions :)

Anonymous said...

Always love your music picks, Dylana! I've become obsessed with Bastille. I wanted to go the New York show but it sold out before I could get my hands on some tickets :'(


Unknown said...

you have great taste! love this playlist