Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shopping Guide // London

I was getting all nostalgic last night and was going through old London and Paris photos from the trip my sister and I took last September. I really had such a unforgettable experience bonding with my sister in two completely new countries. I really fell in love with everything about London especially. How happening and fashion-forward it was, yet still so down-to-earth and tied to the memories of its history. Not to mention London is absolutely beautiful, as are the people who live there. Best dressed city ever. And because I just found out that a friend of mine from Philly is flying there today for a last minute work trip (so jealous), I thought it would be nice to give London a little shout out by telling you guys some of my favorite spots that Natalie and I got to experience during our trip. I need to do a guide like this for Philly and NYC soon, as well as for every single place I get the chance to visit in the future (hopefully the near future). And I hope you enjoy these pictures from the trip. These pictures needed extra editing because my lens was actually on the verge of falling apart during this trip. Surprised that it was still able to capture what it did! And look at my hair. It's nearly a year since this trip, and I feel like it has grown to triple it's length! Looking at these pictures makes me look forward to fall, as well, and my approach to dressing in it. I definitely work the vintage patterned dresses a whole lot more in the fall. And on that note, I can't wait to sport my new vintage finds!

The Rookery
12 Peter's Lane
at Cowcross Street
London EC1M 6DS

The hotel my sister and I stayed in for two nights before going to our little bed and breakfast spot in King's Cross for the rest of our trip. Tucked away on a corner, this place is nearly hidden and is a majestic masterpiece full of period charm. Polished wood panelling, stone flagged floors, open fires and genuine antique furniture gave hints at the history of London. And our tub was fit for a king!

Pitfield London
31-35 Pitfield Street
London N1 6HB

Healthy, delicious cafe and home to an eclectic collection of homewares.

Beyond Retro (on Brick Lane)
110-112 Cheshire St
London E2 6EJ
The best vintage store in London. Everything and anything you need is here. And prices aren't too crazy.

1 Calvert Avenue
London E2 7JP

A jewelry store that focuses on luxurious statement pieces. Everything blew me away in here.

Absolute Vintage
15 Hanbury Street
London E1 6QR

I loved that the store was organized by style and decade in a very clear way. So many cute dresses here, it was hard to control myself.

18 Shacklewell Lane
London E8 2EZ
 A men's and women's designer shop with mini concept rooms that mix music and fashion together seamlessly, and in a very futuristic way. I felt like I was in a space ship! Plus the guys that work here are total babes, duh.

Portobello Market
in the heart of Notting Hill

2 miles of Portobello Road full of delicious food, knick knacks and loads upon loads of records and vintage. All in what I think is the cutest area of London. Saturday is the day to kick it here, take a stroll with a cup of coffee and try a yummy ethnic delight off the street.

71 Shacklewell Lane in Dalston
Greater London E8 2EB

If you want to hang out with cute British hipster boys and dance to really amazing music and drink some good beer, then this is the place to go. It's in Dalston, another part of trendy East London where all the cool kids go to hang out. The bathroom is tiny, but it was quite a scene seeing how young 20-something British girls get ready in the bathroom with only one sink. I will never forget this place.

49 Columbia Road
London E2 7RG

For a true French meal (and for those who love meat), check this place out! The meat and cheese plate is divine. Super cute and simple with white washed walls, I felt like I was in a little countryside home. We drank so much wine here before going out on the town. It was incredible.

The Breakfast Club
12-16 Artillery Lane
Spitafields E1 7LS

Apparently all things American, like diners, burgers, milkshakes and John Hughes films are really trendy in London right now. This place is kind of a chain at this point, but it is really fun and the burgers are actually huge and delicious! And if you make good friends with the cool bartender, he might just sit with you and take a shot of tequila. Nothing wrong with that.

I love you London and I hope to be back soon! xo


AVY said...

It's been years since I last saw London, I need to change that.

/ Avy

Juliette Laura said...

Oh my goodness, I adore your outfit, and thanks for the shopping guide! SO helpful.

xo, Juliette Laura

Unknown said...

Fantastico ! Mil gracias por compartir tus direcciones de shopping !

XX Luba

Top asimétrico con shorts de cuero en mi look hoy

c said...

Amazing! You look great!


Unknown said...

you look amazing!
hope someday can go to london!


Gita said...

Thanks for all the suggestions, they'll sure come in very handy. I love Paris and London too, cities I could definitely live in.


Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

This post comes right in time as I'm leaving for London in two weeks again. I can't wait! xo

Kacie Cone said...

I'm quite jealous, I'm dying to go to London some day!

Poisson D'Avril said...

Great photos, great outfit!

Elizabeth said...

I love how you pair boots with just about everything and make it look flawless. These photos of London are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


Paprika said...

I love love love your photos! I live pretty near London so this post is perfect for me, thanks!xx

Unknown said...

YES London is the best dressed city ever, so pleased you think so. I live a 40 minute train journey away from London and beyond retro and brick lane itself are my favs. The food on brick lane is some of the best street food because you have choices from all the different cultures. This has made me want to hurry up and get back down there :)
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Trudy Danso said...

love the pictures!!!

Jeans Please! said...

beautiful pics as always

elleandbee said...

I've never been to London, but I'll save this post for when I do finally go.

Seeking Style said...

Do you ever not look perfect?

xo Jennifer


Am2Pm Chic said...

Beautiful shots, and I love love your jacket.


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gorgeous photos!!


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Nice photos, love your dress xx



Beautiful. Love your dress!

Yeraldin Morillo said...

London <3 <3 <3 I hope to travel to London one day :) kiss

A said...

Wish I was in London right now! It's one of the coolest cities I've been to for sure! I love your dress, it's like a painting <3

Anonymous said...

C'est bientôt mon tour, je vais à Londres.
Très sympa ce petit post....!

Michelle Lee said...

lovely post


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such pretty photos. your dress is gorgeous.



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great pics! thank you for the shopping guide :)

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Fabulous pics of London.

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