Sunday, August 12, 2012


Houseboat Babies by Reptar

Roll Forever by White Arrows

In the Grace of Your Love by The Rapture

Your Girl by Kakkmaddafakka

A little playlist of the songs that I have on repeat at the moment. Just want you all to start off your Sundays on the right musical foot. Enjoy and head bob away! 


fran said...

I like the last song a lot
i have new looks

Unknown said...

I really like the style of your blog.

You also have good music taste.
xx em

Anonymous said...

oh i love this post!
really good!
Love the blog btw, so great, you have amazing taste!
Could you please check mine out please?
would be an honour!
thanks so much! keep up the good work!

Mariana Glez said...

Bonitas melodías.

Oh, play it louder!! said...

Such a great a playlist!
It's tuesday, & it still works haha.

By the way, I love your vintage bag!

See you,