Thursday, May 15, 2014


As the majority of you all know from Instagram, I had my hair did last week done by the lovely LAUREN + VANESSA at their gorgeously spacious Financial District studio. I desperately needed something done to my hair. My hair was really long and super heavy, not to mention extremely dry at the ends because of a harsh bleaching job from a few years ago (back when an ombre was cool). Coloring over the bleach has resulted in the color coming back as a weird burnt orange. Kind of putrid actually. ha

My hair transformation was a 7 hour process, including an entirely new base color (a brown that was two lighter darker than my natural color), subtle blonde highlights near the bottom and framing the face, glosses, a deep condition, and a fresh new cut (I chopped off around 3 inches off . . . maybe more). I feel like a whole new person right now, and I've finally learned the art of curling my hair with a styling rod. This tool has been such a lifesaver! I've always been one to hardly touch my hair, or bring it anywhere near a hairbrush unless it was extremely desperate, let along use any product or tools for it. I'm keeping my hair routine still super simple, but it's just enough to add so much more dimension and depth to my everyday look. And it's so much healthier now. 

My friend Kiara from Tobruck Ave also came along for some new sun-kissed highlights and a cut. We both knew beforehand that we were in good hands since we've known a few people who have gone to Lauren and Vanessa before and loved the results. So we let them just do their thing as we sat back and relaxed with white wine and good tunes. The perfect way to spend a rainy Friday afternoon inside. Lauren and Vanessa are just the sweetest girls ever, as well. And they really work to find the best possible hair color and cut for you, while still taking into consideration your the inspiration you bring in for a new do. I've never seen anyone so calm with a pair of scissors or color brush before working with these two girls. Not to mention, they are absolute stunners. 

Make sure to check out the LAUREN + VANESSA website to find out more about what they do. They also offer hair extensions, acupuncture, airbrush tanning and makeup application services! They do it all!

And here's the final debut:

And even though I got a cut, I can still say, "LONG HUUURRRR, DON'T CUUUURRR." 


Holly Rose said...

It looks great! I know how you feel, I rarely style my hair and I'm always scared about trying anything new with it! Looks great :) x


Nikki Williams said...

love it! spending hours in the hair salon sounds perfect right about now!


Maddie Toy said...

you hair looks so beautiful and healthy! love it!

Juliette Laura said...

I LOVE it. They are stunning and seem so fun!

Suzanne Calandra said...

Wow, it looks beautiful. I want this hair! (except in my blonde color)

EmerJa said...

Loving your new hair style. Natural, fresh and sexy. You are gorgeous!

Alessandra Mazzini said...

Looove it!!! Looks great great! :)

Emilie said...

Looks great, love your hair like that!

MarĂ­a Blardone said...

Love the makeover sweetie!! Looks lovely on you.

Melanie Pangilinan said...

I love your hair!


mane untame said...

Seven hours sounds super intense but the outcome is absolutely amazing! The lighter base looks gorgeous on you and its perfect for the summer time.


Elizabeth Marshall said...

Love it on you! Never mind the 7 hour-process. Haha! I always encourage DIY, but getting things done by an expert is better, especially for a transformation like this. I think you can also rock dark red hair. Maybe on your next hair makeover? ;)