Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pom Pom Head

Joa + Closet plaid shirt, Urban Outfitter velvet skirt, Anthropologie coat, Nine West x Pamela Love boots, Velveteen bag, Free People pom pom beanie

Been in an intricately entwined love affair with beanies lately. Not just because they keep my head from getting frost bite in these crazy low temperatures we are experiencing on the east coast, but because they are so darn cute. The bigger the pom the better. The double the pom the radder. The closer to resembling mouse ears, sold. Beanies may or may not be one of the most legit reasons to keep fall and winter here forever. Too bad I love summer so much, as well.

And look what I have my feet in guuuuuys. The new Nine West boots designed in collaboration with the one and only Pamela (freaking) Love. The girls at work keep freaking out over them. Look at that hardware man. The work of a goddess. Mmmmmmm. Have a lovely day ya'll.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Philly Days

A gritty little city with many beautiful nooks and crannies where you least expect them to be.

Photos by me

Monday, November 26, 2012

Beauty // Put Your Holiday Face On

Thought I'd introduce something new to the blog. I've never really focused on makeup and beauty on here before, but it's definitely a department I like to have fun with. And especially so around the holidays. The festivities and sparkle in the air make it hard to not want to get all dolled up for no other reason than to celebrate life in general. When it comes to my beauty routine, simple and natural is the way to go, but a light hint of gold shimmer on my eyes is a must. Bright eyes always stand out to me. For the holidays, I like to keep things the same, but with a little more pop of metallic than you normally would go for. Rosy apple cheeks, a sexy red lip, defined lashes and a pretty party dress really make all the difference. So what do you think about this post? Yay or nay? What other kind of looks would you like to see played around with on here?


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Central Park Morning

Dot blouse and sweater from CALICO, BDG jeans, Anthropologie coat, Natalie + Dylana x Modern Vice Benni boots in cheetah, Rebecca Minkoff bag

Random fall mornings can sometimes be vivacious and full of life, rather than just lazy and slow. A walk around Central Park was just that one beautiful weekend morning. We delightfully stumbled upon a marathon that was actually supposed to be cancelled because of the hurricane, but the runners decided to keep on running. There were a lot of smiles going by that day. 

And right now I introduce the Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice Benni boot in cheetah. Aren't they divine? Almost too friggin' good to be true. They were made for fall and surprisingly go with just about everything and anything in my closet, which is an added plus on those mornings when I haven't had enough coffee to strategically pick out a pair of shoes. Head to Modern Vice right now to get your perfect boot for the season. You will fall in love, I just know it.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Long Island // Part 2


Hope you all stuffed your bellies quite full with goodies with those you love. More beautiful moments captured from Long Island a few weeks back with my friends. I've never smelled air more fresh.We spent Thanksgiving in Long Island yesterday, and it was actually a little disheartening seeing some of the remnants of destruction from the hurricane. Me heart goes out to those who have lost so much because of it. Even so, Long Island is still just as stunning as before. (I am wearing a tee by Junk Food Clothing.)

**Pictures by me, picture of me by Kristina Boggs