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It's official guys! Natalie and I are heading to London next month! Tickets are booked! I've been dying to go to Europe since I was just a little kid, and I think that London is the perfect place to kick start my dream into action. I really know nothing about London, other than what I remember from history class and these first things that come to mind:  Alexa Chung, rock and roll and punk music, Austin Powers, fish and chips, the loo, John Lennon, and Prince William. haha. But I want to know more! I would love to get some tips and info on the cool places to see (both touristy and non-touristy) and the things Nat and I just have to do no matter what. Places to shop, eat, dance, hear music, people watch, etc. We are also looking to do a two day trip to Paris, so any French recommendations would be greatly taken! As well as some info on the fastest and cheapest way to get there from London! We also need some info on good areas for us to stay in London that is in a location that is convenient for us to get around to lots of different parts of the city and even the outskirts. I also hear that Wales is a beautiful place we must check out with our own eyes.

You have no idea how excited I am about this trip. A fresh change of environment is just what I need right about now. I want to relax, enjoy myself, learn, discover, and be inspired with curious of eyes and mindset! Having my ticket makes this finally all feel set in stone and I am relieved to know this is happening for sure. Now I just need to do as much London research as I can without stressing myself out. So any recommendations and tips would be appreciated!

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Unknown said...

Wowww. You've never been to Europe! I think London is just the perfect city for you guys... If you come around Paris - let me know :)))

enjoy your stay!


The Golden Bun

Unknown said...

NIce Trip ;) I Love London :) My Boyfriend live here ;)

Aimée / The Lost Girl said...

wales is lovely, come to liverpool!!

Aimée xx

Domonique Wilson said...

You gals will LOVE it!It's super easy to get around and just full of hidden little treasures :)



Filipa said...

this is so great! have fun :)

skadiida said...

good choice to visit London first. I love London and there are so many things i can recommend you. first of all a hotel in the area around the kings cross/ st. pancras would be good because there you have good connections to all over london and i think there are also some nice cheap hotels. but be careful hotels in london can be horrible...i've heard many bad stories ^^ and then i would say you should do a sightseeing bus tour because it's good to get an overview of london and you get to know all the typical places like big ben, buckingham palace,... and there are also walking tours included ie a beatles walk, harry potter walk,... of course you shouldn't miss camden. during day you can go shopping in the stalls where you find everything from vintage, to band tshirts, cds,.... it's just nice to walk through and also the stables market...it's so nice in there and you feel like in the past. on sunday you should visit the brick lane because its a hot spot for all the stylish people and there are many streetstyle photographer and when you want party at midday its the right place. well what else...when you have a rainy day you can go to the shopping mall westfield stratford. its next to the main olympia stadium and its huge. there are hundreds of nice shops ie urban outfitters, top shop, forever 21,.... and when you are hungry go to nandos. it's cheap and delicious and you can find it all over london. (: a bike tour trough a park could also be nice and when you want to have a nice view over london i can recomment you the primerose hill next to camden. there are so many beautiful areas...i could continue for hours. (: i have some posts on my blog with pictures of london and i also recommend some places...(no thats not an advert...i just want to help you ;) ) and when you have a question or need a guide when you are in london just contact me (:



btw i forgot portobello road on a saturday ;) and camden is also good for going out

Ivanna said...

awesome. x


Sam said...

I love London! I'll be going this weekend, only for me it's only a flying trip from 45 minutes.
Anyhow, Camden Market is fantatic. They have so many cute and vintage shops. Plus the food there is so good! You can find all kinds of food there. Carnaby street is also nice for the more brands like G-star, Fornarina, Levi's and things like that.
Harrods is always nice, even if it's to look at pretty things, cause it's so damn expensive. I found a nice hat there once, but it was 750(!!) pounds, so it stayed in Harrods, haha.
The hotel I went to was called the Byron Hotel. Next to Hyde Park and a subway. Plus the street next to it, had cute little restaurants and supermarkets that weren't expensive, but affordable. Just like the hotel. The rooms aren't big, but it's clean and the location is perfect.
I can't really help you furthermore, since all the other things are the well known tourist places. So I really think Le Monde de Skadiida can help you out!


Unknown said...

oh you are so lucky!I love London!It is really amazing and espexcially for people that looking for vintage clothes,so I think that you gonna like it!!
check my super new fashion blog if you want,I would love to know your opinion!


Anonymous said...

I can undrestand all you excitement! I'm planning a trip to west Europe this December and I feel excactly the same (apart from the fact that I'm a Europian already! hehe)


Anonymous said...

AH LDN is amazing! You have to go to Camden market, Portabello road, check out all the vintage shops and jewellery. You could always get the Eurostar from Paris/to Paris and then wherever you stay (hotels can be a bit iffy there) you can get the tube basically anywhere. If you want to go further afield stay near Kings Cross or one of the other stations, but again you can always just get the tube there. AH and you have to go to the giant Topshop on Oxford Street, you can get lost in there. All the main UK shops are down there, and its near where all the posh designer shops are that I like to look at the window displays :P. You can go to Hyde Park too, it's lovely to sit and eat, and the zoo is great too! Also all the typical tourist things: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tate Modern - I normally walk a loop round them all but it's kinda long. Can I come too?? I'll be your totally un-knowledgable tour guide :P

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love London! Always has so many things to do - I have been 3 times and still have so many things to see...

Firstly: Shopping on Oxford Street, Regent Street, Bond Street, Portobello Road, Canary Wharf and Westfields Shopping Centre...

Secondly: Sight-Seeing at London Eye, London Aquarium, London Zoo at Regent's Park, Buckingham Palace, Green Park, London Dungeons, China Town...

Thirdly: Theatre - I have only seen The Lion King and Wicked but both were AMAZING!

Fourthly: Night Life - So many clubs that I can't even remember all of them! All were good and happy hour provided a ridiculous amount of cocktails for just £1 each!

Fifthly: Best way to get to Paris is the Eurostar train - I haven't been there myself but it's my plan when I do!

I'm sure there's a gazillion places and things to do that I've missed but these were my favourites (^_^) x

Viktória (shake it up) said...

You should visit Camden town and the Portobello Road! Enjoy your trip! :)

Closet Fashionista said...

YAYYY!!!! So exciting!!!! I went to London twice in the past year and LOVED it. I already want to go back! I also went to Paris for a day.... here are some of my tips, if you have questions about anything feel free to email me :)

1. Get an Oyster Card, it's for the tube and makes it so much easier to get around. Also, with the card you have a max amount to pay each day, if you didn't have the card you could waste a lot of money on tube fare. https://oyster.tfl.gov.uk/

2. Get a Travelex card to use as a credit card, makes it easier so you don't have to carry a ton of cash. It works just like a credit card, you can reload it or take the money back out when you leave. http://www.travelex.com/

3. When I went to Paris I traveled via the Eurostar, it was a 3 hour ride and we left London at 5am. http://www.eurostar.com/dynamic/_SvBoExpressBookingTerm?_TMS=1345583386884&_DLG=SvBoExpressBookingTerm&_LANG=UK&_AGENCY=ESTAR&country=BR&lang=UK&VT=EB

4. You HAVE to go to Pizza Express and get the dough balls, SO delish! :)

5. High Tea at the Ritz is also really fun, and the Mad Hatter Tea at the Sanderson Hotel. And another tea is Bake-a-Boo.

6. Abbey Road, obviously ;)

7. If you have time and like Harry Potter you have to go to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour at Leavesden, it's the actual sets they used and it's amazing! :)

I have tons of posts on my adventues on my blog:

Unknown said...

how amazing!


laura g said...

Can't say I know Wales very well, and I tend to only go to London to go to galleries, BUT I live in Brighton which is on the south coast, about an hour on the train from London and it's great (the 'gay capital of the UK' but also the 'hippy capital of the UK' since we were the first to elect a Green party MP) so if its sunny you should definitely head down here to check out the beach/vintage shops/vegetarian restaurants. You can also pop up to Scotland! There's a pretty speedy train from London to Edinburgh, and then if you hop over Glasgow for cheap booze and a great art scene.

You'll have a great time! x

Unknown said...

All i'm going to say is Oxford Street xo

Sasha said...

You have to go to Camden

carglez94 said...

London is amazing, for me is the best part of the World, I mean I'm in love with that city! Some weeks ago, I did a post about London you can search it and tell If you like it! Nice blog dear!!

Annie Chang said...

beautiful captures!


Unknown said...

Oxford street is all very well, but I agree, you should go to Camden - it has a great market, amazing vintage and second hand shops. Go to East London - Liverpool Street, Brick Lane and for god's sake, go to Spitalfields Market!
One New Change shopping centre in St Paul's great and has a fantastic bar on the roof with the best view of all of London. And Big Chill Bar in Kings Cross if you like reggae or chilled out music.
London is amazing you'll have a great time. Feel free to let me know if you want a tour around Camden! (It's where I live).


fran said...

ohhhh!!!! I hope both of you enjoy this wonderfull city. im jealous,hehe

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Camilla said...

woo the Suarez sisters are coming to my town! I'm sure you will love it

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

ps, win a pair of Rayban sunglasses on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Old Spitalfields Market,shoreditch!!!

mariana said...

ooh, i'm so jealous, London is amazing!! you'll love it :)


mariana said...

and i suggest Camden town, for sure

KT said...

I haven't been to London in several years, but I always had good luck finding affordable places to stay in Bayswater and Earl's Court. You can get a basic and clean room with bathroom, tv and breakfast for only a bit more than a hostel (at least you could back in the day). Definitely make sure to check out Camden Town and pick up a Time Out to find out all that's going on. if you're into art the Tate Modern is a must. What else ... Portobello Road for a huge antiques market. For film check out the Aubin Cinema for cool indie film events.

Rory said...

I have never been to Europe but I've wanted to ever since I was a little girl :) I'm glad you're getting to live out YOUR dreams now! I'm only 16 so I've still got time. But I'm still SUPER JEALOUS! <3
Have loads of fun!
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Seeking Style said...

What an amazing opportunity!

xo Jennifer


Unknown said...

so fun!


Lizzie said...

Sooo super jelly, have fun ladies :)



M + L said...

You have to go to CAMDEN MARKET!! it's one of the best places in london!!

Adele said...

awwwwee so cool of you!! goodluck with your trip next month. :)


Natalie Suarez said...



Fashiable | Nanne said...

You absolutely will have the time of your live! I love London so much. You will have fun for sure :)

Emma said...

I studied abroad in London and I have never loved a city more. The #1 thing you absolutely have to make time for is the Camden Market (the REAL one, The Stables, there is a fake one along the way). It is amazing and I think would totally be up your girls' alley, it is probably my favorite place to get lost in for hours! :) Drink lots of Pimm's and lemonade, go to the grocery store and get Crunchies and Digestives, eat a pasty, and order a cider and black at the pub. If you have time, take a boat to Greenwich (the ride is awesome, you'll go under all the famous bridges) and stand on both sides of the Prime Meridian, it only takes like half a day to go and see everything and get back to London. The British Museum is the best if you only have time for one, and the London Eye is worth the wait in line, the view is amazing. Leicester Square is overrated (especially if dance clubs aren't your thing), go to Soho for the Irish pubs and gay bars, they're 100x more fun. I could go on forever, I miss London every day!

Trudy Danso said...

Ohhh have fun in London! Its definately an awesome city and a place to visit! Its so big! Visit Oxford Street! Place to be for shopaholics! X


Jeans Please! said...

London is beautiful!

Tara said...

London is without a doubt the best "Big City" in the world! Massive statement, I know, but it's the perfect mixture of history, culture and modernity that I don't think the likes of Paris and New York can match - that said, I love Paris and New York too!
My main tip as a Londoner is:
- Avoid Oxford Street. In fact, avoid anywhere remotely "tourist-y" i.e Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament. Focus, firstly, on visiting the kind of places you like to go to in Philly, for example - so if you like vintage and thifting, go to Camden Market, Dalston and Portobello Market. Then on your last few days, you can brave the perils of Oxford Street and co.
- Enjoy the wealth of art and culture London has to offer. Visit as many museums as you can e.g. The Tate, The Tate Modern, The V&A, The Saatchi Gallery etc.
- Go to the theatre at least once if you can - you will not regret it.
- Go to Angel, Islington. There is a lovely mixture of big brands and smaller independent shops in Angel. And on a summery day, it's such a lovely place to have a stroll. Check out the retro ice cream palour - the name of which I have forgotten!
- Go to Hampstead Heath. Spend a lazy day, picnicking on the Heath, or any other heath/park that takes your fancy e.g. Regents Park, Highbury Fields, Richmond Park.
- Have High Tea. This is a real treat - even for a Londoner! There are so many tea rooms dotted around the city e.g. The Tea Rooms, in Stoke Newington.
- Most of all - have fun!

Best Wishes,


Fashion Faux Pas said...

U and Nat are SO gonna love London!!! If the Electric Ballroom is still open for business in Camden, I found it an excelent night club for a friday and a saturday night. Actually, nightlife in Camden is cool, and also the sunday morning market there.But whatever else u do, be sure to check out Portobello saturday morning. I once bought a satin and lace vintage dress from the 50's there for 5£. This is actually real, and the dress was amazing an in mint condition. ANd there was the niceste french bistro there. Oh, and be sure to check if The Mousetrap is still going and go see it at the theatre, totally worth it even if you're not into Agatha Christie. Then there's the Sherlock Holmes Museum and Madam Tussaud's, a must do too!! Can't wait to know what your thoughts and impressions on London are!!!

Maisie said...

I love London and have set my heart on going to Uni there, when ever I go up it's mainly for the art galliers, my favirote is the V&A for the costumes there.
You should also try and do an open top bus tour whilst you're over here a great way to see many of the sights and learn a bit about the history of London,

Have a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

You two MUST hit up Camden Town.. I think it will melt both your hearts out! Really cool stuff to see and buy and neat people to take photos of :)
Also, all the national museums in London are free! If you go the history museum you'll be able to see lots of cool stuff, including stuff from the Beatles and other london bands!
TRY FISH AND CHIPS! Must eat lots of that when you're there too. London is awesome, you'll see so many wonderful things just walking around.

Unknown said...

Ah London is sooooo great!
Hope you have a lovely time!


Boitedechocolat said...

Hey Dylana, so I live in London and have been reading yours and your sister's  blogs for nearly a year now. Hopefully I can give you a few ideas on things to see and do...

Firstly, as someone else said, get yourself an Oyster card. It makes for the cheapest way to travel around the city. You can buy credit at the station and you can use it on the tubes and buses too.  Having said that do try walking places. Get yourself a good map. You'd be surprised how quickly you can walk around central parts of London. I.e from Oxford Street to Covent Garden is much quicker to walk than getting tubes in my opinion.

Places to stay...I'd go for anywhere within walking distance of a tube station. Zone 1 (central area of the underground map) will be expensive and not good value for money. But I guess that depends on your budget. Perhaps look for somewhere in zone 2.

Things to do...obviously you should check out the main tourist destinations such as Buckingham Palace, St Stephen's Tower (Big Ben), Houses of Parliament, The London Eye. There is also a new cable car open which will take you from the Royal Docks in East London across the Thames River to North Greenwich, where you could take a walk over to Greenwich park and up to the observatory where you get amazing panoramic views of the city and docklands.  Another great view but from the north this time would be from Primrose Hill (where all the celebrities live!) Also heck out Borough Market near to London Bridge and the Tate Modern Gallery. Open on a Thursday and Saturday for amazing food. The Southbank area  is pretty cool too.........

Boitedechocolat said...


So moving on to night life.  How about booking tickets for a gig. London has an awesome music scene, so many great venues. My favourites being Camden Roundhouse, Brixton academy, Kentish Town (HMV) Forum and Koko.  You would be best trying for tickets in advance. Gigs sell out very quickly in London.  

Try an English pub. There is a chain of pubs run by a brewery called Samuel Smith's. They have pubs around the West End. My favourite being The Fitzroy Tavern On Charlotte St. Samuel Smiths serve their own beer so it is a very cheap pint right in the centre of London. A rare find!

For something a little different I would head East to the area of Spitalfields (there is a great market here) a cool diner style restaurant/bar opposite Liverpool Street Station called 'The Breakfast Club' they do diner style food. Great for a lazy brunch or for cocktails in the evening. Tell the waiter/waitress you are here to see the Mayor and they may grant you access through the Smeg Fridge door to a small secret cocktail bar call 'The Mayor of Scardey Cat Town' but shhhh. I didn't tell you ok?

Close by are the areas of Shoreditch, Hoxton and Brick Lane for lots of street art and galleries. It's a very trendy (I hate that word) area where all the hipsters hang out. Head over to Hoxton Square. There is a great little cocktail bar called Happiness Forgets. Amazing cocktails and great service from this place. Take a walk along Shoreditch High Street. There are loads of bars and cafés and vintage shops too. 

Also Brick Lane where there is a big Bangladeshi community here. LOADS of great curry houses. Alternatively head to the top of Brick Lane (Redchurch Street end) and you will find two famous Bagel shops. They are both open 24hours so are great if you want something to eat at the end of a long night partying in the East End.

Also as lots of your readers have said visit Camden. It is an area to the north. It has the canal running through it. Again a great market and a tonne of cool bars and restaurants. 

Regarding Paris, all you need to do is book a Euro Star ticket and you can get from St Pancras to Paris In under 3 hours. But make sure you book in advance to get the best price (around £69)

So there are a few suggestions for things to do and see in London.  I am slightly biased as I live in East London but I get the feeling you and your sister will enjoy it here.

If you have any questions tweet me @B0ITEDECH0C0LAT 

Enjoy your trip Ladies, I might see you around! 

Sam x

Chyrel Gomez said...

Oh, wow. That's great news! So happy and excited for you girls!

Chloe said...

Have an amazing trip in London! I go quite often to visit family and absolutely love the city and it is such a great place to be and not too dissimilar to NYC, I suppose.

The easiest way to get to Paris from London would be via the Eurostar from St. Pancras Station. It's way quicker and easier than getting a plane, so I would definitely recommend that.

I would also recommend checking out all the amazing markets which are situated conveniently in London. Portobello Market is my absolute FAVOURITE. Take the tube to Ladbroke Grove and it's just a short walk to all the outdoor clothes stalls and food stalls on Portobello Road. Other great ones are Spitalfields Market and stalls at Camden Lock. You'll find loads of great stuff there.

Other shopping spots: Oxford Street! So so so so so many shops on this street (it's a little bit like Michigan Avenue in Chicago) and it is so great for shopping, but so busy! Furthermore, check out Covent Garden. This is possibly my favourite place in London and a place filled with shops, little boutiques, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and loads of street performers! There is such a great atmosphere here! Brick Lane is a super cool place to shop and look around too. And the high end Harrods and Liberty's are both nice to look around in (and drool over all the amazing stuff in there...)

For getting around, make sure you get an Oyster Card which can be used on the tube and bus. And get a little Tube map to carry around with you!

The Tate Modern is free and a great place to soak up some contemporary art. I'm not sure, but I think there is a Damien Hirst exhibit up at the moment and might still be there when you visit next month. All info can be obtained from the website though. Also the V&A Museum, Science Museum and the British Museum are all great.

If you like John Lennon, then Abbey Road is a definite must. Also, you could maybe go up to Liverpool by train and visit the Beatles' hometown, as well as see the famous Albert docks. Other cities to visit in the U.K. that I would recommend would be Oxford. Great countryside and only about an hour away from London. So much history and fantastic buildings. Brighton has its very own British seaside / beach which can be nice on a sunny day. And Manchester and Birmingham and the other two main cities in the UK and also quite nice to visit.

All of the usual tourist traps are definitely recommended: Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Big Ben, London Bridge, Houses of Parliament, Hyde Park, the South Bank and the River Thames. They'll be busy, but a nice slice of the UK to look back on and remember.

Also try going to some nice areas like West Hampstead where there are amazing charity shops to peruse in. Other nice little parts of London include Chelsea, Highgate, Kensington, Primrose Hill, Notting Hill, whilst there are trendier parts like Shoreditch and Kentish Town.

As for food, a nice little English pub would be great to have Sunday lunch in. Fish and chips is, of course, a requisite! Also try out Gourmet Burger Kitchen or maybe Cote Brasserie, both are great places to eat. For authentic Chinese food, you definitely have to go to London's Chinatown. Great food for amazing prices. There are lots of Japanese and Korean restaurants too. London is amazing for going out to eat a wide variety of different cuisines. And last but not least, high tea at Claridge's is at the very top of most people's wish lists. Although it's expensive... If you're in London, you may as well experience it properly! :-D

That's all I can think of now haha... But have an amazing time in London & the UK!!!

Shamenth B said...

love pics

bets said...

Two days is so short for Paris! If you have time, go to the Marais (around metro station St. Paul) for some great vintage stores and shopping in general! There also happens to be a famous falafel place in the area (L'As du Falafel).

Lucy said...

Hiii, are you going to be there during LFW?? Because we are and we would be so glad to be able to meet up with you and Nat!!

Penny Lane said...

I love London.

You must go to Covent Garden, China Town. And you hace to eat in ITSU, is an oriental restaurant, the sushi is the best. There is one near Picadilly Circus, you can buy sush and eat it sitting in Picadilly, is an experience that you never forget.

See you.

Natalie Hughes said...

Yay! You're coming to London!

My recommendations...

Portobello Market
Bluebird Shop & cafe on Kings Road
Paperdress Vintage on Curtain Road
Have a wander down Ledbury Road in Notting Hill for some great boutiques
Brick Lane for the market and vintage shopping

La Bodega Negra - great Mexican food
Andrew Edmunds on Lexington Street - my favourite restaurant in London
Casita bar on Ravey Street in Shoreditch - tiny but amazing cocktails!
Meat Liquor
Bubbledog - not opened yet but probably will be open by the time you get here. It's basically hotdogs and champagne!
Shrimpys - great pop-up
Claridges bar for something more decadent

The Box
Le Salon
Jukebox (opening soon)

I have SO many more recommendations that I can't think of right now...


Beatrice Balaj said...

Ahh Dy!
I am so jealous!!
You're going to have SO much fun.
The shopping there is amazing and nightlife is awesome. There's a bar on almost every block. Have fun and be safe love!


Unknown said...

You will love London! I was just there this April. I stayed in the West End which is very centrally located, at the Strand Palace Hotel which is nice but won't break the bank. Plus it's across from the legendary Savoy hotel which you must go to for the best cocktails. You can walk from there to most of the big landmarks, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, etc. I highly recommend visiting Abbey road (a short ride on the Underground) and the British Museum. The London Eye is also worth checking out. Portobello road is amazing for unique, vintage finds. Nothing will make you feel more like one of the locals than stopping into one of the many pubs in the evening. All of the locals go for a pint after work and spill out into the streets. Also you MUST take the Eurostar to Paris. Even if you only have a day or two. IT IS SO WORTH IT. There is a ton of Paris photos on my blog. You are going to have an amazing time! I never got around to posting my London photos. I will have to do that!


Felicia Tan said...

awesome xxx
if you like markets, there are so many good ones around, i'd recommend camden market, borough, and shoreditch!
u obviously will be going round oxford circus which is really central and accessible by foot to most places around central london e.g. trafalgar sq, picadilly circus, leicester etc. big shopping malls would be westfields in white city or stratford! and plenty of museums especially around south kensington x
i doubt you will run out of things to do!
london is AWESOME, i love living here n it's the best place i've lived in so far xxx


Eva said...

I would definitely recommend the west end musicals, and going to the south bank. They have lots of art galleries and street entertainment there. Oh and covent garden :) Camden market's great and obviously al the typical sights like buckingham palace and the london eye:) Tower of londons nice too! And dont miss shopping on oxford street!! Hope you have a great time :)

Eva x

baileyblush said...

I live in London and agree with loads of the comments and tips people have already left (esp boitdechocolat_!

Oyster Card is a must, stay somewhere near a tube station in zone 1/2. I'm not so good on hotels since I live here, so I can't really help too much.

I agree on Portobello Market (Saturdays), The Stables Market at Camden and Spitalfields (Thursdays).

I would highly recommend that you wander through St James Park, have a look at Buckingham Palace, out of the park towards Westminster Cathedral (where Kate and Wills got married), past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and then along the river. Cross to the south bank and walk East: it is a great walk, with the Southbank Centre and Tate Modern art gallery and the globe theatre are all along there and some nice bars and restaurants.You get amazing views all along the way of St Pauls Cathedral and the city skyline as a whole (cafe of tate on 7th floor is good for this too). When am in that area I always think, wow, I really live in London and it is AMAZING!

I also recommend soho for drinks and food (The Arts Theatre Club was a great night for fun cocktails (some came in teapots prohibition style when I was there but the other ones tasted better).

I also think you would love Shoreditch in trendy East London, were there are lots of cool art galleries, nice bars and good food and coffee places!

LIISA said...

Ooooh, London is amazing! People are awsome and buildings are beautiful :) London's street style is great, so that's something you MUST check out!

Andrea Antoniou said...

Try get a hotel at kings cross/st pancras as the train station is massive and has the most lines so you be able to go anywhere from there, plus i find kings cross to be quite nice haha :) One place i deff recomend going is Camden, you get the best clothes there! I'd love to show you around there if you fancy going :) email me - andrea.ria.antoniou@gmail.com :)


a. said...

How exciting! I loved London so you will love it as well.
I'd say the top things to see (aside from the obvious) is the graffiti down brick lane - amazing - petticoat lane market, chock full of brilliant cheap clothes, the seven dials - which is the quirky collection of streets with boutiques and the like but also Neal's Yard which is this super colourful courtyard attacked to the seven dials.
The easiest way to get between the two is probably the train, but catch a super early one because it's cheaper.
Hope that helps!

Unknown said...

London's great city to explore on foot! There's just so much great places to see it's hard to know which ones are not to miss.

Chris from bestflights.co.za

Piia Õ. said...

So cool that you're going to London! I went there on a school trip many years ago and even though we spent too much time at museums, I still loved it so so much! I really recommend you go to the National Gallery. It's the perfect art museum, full of gorgeous (and famous) pieces and it's free!!
As for accommodation, we stayed at the Baden Powell House hostel, which was really great for students and situated right next to Hyde park!
Hope I was helpful :)
Bowtie Diary

Victoria said...

You should check out this blog. She just blogged about her trip to london and paris not too long ago!!
I definitely recommend going for the Harry Potter Set visit!! http://blog.triciagosingtian.com/ do check her out and such under the labels to make things easier.

Nicole said...


Hey, for ideas for thing to do, you need to check out the ultimate London blog - thelondoner.me ! It will tell you all you need to know. Also, for a cheap way to get to Paris is to take the megabus. It's a coach and is super affordable! xx

Ms.Fashionista said...

London is amazing-make sure to go on the London Eye! Have a blast!



Anonymous said...

enjoy your trip to london! i absolutely love living in this city :) one of my favourite things about it is the amazing food. i've seen some people have recommended places like nandos and pizza express which are really nice but in my opinion you can find better, cheaper and more unique food elsewhere. i recommend heading to chinatown in soho, in particular the little japanese place 'misato' which is cheap and delicious! you'll have to look carefully though, it's easy to miss! check out the curry houses in brick lane if you're going to spitalfields/brick lane market. finally my favourite place to eat in london would definitely have to be brixton village in south london. it's amazing! it sprawls behind the main road and it houses tons and tons of little, cheap restaurants with food from all over the world and always freshly cooked. i've been going for ages and still haven't tried everything! if you have to choose i would recommend honest burgers and franco manca as a starting point :) have fun and i look forward to reading about it on your blog! x

Colleen said...

You must visit the Victoria & Albert Museum whilst you're in London - it's undoubtedly one of the best in the city. Also, in typical brit fashion, you might like to go for afternoon tea - the best places to go are the Berkeley, Claridges, The Ritz or Fortnum & Mason. Also, definitely visit Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace (Kate & Wills soon to be home and previous home to Princess Diana and Queen Victoria), Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral and Winston Churchill's war rooms.

For vintage shopping, Brick Lane has the best row of vintage shops in the city, (be sure to check out Spitafield's market on a Thursday too). Portobello Road in Notting Hill is a must too - the market is best on a Friday and Saturday (Friday would be better because its less busy - try to get there earlier if you can!). For high street stores, Oxford Street and Kensington high street are the best destinations. The Topshop in Oxford Street is so big you could spend all day in there! and its home to Selfridges too - a must!

Covent Garden is great for restaurants, shops and street entertainment - it is super lively and has a great atmosphere, whilst Hyde Park and St James Park are great walking/picnic locations!

Enjoy your trip - London really is one of the greatest cities in the world :)

p.s and Oyster card for the tube is your best friend!

Johnson said...

Very nice collection of pictures in bringham. one can save their money to stay there in cheap hotels in birmingham. Thanks for this blog.

girlonthepicketfence said...

Hi! Some places i'd recommend to pop by are....

For excellent vintage, head to Brick Lane on a Sunday. They have a Sunday market and couple vintage shops peppered along the lanes. And keep your eyes peeled for vintage pop-up marts, they're great for scoring some excellent finds! Brick Lane's also famous for Indian curries and graffiti art.

If you're heading to Camden on a Sunday and craving vintage, look out for the Electric Ballroom near the tube exit and this little shop called Gerty & Berty in Camden Lock market. They have two shops, one selling clothes and the other shoes. Bought two handbags and two pairs of shoes at very reasonable prices!

While Oxford Street is always worth a visit (Primark is always my first stop), I think it's much more fun shopping in Covent Garden. It's more shops than department stores, if you know what i mean. And for delicious brunch, go to Bill's Cafe. For lunch, look for Princi (I had the best lasagna in my life there).

If you dig Chinese food, go to Leicester Square and look around. There's some goood restaurants there! If you got a sweet tooth, look for Hummingbird cupcakes in Covent Garden (there's also one near the V&A museum). Their red velvet cupcakes are to die for.

Touristy things, take the open top sightseeing tour bus that takes you to all the must sees. There's different routes to choose from. It's definitely a less tiring and faster way of seeing the London sights. I'd recommend Tate Modern, the V&A and for something off the beaten trail, go to Little Venice. From there, you can cruise down the river to Covent Garden.

If you're keen to head out of the city, you can consider Bath and Oxford. Bath just transports you to Rome and Oxford for its medieval looking buildings.

Lastly, enjoy a beer in London at 5 in the afternoon!

Hope this helps in planning your trip! Can't wait to see pictures!

nina oliva said...

Check out "The Afghan Kitchen" on 35 Islington Green (Phone: 020 7359 8019) for amazing Afghan food and cosy atmosphere. I'd recommend to book a table or be flexible... ;-) plus, this area has may culinary treasures to discover!

Enjoy your trip, Nina

Teodora said...

I've been in London in July...the most beautiful city I've ever seen