Sunday, September 30, 2012


Cargo Jacket - vintage, Tank - Dolce Vita, Pants - H&M, Scarf - Free People, Sunnies - vintage, Boots - Belle by Sigerson Morrison, Bag -  Rebecca Minkoff

Day 6 in London. This is probably one of my most favorite photo diaries from London so far! There is just something full of life, youth, and rebellion about Camden Town that I love so much! And the food there . . . from all over the world! And so much of it! Amazing. And everytime I see a pair of creepers, I die. After Camden Town, We went on to scout out London Bridge and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. We just enjoyed the beautiful weather and strolled along the bank without a care for time. Ended the night with yummy Chinese food in Chinatown and had a chill session at the fountain at Trafalgar Square. We didn't stay out going cray that night (even though Shoreditch was calling our names), which was probably the smartest thing to do since we had a 5:40 AM train to Paris to catch the next morning.

Weekend, you have been splendid but have gone by too fast. Had lovely adventures with my friends around the city. Monday Funday tomorrow. 

Friday, September 28, 2012


Dress - MINKPINK, Backpack - NYC flea market, Boots - Dolce Vita from Dear Fieldbinder, Necklace - Vanessa Mooney

Oh how I miss thee summer. Despite the humidity, east coast summers most definitely are the best. They days are always alive no matter where you are at, and especially so in NYC. Call Me Maybe is still the song that I remember this past summer with. Out dancing with my friends late into the night to the cheesiest stuff on the radio. Best nights ever. These pics were taken during Labor Day weekend, on a sticky evening before meeting up with a friend for drinks and food. I just found this handmade Thai-style backpack in a market in Soho and it hasn't left my back since. It's so summery and festive. It's colors remind me of what summer should always be like forever. I'm ready for fall, but summer I will always have a permanent place in my heart.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Dress - Vintage from Fuzzy Bellas, Boots - Belle by Sigerson Morrison, Jacket - True Religion

There is nothing more delightful to me than being a complete and utter stranger in a brand new city . . . a brand new country! Not only do I want to get to know the place like a local, finding the hidden, hole-in-the-wall nooks and secret hidden spots, but I want to be able to appreciate all that makes it famous and known around the world by all. A lot of Londonders I met on this trip told me that these places weren't worth it. They are too touristy. Too crowded. To blaaaah. But I didn't care. Natalie and I set aside a whole day committed to hitting up a few of London's most well known spots imprinted in the minds of the majority of us American thanks to the movies, television, and news coverage. We ran through the sprawling open grass of St. James Park. Not caring who stared. We did the whole cheesy/touristy/posing thing in front of Buckingham Palace (and wondered if we still had a chance of becoming princesses). Then we fought our way through the endless maze of the posh Chelsea and Kensington areas, to in the end find ourselves lost in the endless floors of Harrods. Then off to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben it was. We drowned our senses in the stunning Gothic architecture of buildings pulsating with history and age and timeless beauty. All so ready to impress and capture the hearts of all that pass by. I was shocked to realize by the end of our London trip that I barely looked at the pages of tips and recommendations that were given to me. Each day was unplanned and spur-of-the-moment, and I think it worked out best that way. I'd wake up in the morning, feel the urge to see Buckingham Palace and dream of marrying a prince, and we'd up and do just that. Then we'd just figure out the rest of our day as we went. I miss that feeling of having the world literally at your fingertips, putting your finger on a map, and saying "Let's do this". The end of this day in particular was quite breathtaking. The best view of the Thames River right beside Big Ben during a magical sunset. London. Nothing get's better than this. xo