Monday, March 7, 2011

ElectricLoveLtr $80 Voucher GIVEAWAY and Promo

Color Me Nana is teaming up with online shop ElectricLoveltr (ELL) to offer you guys a special giveaway and wish list promotion!


Join the ElectricLoveltr mailing list and you will be entered to win an $80 shopping voucher to ELL.

The promotion goes like this . . .

1. Purchase the 1st piece at full price and get the 2nd piece at 20% off!
2. If you've got more to add onto your wish list, the 3rd piece will be at 30% off!
3. If you’ve got a longer wish list, the 4th piece will be at 40% off!
4. Well... if that isn’t quite enough, the 5th piece would be at 50% off!
5. On the 6th piece you purchase, we will be giving you a free dress from ELL!

Wish list promo applies to:

n♥. 21 I love being the material girl
n♥. 24 Popsicle Wonders!!!
NEW COLLECTION n♥. 27 My Spring's Wish List!

To make your purchase:

1. Email ELL at
2. ELL will reply with an official paypal invoice on the items you wish to purchase.
3. ElectricLoveLtr ships internationally.
4. All prices are in SGD (excluding shipping price)

Everything in the shop is so wonderful, but the dress above is one of my absolute favorites. I saw the Alix from The Cherry Blossom Girl wearing it some time ago and I fell in love on the spot! Also, everything is super affordable :)