Tuesday, October 2, 2012


 Tunic and Scarf - Free People, Jacket - True Religion, Jeans- H&M, Boots - Belle by Sigerson Morrison, Bag - Rebecca Minkoff

Day 7 of Euro trip brought us to Paris. There are so many adjectives one can use to describe Paris. Breathtaking. Spectacular. Magical. Spellbinding. Beautiful. Effortless. Perfect. As soon as our early morning train pulled up into the Gare du Nord station, I was already stunned by the beauty that surrounded me. Not a street we walked upon, passed, or crossed over didn't fail to make me stop and stare. I already knew Paris would be a delight for the senses, but I didn't know it would all hit me so hard. I really didn't want to leave. Even just within my first few hours in the city, I felt like I connected with it and the people (all of whom are beautiful, as well). Everyone seemed very at ease with life. People strolled and never seemed rush from place to place. They would sip coffee for hours having intense discussions or just people watching on the sidewalks. The cafes are made for people-watching, one of my favorite activities ever. Just the idea that the locals get to wake up to this city every single day gives me happy shivers. How lucky they are. It doesn't take much to be entertained in Paris. If you have eyes, ears, a nose, and a mouth, you are able to fully get to know why Paris is the city of dreams and romance. I got it now. And I want to go back so badly. We spent a good chunk of our first day in Paris in Monatmarte. We walked up the steps to the Sacré-Cœur and got the best and most stunning view of the city. EPIC. We sat at the top for a while in the sun as a harpist played the most lullaby-ish of songs. When we got hungry, we'd pick up a baguette and snack on it on our walks. The most simple of foods and the most simple of activities feel so much more grander in Paris. People just carry themselves differently here. Beauty is literally found in everything, from each sip of wine to each bite of a croissant. I think us Americans can learn a lot. I know we always say the French hate us, and we hate the French. But I think we only hate them because they know how to do it all so much better. Everyone bikes in the most fabulous of outfits. People actually hang out in parks rather than just passing through. Not to mention, the subways are extremely easy to use and understand. And quite surprisingly, most people on the streets were more than welcome to lend a hand when it came to directions. Gah, And the vintage shopping. Endless and fantastic. All you really need in life can be found in Paris. Including the perfect French man I reckon. Our evening brought us walking along the sparkling Seine River all the way to the Eiffel Tower, and later to Bastille, where we partied with the young locals and drank beer with some musicians from all around the world. What happens in Paris never stays in Paris, because it is all too good to share! More to come soon!


Unknown said...

I absolutely love Paris! Amazing pictures!:)

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fran said...

fabulous city!!!


Natali said...

Very beautiful and dreamy photos! Love your outfit :)


Unknown said...

Awesome photos! You two are beautiful


lifeisamaze said...

Lovely photos !

Unknown said...

My home town<3 I love what you're wearing


Unknown said...

great photos, looks like an amazing trip

Sasha said...

love the photos!


Domonique Wilson said...

You managed to convey the magic of Paris perfectly in this post, great writing and awesome photo's.



aiken said...

awwe paris! <3 my dream city!!

Unknown said...

you pictures are breathtaking, nana :)

Sabrina T. said...

really LOVE this shoots!!

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Unknown said...

Why are you not wearing the Jetts?
Amazing pictures as always and you're maing me even more in love with Paris and London especially!

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I love your pictures.

Fashiable | Nanne said...

Love love love these photos!


Marie said...

Amazing photos!
Your blog is great!!


Andrea said...

such pretty pictures :)

Stephanie said...

the first picture is beautiful and i like your outfit


Seeking Style said...

In love with your Paris photos!

xo Jennifer


Joana Silva said...

LOVE your pic.

Tara said...

I always aim to stay as objective as possible when commenting, but when it comes to your posts - and anything about Paris - this endeavour is made incredibly difficult!
Stunning photography - like you, I love the quiet air of sophistication and utter exuberance that lies at the core of French culture.

Best Wishes,


Jeans Please! said...

ur pics re so incredible!

Am2Pm Chic said...

absolutely love Paris. I can't to make a trip to Euro next year, after I graduate from school. You look adorable !!!


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amalie said...

such great pictures!!

Anonymous said...

the great thing about europe is, that it is so close knit and places like london and paris are only a flight or train ride away, no matter where you are. i love how you describe paris and the impression that is has made on you. the black and white photo of you in front of sacre couer is my favorite.


Unknown said...

obsessed with your tunic!

xx mili

prettystellar said...

adoreeee your photos! you are too cute hunny

Blair Badge said...

Oh, your photos are breathtaking! I totally agree - We Americans can definitely learn from Parisians, or Europeans in general. Perhaps to savor the small things in life might be a good starting point? ;)

Happy travels!

xoxo, Blair


Lela Feldmeier said...

Love the black & white on the steps!

Constance said...

These pictures are so beautiful!


Oh, play it louder!! said...

I love your shots in Paris. It shows movement & real life in Paris. So much feelings that I can feel when I'm there.

See you,


Claire Hart said...

oh my god dylana! Probably my favourite post of yours from europe so far <3 Paris sounds so amazing, you literally have me dreaming of living there!!! I can't wait to go, but know i will never want to leave....

P.S. you look like a gorgeous parisian in these photos :) xxx

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Stunning shots xx


Lexi said...

my DREAM is to go to Paris! soo beautiful!

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Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos! you look so pretty!

Unknown said...

I love your pictures.. the world looks different thanks to them!

Chyrel Gomez said...

I love reading this entry! I love that the French wear the most amazing clothes and ride their bikes. Great outfits and photos, as always!

Betsy said...

hope you are having fun!


touring europe by car said...

Thanks for the nice read and the great pictures. As the song goes "...and I think to myself, what a wonderful world..."