Friday, October 3, 2014

NYFW SS15 | All About The Jean

1.State tank
Siwy patchwork skinnies
UNIF hat

Sometimes I think that NYFW needs to have more denim moments that it already does. Most girls attending the shows put denim on the back burner for the week because they think it's too casual, but this is exactly the reason why I reached for it this particular day. I was tired of getting blisters from running in the heat in my heels, wearing skirts that were too short and having to suck in after every meal because the rise of my trousers were too damn high. Denim is my go-to nearly every single day of the week, so why should I have to disregard it for the sake of street style photographers? Yeah, they might be more interested in photographing the girl in the heels and the funky graphic printed maxi dress with way too many pleats. But I don't care. I'll wear my denim blues and be proud and super freaking comfortable, and even prouder of the funky patches on them. Who was the one who said denim was boring and unable to make a NYFW statement? Not me.


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

just love the jeans :)

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Avanti Garde said...

Lovely outfit! Love the jeans and the wide brimmed hat.
You look beautiful.


Liz Lauren said...

love those jeans

Yaudy Cristina said...

Love those jeans!!!

Paulina Villalpando said...

Cool jeans! I love the shinny shoes too!

Juliette Laura said...

I am ALL ABOUT those jeans as well, SO cool

Helen Veyna said...

I love everything about this outfit! Those loafers are really cute, and so are those jeans.


Sweet Helen Grace

Lucia Flores said...

Cute as hell!!! Jeans = out of control!


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Stephanie said...

Cool lady cool style!


Loser Girl Wins said...

So in love with your jeans.

xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

Vera A said...

Such a perfect outfit! Those jeans are amazing! x

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Theycallmetaniaa said...

Love Love your outfits! They are such an inspiration, every time I read your posts I'm like quick, must go onto urban outfitters and find something similar to your look!


Rossana Suarez said...

Its casual and at the same time so classic probably the way you know how to style it so well and also you are so beautiful.

Melanie Owusu said...

Ha, I love this! Your outfit is well put together Xbox

Jeanne said...

I love your patchwork skinnies!
Jeanne said...

Hello, I. Love. Your. Hat! It is amazing!
Melanie @

Nikki Williams said...

i love those shoes!

Ana Paula Lima said...

Love the outfit
Stunning ♥

Meu Mundinho de Sofia

Michelle Lee said...

love your jeans!