Sunday, January 3, 2016

Take Me To Beverly Hills


Vintage suede jacket
Vintage silk neck scarf
Vintage Wrangler jeans
Vintage hat

In college, I'd choose maybe a weekend or two each month and go with a friend to hit up estate sales in the affluent neighborhoods surrounding our UCLA campus. Usually Beverly Hills. The world of fancy people with fancy things who love to throw valuable things away (great for me!). We'd wreak havoc as we got our hands dirty digging through closets of full of vintage designer to be reworked for my Ebay online shop that I had at the time (I stopped running it after I graduated) or just for myself to wear to class. I'd leave with an endless supply of 80's style dress in every sort of pattern imaginable (some silk, some flammable), Chanel-esque gold chain waist belts and Salvatore Ferragamo ballet flats (bow ties and all). My daily uniform during my college dorm days was a reworked 80's granny dress, pleated and mid-length and heavily patterned, paired with high top Converse sneakers and a cross body chainlink bag. If it wasn't Converse on my feet, then it was a pair of jazz flats.

Today, I'm far more subtle with my clothing concoctions, but bits and pieces of my former self still sneak into my daily uniform. That print on that 80'd granny dress? Now it's on my silk neck scarf. Denim maxi dress? How about we just keep it to a pair of raw-hemmed jeans for now. I'm far simpler now. My 80's phase slowly crept into 90's minimalism mixed with 70's bohemian. But who knows . . . maybe my 80's phase will be back, and so will my oversized grandpa glasses. Be ready for it. I do miss those dear old days of being a kid in a candy shop in those Beverly Hills mansions and making out like a bandit. The thrill of the hunt still never gets old. But on this day in particular, I just came to look at the palm trees and enjoy the sunshine. 


Unknown said...

Ohh I love those jeans!! I keep following your blog, I like it a lot and hope you visit mine too!
Kisses, xx
Nazlıgül | on my own way

Unknown said...

looking so freakin cool in this outfit

Unknown said...

Adore your writing style! Lovely post.


PiotrowskaPaulina said...

I love your post ! Beautiful Beverly Hills and your look .

Patricia G. said...

The jeans are amazing!

Christina Key said...

Oh my gosh! How amazing you look babe!
LOVE your look, especially your great jeans! :)

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anoddgirl said...

great outfit
love your jacket

Unknown said...

Such a chic vintage outfit look! Wishing you a great 2016!


Summer Read said...

I always love reading your posts Dylana, always so beautifully written! Love this outfit, the jacket is amazing and love those jeans!

Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

Tusks and Tails said...

Love your photos!

Holly Read said...

I'd love visit those shops! Can't imagine all the little treasures you could find there! Lovely outfit and pictures as always!x
Holly x
The Twins' Wardrobe