Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gold Rush | Beauty Tutorial

Makeup isn't my area of expertise, but I know what I like (au natural) and I do like to experiment from time to time. Quality beauty products are also important to me, especially since I have sensitive skin prone to breakouts. I don't want to just slop any old anything onto my face. Stila has been a makeup favorite of mine for years, so look forward to more beauty posts featuring the brand coming soon. With the holidays around the corner, we have more reason to dress up and get fancy, and that goes for our beauty routine and not just our wardrobe. What better time of the year to get sparkly than the holidays, eh? Even if I am deciding to go a little more outrageous with my beauty routine, a neutral color palette is still my go-to. In my eyes, gold is also a neutral, just more vibrant than normal. Just a dash of it and instantly so much more is added to your look. It brightens up my hazel eyes, and that's why I love to play around with it. My love for gold inspired today's Gold Rush beauty tutorial post. 

This is what I used (all makeup by Stila):

Now let's get started:

A dash of Convertible Color on my lips and cheeks, and finished off with a light layer of powder . . . and there you have it. A fresh and simple look for the fall and winter that still feels glam. Now you can be a Gold Dust Woman for real.

Now, tell me what you think. Do you guys want to see more of these type of posts on the blog? I have a lot of fun working on them, that's for sure :)


Unknown said...

You look gorgeous in that make up look! I would definitely love to see more posts like this.
Nice work!


Cátia said...

love it! I'd definitelly wear it :)

Nikki Williams said...

the gold is so pretty!

Unknown said...

so pretty

Unknown said...

you look amazing girl. love you so much

ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

such a great make up tutorial!!yes, we want more :)

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Jeanne said...

Beautiful makeup look!

Michelle Lee said...

you look amazing!

Holly Read said...

I love this make-up look! It really suits you & make your eyes pop! I hope you do more posts like this! Xx

Honey Lavender said...

Love this, and I'd love to see more!

Nicole. said...

That foil eyeshadow is out of this world!

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