Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tune in Tonight | B.O.R.N. To Style

Tonight I'm making sure to catch the latest episode of the FYI™ Network’s new show, B.O.R.N. to Style. The show is a lifestyle makeover series centered on the bad ass crew of Harlem, NYC-based vintage boutique B.O.R.N, and their larger than life boss, Jonathan Bodrick. The team goes on missions to help those desperately in need of some livening up of their wardrobes. The show is more than just a reality show on style transformation, but something that goes beyond just looks. It's a whole lifestyle makeover. 

 Vintage was what made me fall in love with fashion in the first place. Ever since I was just 13, I roamed the estate sales in Los Angeles for one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. I still have a good chunk of those finds and I was obsessed with the stories that they told. Either real of made up from my imagination, they helped me develop a deeper connection to the clothes I was wearing and the knowledge of generations past. It makes getting dressed up in the morning more interesting and worthwhile, which is why I love the concept of B.O.R.N. to Style. Infusing your everyday life with stories through fashion can make all the difference in helping you discover yourself and tap into your more creative side. I've always been a huge supporter of this. Above are a few of of my favorite vintage pieces that have been posted to the blog. As you can tell, I'm super into exotic patterns and ethnic prints.

 B.O.R.N. to Style airs on Tuesdays @10p ET/11p PT, on FYI™ Network. Make sure to tune in!

Photo of the B.O.R.N. boutique in NYC.


Londyn said...

Never heard of it, but will have to check it out!!

Love your collection of photos here :) Beautiful


Marta said...

Gorgeous photos, my dear!!!


Nikki Williams said...

so cool!!



Natalie Suarez said...

SO RAD! i love thisss x


Natalie Off Duty

Sabrina T. said...

such many inspirational things in this post:)

Patchwork à Porter

Paulina Villalpando said...

I love vintage! Most of my favorite items are vintage. http://www.thepaarblog.com/

Rossana Suarez said...

you look amazing , love those sunnies on you