Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bukchon Hanok Village | Seoul, Korea

Natalie and I just happened upon the famous Bukchon Hanok Village during our last day in Seoul, Korea. We were out of minds hungry after our hike at Bukhansan National Park (pictures from that to come), and were on our way back into the city when I noticed a street full of people. We jumped out of our cab and bee-lined towards the crowds . . . food the only thing on our minds. Instead of finding said food, we found what we learned to be a traditional Korean village preserved to showcase its 600 year old history. The streets of the Bukchon Hanok Village were narrow and after speaking to some locals about the unique structure, found out that the layout/positioning of the homes is heavily dependent on its relation to the land and the seasons. The result is an architecture that is incredibly practical, scientific, definitely eco-friendly, and also straight up beautiful in a way that is heavy in its "simple significance." Built with wooden flooring inside to keep Koreans warm during frigid winters. The curvy edges of the rooftops adjustable for more shade so that its easier to keep cool during the incredibly hot summers. Despite being a little rough and lusterless around the edges, these hanok-style homes still stand the test of time, and you can easily see in them their days of glory when government officials inhabited them. Not too hard when you close your eyes and imagine really hard. This village was one of the most peaceful parts of Seoul, and I definitely recommend giving it a visit if you ever come to Korea! The cutest little candle and essential oils shop is right at the opening of the main street. A nice little place to find some things to bring back to the friends and fam :)


Carina Vardie said...

Stunning pictures! Would love to visit it some day!


Unknown said...

Amazing pictures! My dream is to visit S. Korea :3
Muilo Burbulai

Stephanie said...

Sweet shots, love the filter you used!


Patricia G. said...

This is amazing!! I want to visit Korea!

theglamandglitter said...

Oh these photos are just so amazing! Thanks for sharing, I really hope to visit it soon :)

Check out my blog if you want:

Tamara xxx

Unknown said...

So beautiful photos <3
You are amazing <3

Best Michaela

Michelle Lee said...

amazing post as always!
are you planning to come to SFW again this upcoming season? :)

Kaynath S // bLACKROSEKAY said...

i'm absolutely LOVING your blog! I just followed.

The pictures and all the outfits are so pretty! Can't wait for your future posts! Also, what camera do you use?

-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

yet, so is
for eternity.

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