Saturday, August 2, 2014

Magical Hour | Photo Diary


Lovers and Friends maxi dress (SHOP THIS DRESS HERE)
Birkenstock sandals from Free People
FiLiLí choker necklace

I'm a nature girl at heart. As soon as I smell that green around me, I instantly feel at home and one hundred times calmer. Even if it's just Central Park in the middle of the big crazy city, that feeling of being totally isolated and alone with your own thoughts still can transpire. I can sit on top of one of those big rocks, and even as tourists walk past far below me as the sun sets I can still be reminded that everything is okay, despite the stress of the day. It's amazing how easily a little bit of sunshine or the reflection of the sky in that manmade lake can bring us more in tune with our most balanced sense of selves. 

Pictures of Central Park and uptown, taken by me


Natali said...

So many beautiful and inspiring photos! Thanks for sharing!

Rossana Suarez said...

beautiful phtotgraphy

Jeanne said...

You look beautiful! Gorgeous dress and amazing location!

ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

such amazing photos :)

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SophiaCharles said...

You look lovely! I love your dress and choker! and wow, beautiful pictures!


AVY said...

Fuck, I miss New York.

/ Avy

Holly Rose said...

I love being surrounded by nature, it's so calming and relaxing! These photos are absolutely gorgeous, you look lovely!
Holly x

Liz Lauren said...

so gorgeous!!!

Sasha Avgherinos said...

GORGEOUS, love your dress and those bike spokes

Christina said...

This post is such a beautiful escape.

- Christina

Kacie Cone said...

Beautiful! These photos are so inspiring!

Paulina Villalpando said...

Life is made of these moments!

Amy ♥ said...

All your photos are so incredibly beautiful. I love the one of the tortoise and the one with the bike with the little beads on the spokes.

Kaylil said...

oh wow this bike is really pretty! I remember having wheels like this when I was little, it would be so cool to have something like that again

Mieke Beelen said...

Love your pictures


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Restless Nomads said...

Wow so beautiful! Visited Central Park as a teenager but I definitely don't remember it like this... I hope I can explore more the next time I get the chance to visit New York!

xoxo Sara

Nikki Williams said...

gorgeous photos! i love that dress!


eDina said...

lovely post, I wish I could see more details of your bracelet, looks nice!

xx Edina

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Livinlike Larz said...


All i gotta say doe



Livinlike Larz said...


All i gotta say doe



Summer Read said...

I love everything about this post, such beautiful pictures! Than you for sharing, so inspiring! x

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Ouej said...

It's lovely ! I love the floral fashion. Beautiful pictures !