Friday, January 8, 2016

Bukhansan National Park | Korea

Finally, the last post from my Korea adventures. Still can't believe that trip was the middle of last October. Such a head-over-heels, wonderful trip full of friendly faces and a stunning array of colors and aromas and shapes. I will never forget it. Our very last day, after our friend Ashley left the day before, Natalie and I made a commitment to trek a little outside the city to hike through Bukhansan National Park, the biggest national park in all of Korea. After spending an entire week in a city environment, it made sense to get back in touch with what the country had to offer nature wise. We made it just in time to experience South Korea at its autumnal peak. I have never seen hues of orange, marigold and red so vibrant and so striking. Or if I have, I didn't remember them. What I saw around me was almost as if it was an unreal vision. Scared too touch the leaves in fear of them disappearing and it all being just a dream. But nope, it was all real, from smell to touch. It was fascinating. 

Something that was interesting to witness about Seoul was the lack of gyms. It was a rarity to see Koreans running outside. Funny, because the weather was perfect for a good outdoor workout. The rosy complexions of Seoul's youth apparently is from good skin creams and face masks as opposed to a good cardiovascular workout. But once we entered the entrance to the park, it seemed like every Korean over the age of 50 was up and it, taking strides that seemed almost longer and faster than those of my sister and I. Wrinkled faces full of life and character to complement eyes full of sparkle. We exchanged friendly nods and curious waves with these hikers who came to enjoy the fresh air, mild weather and a good sweat. Everything my sister and I seeked out, as well. We got a taste of Korea without the sounds of heavy traffic, K=POP blasting from shopping complexes and noisy school kids eating bibimbap. Our hike through the park was the perfect way to ground ourselves after our whirlwind of city lights in a city where soju and BBQ ruled the nights and the music of heavily decorated pop stars led the way to the future. This was the real Korea. One that will stay consistent in its kingdom of beauty. The only things changing are the stories we'll take from it, and those will change with the seasons. And those stories we will never forget :)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ruffles Are All I Need


Cleobella blouse
BDG jeans
Luiny leather choker
Rita Sutormina leather backpack
Vintage leather belt

If I had to wear one outfit everyday for the rest of my life, then I would choose this one. It feels so easy and casual, yet I still can't help but feel feminine and subtly sexy in it. Simple in a way that a woman's confidence in her body and her personal style is perfectly complemented and not overshadowed. That's how I like to describe my fashion sense. I've always considered myself a bohemian dresser . . . going towards the flowy and Georgia O'Keefe-esque as opposed to the sharp and stiff. I am definitely much more bohemian than I am anything else, but with minimalist qualities, too. I don't prefer to be over-the-top . . . preferring subtlety instead. If I get in the mood to go a little more extravagant, it's in bits and pieces, with a splash of color and print here and there, or a dramatic pattern on a very classic and toned down shape. Or maybe a ruffle around the neckline and everything else bared down. I like ruffles a lot. All in all, I don't dress to grab attention . . . I dress for myself. That has always been my fashion motto. It has never felt worth my time to take too much into consideration what others thought of the way I dressed. I've always liked what I liked. Simple as that. I won't tell you how much I've repeated this outfit though. I will give it the blog post it deserves though :)

I'm currently back in my beloved NYC for just a day before jumping on another plane to somewhere I've overindulgently dreamt about quite a lot. Florence, Italy! I've listened to endless amounts of travel stories from my friends about road trips through the Italian countryside with days sun drunk while watching the roads through rose-tinted glasses. Stories of nights that end drenched in too much wine and enwrapped with gutsy Italian men wanting far too many kisses. I've watched Roman Holiday like a million times. And I wouldn't mind if pizza could be a regular part of my dietary programming . . . I think it's about time I make my way there! Still, looking forward to being back in my city for a bit again before the next adventure.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bukchon Hanok Village | Seoul, Korea

Natalie and I just happened upon the famous Bukchon Hanok Village during our last day in Seoul, Korea. We were out of minds hungry after our hike at Bukhansan National Park (pictures from that to come), and were on our way back into the city when I noticed a street full of people. We jumped out of our cab and bee-lined towards the crowds . . . food the only thing on our minds. Instead of finding said food, we found what we learned to be a traditional Korean village preserved to showcase its 600 year old history. The streets of the Bukchon Hanok Village were narrow and after speaking to some locals about the unique structure, found out that the layout/positioning of the homes is heavily dependent on its relation to the land and the seasons. The result is an architecture that is incredibly practical, scientific, definitely eco-friendly, and also straight up beautiful in a way that is heavy in its "simple significance." Built with wooden flooring inside to keep Koreans warm during frigid winters. The curvy edges of the rooftops adjustable for more shade so that its easier to keep cool during the incredibly hot summers. Despite being a little rough and lusterless around the edges, these hanok-style homes still stand the test of time, and you can easily see in them their days of glory when government officials inhabited them. Not too hard when you close your eyes and imagine really hard. This village was one of the most peaceful parts of Seoul, and I definitely recommend giving it a visit if you ever come to Korea! The cutest little candle and essential oils shop is right at the opening of the main street. A nice little place to find some things to bring back to the friends and fam :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I'm Not Cold


Jocelyn fur coat // SHOP SIMILAR
Paige denim overalls // SHOP SIMILAR
Vintage silk scarf
Miista leather boots // SHOP SIMILAR

Quickie update! The only thing that will keep me warm when I get back to NYC is this coat. No doubt about it. 

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