Tuesday, August 27, 2013

End of Summer Playlist

Happy listening ya'll! Let me know what you think! Going to start putting together playlists for you guys more often.


Nikki Williams said...

love this! thanks for sharing. i need some new tunes.



Juliette Laura said...

Ahh, love it! Can definitely tell this is going to be on repeat.

xo, Juliette Laura

Michelle Lee said...

great list!


Jane said...

The perfect playlist. You have great taste in music, too <3

Unknown said...

Perfect ! Thanks for sharing !

XX Luba

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Unknown said...

this post reminds me that the summer is almost over and I got a summertime sadness :(
You have a nice music taste though :D

jennifer said...

I am just going to sit here and listen to all of these songs :) I need some new music. I love James Blake, Major Lazer and The 1975 so looking forward to discover the ones I don't recognise ! x

Paprika said...

Thanks for sharing this, I will make it into a playlist on spotify, love the choices! Have you heard of Spector? I went to see them whilst at Reading festival and they were amazing! My favourite song of theirs is 'No Adventure' but if you like upbeat things a bit more then 'Chevy thunder' is great tooxx

Chelsea Finn said...

Great playlist! I always end up making a playlist for every beginning, middle and end of each season!

Sophie Veu said...

Thanks for the playlist, got a few I liked!

Anonymous said...

iT's a very good Idea.