Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Vision in Black and White

Been keeping my visions in black and white a whole lot more lately. A picture in black and white brings about a feeling of calm and an unwavering sense of intrigue and mysteriousness. I don't know what it is. The wide spectrum of tonal curiosity most likely peak my interest. Ever curve stands out stronger. Every line a little bit sharper and a little bit more bold. Contrast is key. Everything feels a little more fragile. Sad things and even happy things are brought to life even more than if they were in color. A certain sadness infused in happiness. A certain happiness infused in sadness. Always the existence of a binary. The two things something can be, but also all the other options floating around in the middle. - Me

And now because I can't stop listening to Silversun Pickups . . .

So much for the light show
Pissing on while pissing off
Sucking in a smokescreen
Selling of a loose knit dream

Folding up the skyline
Agreeing on a steep decline
Cant control this airplane
Being caught is just the same
Headed for a lowlife
Little lover's so polite
Waking up the core needs
With smelling salts and faulty means

Did the bones collide
Who let the bones collide
Why did the bones collide

So much for the showdown
Keeping up while keeping off
Choking on the cold feet
Rolling up the plastic sleeves
Can't control the slow ride
Little lover's so polite
Turning off the low light
Tell me did the bones collide
The bones collide
The bones collide
Little lover's so polite
So polite
So polite
Turning off the low light

- Little Lover's So Polite by Silversun Pickups


Monika Dawidowicz said...

Some great inspiration.

Poisson D'Avril said...

Love this!
Great pics, great poem!


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Great inspirations xx

MacK @ SoulMakes said...

This is absolutely beautiful! The pics and the words :)

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

Michelle Lee said...

great inspirations

minnja said...

Fantastic Pictures ;)

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Natalie Suarez said...




Great pics!

Aisha said...

I totally love shadow play in photography. These are all so wonderfully beautiful.