Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Malibu with Quiksilver

Finally! A roundup of my Los Angeles beach weekend with Quiksilver to celebrate their new The Bathers collection at the Malibu flagship store. This is probably one of my longest pictures diaries ever, but there is just too much goodness to share. We did so much in just one day! We all stayed at the beautiful Malibu Beach Inn, which overlooked the stunning shore, making for the best view of the stunning early morning sunrises and evening sunsets. It really was the most perfect location to get the real SoCal experience. We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to meet the Quiksilver team before driving out to Zuma Beach to have a surf lesson with world champion rider Stephanie Gilmore. That girl's got skills on her board and major style. There were around 5 other surf instructors who all took us each out one by one to try surfing the subtle yet enticing waves. Being on that long board was so exhilarating and exciting. I still have a long way to go before I even consider myself anywhere close to an actual professional, but I was pretty good for my first go at it! I am definitely going to make sure this upcoming summer is full of practicing my surfing skills. I still need to grasp the "pop up". It's so hard to jump from lying down on your belly to up onto your two feet at the center of the board. Tough stuff. When you finally get on your feet (after a while situating yourself on your knees like me) and the instructor lets go of your board and you actually ride, you literally feel on top of the world and nothing else matters. It's a pretty addicting feeling that is quite hard to explain. You have to do it to feel it.

After our morning surf lesson, we drove to the nearby Chumash Discovery Village which was an intense spiritual and eye-opening experience. We got to learn more about the indigenous Chumash culture and how the modern day Chumash people keep it alive and thriving today in a world that tries too hard to move ahead into a world of technology, social media and "short cuts". We sang songs and watched ritualistic dances, all in appreciation of our ancestors, nature and the fact that each day brings us new experiences that must be cherished and accepted with open arms, hearts and minds. The people who spoke to us at the village were so kind and open-minded and simple. It really left an impact on me and made me think of all the ways I felt connected with the ways of their living and thinking. And it made me think of how I can incorporate them more into my own day to day life, even if it means the one simple act of smiling at the sun every morning because of the sheer fact that it is there and it is warm and it is comforting. Quiksilver is a huge supporter of the Chumash and their environmental efforts, and I was so glad to be a part of what they had to offer and teach that day.

After a hearty lunch at the village (surfing is an appetite enhancer for sure), we headed back to the hotel to change and then over the Malibu Lumberyard shopping center where the Quiksilver flagship store is located. We got our hairs did, drank some margaritas and then headed to the store event to mingle and style up some mannequins to decorate the window display with. The turnout really was huge that afternoon. The music was good, the vibe was thriving and it was just a good time all around. Meeting the designer of Quiksilver was also rad (the dude with the beard, that's him!). Knowing that a male who is so chill and down-to-earth designs the beautiful Quiksilver clothes we all wore that day makes the brand seem even cooler than it already is. We dined at the delicious Cafe Habana after the event, gossiped over sangria and fish tacos, then headed back to the hotel to make some funny Vine videos in my hotel room and watch War of the Worlds on TV. We then went on to passing out at around midnight. So happy I got to spend this weekend with the my fellow bloggers Bethany, Olivia, Christina and Kiara. I met so many new people during this trip as well, and just because of that I am thankful :) And I get to see a lot of them at Coachella this year! Thank you so much Quiksilver and Bollare for inviting me out this past weekend to come back to get to know your brand, visit my home of Cali and see another part of it that I really never got to know as well before! It was an amazing time! California, I am sure I will be back again :)

More pics from my SoCal weekend trip to come. BTW, I am wearing all Quiksilver in this post, except for the denim! 


EmerJa said...

Dylana, all the pictures are amazing. The experience must have been awesome and very interesting:)
And you are gorgeous. Love your flowered drees with the boho touch of the fringed vest :)


. said...

Wow! Amazing post, as usual~
Loved the one with you & the board~


amalie said...

wowee looks amazing! awesome oppurtunity xx

Annie Chang said...

adorable captures!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! I love the needlepoint signage on the mannequins, so cute!

x Dayna

Unknown said...

wow, awesome shots


Unknown said...

Amazing pics. I love your style, is perfect.

Jeans Please! said...

beautiful pics!

Unknown said...

I love Paradise Cove!! these are great pics!


Seeking Style said...

What an awesome day that must have been!

xo Jennifer


Unknown said...

Your hair is getting long! Looked like loads of fun surfing by the beach!

starlet said...

all the pictures are wonderful. I love your blog :)

FashionFlirt said...

Really love all these photos! Seems like you had a great time there! x


Anonymous said...

Seems so much fun, love the overdose of pictures and your SoCal eternal vibe. xx.



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so much inspiration!
love the blue fringed vest :)

canvasofculture said...

Sounds like such a fun experience! I love that last photo of you:) & it's so funny seeing you in a photo with olivia, the height difference is crazy! in love with both of your blogs!

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

Love the dress and fringedd vest, looks like you had tons of fun!

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Unknown said...

socal during the winter months? and to go surfing? yes please! lovely pictures :) looking at these photos makes me love living in cali!!

Alexia Mickens said...

Looks like you had a ball!
xx, sweet bird
xx, sweet bird

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Looks like so much fun! I'm quite jealous!

g.ta said...

so much fun!! have always loved Quiksilver!!


Unknown said...

wow! this looks really like a fun!!!

Ally said...

I'm in love with this post, Dylana! Such breath-taking photography... your style is so effortlessly RAD.

xoxo, Ally

Constance said...

I love these pictures!!!


simone river vintage said...

hmm..just another day in the life of an upcoming surfing champion..YES!

Ashleigh said...

Wow! It looks like you had a blast this weekend. I love what you are wearing at the Quicksilver event.


petit-chignon said...

Amazing pics!