Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Team Pink Baby

Free People tee and slip (worn underneath), vintage skirt from Wasteland, Shashi necklace and bracelets

Missing bright and warm Southern California mornings. Running errands feel so much more worthwhile in a mystical combination of ballerina-esque ruffles and tomboyishly slouchy graphic tees. When the sun is shining, anything goes.

Current song I'm obsessed with again. An oldie but a goodie.

Making Gestures by The Pack A.D.

I'm making a coat out of all the youth in the parking lot 
They're so cool, they look chic 
With their hair in their eyes, hair in their eye 
Somebody gotta be reckoned with, reasons out the window 
And everyone's writing letters to ex-lovers, I don't know 

There are animals in my head, in my head 
There are objects falling from the sky 
And it's not rain, no it's not rain, oh it's not rain

The children on the playground are laughing 
'cause everything around them is so brand new 
Yeah it's so brand new, so brand new 
Now they're passing notes in the classroom about their feelings 
 Now they're passing notes but their teacher knows 


►Naďa said...

beautiful spring photos ! :)
Please follow me COLORFUL THOUGHTS :)

Kacie Cone said...

So sunny and perfect! love the layering in this look!

Leslie: HauteReb3l said...

Really Pretty photos!

rossana said...

you are soo gorgeous just like natalie. love you guys sooo much and miss you bot

Unknown said...

amazing pictures!!!
love it!!!

you look amazing too! <3

Unknown said...

gorgeous! i love all of the layering.

Seeking Style said...

You're such a babe!!

xo Jennifer


That skirt is amazing! Love it x

Unknown said...

such an amazing look! love it :)

Sage said...

so jealous of how warm & sunny your weather is! love the pink slip, too. so summery.

Unknown said...

Such a beauty,I love your style very much.
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Poisson D'Avril said...

oh this is super cute!

clenalyn said...

What lipstick are you wearing? The shade is gooorgeous!