Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Breakfast Club

Been making more of a point to eat breakfast (and a healthy one at that!) lately. I think it's summer that's putting me in this chipper health kick mode. Or the fact that everyone and their mommas are on the 30 Whole or Whole 30 diet or whatever it's called. You know, the one where you eat NO CARBS, NO DAIRY, and other crazy stuff. I love my carbohydrates in all shapes and forms. But I haven't eaten a bagel in two weeks. That's a start! I know for a fact that carbs will not be leaving my life at all for the rest of my human existence, but I've definitely been cutting down on them slightly and reaching for the more wholesome sort of of stuff. Raw oats, shredded wheat, brown rice, quinoa, bulgar, whole wheat toast. Yes I did have pesto pasta last night. Sorry, I cheated. But never will I beat myself over that. Indulgence is good, as long as it is with control. Thank goodness for the creation of chocolate almond milk, for it's delicious magical-ness when mixed with cereal has made me fall head over heels in love with it! More fruits, more leafy greens, good grains! That a girl. I ain't a girl who diets or restricts herself, and I ain't giving up them carbs, but making small changes and here and there is always a good thing :) And enjoy the pictures of my breakfast from last weekend!


Arushi Khosla said...

See, the thing about breakfast that always just gets me is that unless you're an early bird, you're never hungry enough when leaving work and then at like 10:30, you're starving.

I really need to take a page out of your book and start making healthier choices, haha. An iced coffee the size of my face and a granola bar are probably not the best idea everyday.

Arushi x
http://bohemianlikeyou.net + http://arushikhosla.tumblr.com

Juliette Laura said...

I haven't had a bagel in two weeks either! Which is saying something because I normally have one a day. I've replaced it with green smoothies every morning. And salads with fruit instead of dressing at lunch. Definitely gotta try that chocolate almond milk, I've had vanilla.. but chocolate sounds like perfection!

Juliette Laura

NY Trendy Moms said...

I have to give this crazyness a try!

NY Trendy Moms


Seeking Style said...

It's not about giving anything up, but just eating the "naughty" foods in moderation. I am right there with you trying to control my gluten intake!

xo Jennifer


Unknown said...

I'm obsessed with that Starbucks iced coffee and will now go get one thanks to this post.

Emily Jenny
Stiletto Beats

Unknown said...

Lovely breakfast

Anonymous said...

I'm not the hugest fan of milk, but the chocolate almond milk sounds SO good. I've been trying to make healthier food choices too (in the name of summer) and I feel like I've discovered a new world of salads that I'd kind of written off before. Hope that you have a good rest of the week! xx

Unknown said...

Sounds like smart steps. Breakfast is my favorite meal of a day so I enjoy it with every bite- or sip...


Michelle said...

Totally agree Dylana! Everything in moderation : )


fran said...

its great!!!!!!!! i want to taste it


Unknown said...

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