Sunday, December 29, 2013

Checked Out

H&M Holiday dress, 10 Crosby Derek Lam coat, Cuyana cashmere scarf, Berry Brown purse, Dr. Martens boots, Stance socks

My favorite thing about holiday dressing is the layers. A slinky little party dress can go about its business disguised in a downtown feeling coat until it really feels like coming out to play. I love that. This is exactly what I did one chilly NYC afternoon before an evening engagement that called for something a little more dressier. I'm one of those girls who doesn't have time to stop home before heading out for the night, so putting together a look that will last me hours and help suit me for different situations is so key. This H&M midi dress that I picked up from their holiday collection is super sleek. There's something so scandalous about a little bit of bra peaking out through sheer mesh. This tomboyishly checkered coat brings it back down for day and keeps the bite of the chill from sneaking in through the mesh.


And for your information, H&M's Conscious Foundation will donate a percentage back to Water Aid for every $10 loaded onto a gift card. It's a fashionable way to give back during the holidays, and it's still not too late to take part.


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Leaning West

Forever 21 romper, random blouse, Worth & Worth 'Dylana' hat, Vanessa Mooney necklace and silver cuff, ok1984 geometric cuff, Natalie & Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice studded Jett boots

What a happy Saturday morning it is. California weather has been absolutely STUNNING. Words cannot even describe the amount of endorphins running through my bloodstream right now because of it. Just came back from a morning run to get this weekend going on the right track. Sweet, sweet symphonies playing in my head. I plan on keeping it that way. I was still working from home the past two days, and being on email all day was quite the task. But now it's officially the weekend, so expect me to be lazing outside in the sun WITHOUT any heavy need for wifi. Thank goodness.

Been living in this black romper from Forever 21 the last time I was in California. I call it a Audrey Hepburn piece, as in a timeless classic you most likely can never live without because of its ability to carry on from season to season, year after year. I got away with wearing it just a few weeks ago in the NYC cold with heavy tights and a turtleneck, but it does just fine in California with a sheer boho top, bare legs and our Modern Vice Studded Jetts. Oh yes, and the hat that I designed in collaboration with Worth & Worth. Check it out online here

Friday, December 27, 2013

Channeling Cher

Forever 21 crop top, vintage silk blouse, random bunny ears

Been enjoying myself back home far too much, so haven't been in much of a posting mode right now, but I'll get back on it soon I promise!! Plus I'm still working from home while I'm away from NYC, which makes things even harder. But I found these on my computer, edited out of amusement and boredom. So here ya go. Me channeling Cher meets a bunny rabbit meets a friend of cute, little shoulder creatures. You're welcome. Love you all! xo

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

We Will Rock You

Free People Limited Edition T-Shirt Renewal Fringe Dress, Buffalo Jeans skinnies, Joe's Jeans leather purse, Rag & Bone hat, Dr. Martens boots, Stance socks, ok1984 cuff

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Just woke up back home in California. Guess what? It's 85 degrees Fahrenheit outside! Gonna go out and play very, very soon! As soon as we open the Christmas presents, of course. Just want to say that I love each and every one of you who visit my blog and have joined me on this nearly 5 year adventure of it, from Cali to Philly to NYC and everywhere in-between!  Really, this is cheesy I know, but everyday sort of feels more like Christmas because of you guys! Thanks so much and I hope you all have a wonderful day with the one's you love. Treat yourselves today! 

Rocking out in another vintage reworked Free People piece, a We The Free Limited Edition T-Shirt Renewal Fringe Dress. You have NO IDEA how obsessed I am with this dress. It's so me it's nearly painful. Grateful Dead. Fringed crochet. A little bit of belly baring-ness going on. It is what every girl's concert going outfit must consist of. I'd throw this over a slip if I wanted to go a little bit more girl, but this time around I went more front woman with some metallic tapestry patterned skinnies and my heeled Dr. Martens. Seriously, anything that Free People comes out with hits the jackpot. 

These dresses are one-of-a-kind and each made from real vintage band tees. What's a sweet surprise is that you won't know exactly what band tee you will be receiving until you get it! If you are a woman of rock and roll, then I'm sure you'll love whatever band tee you wind up with. Okay, going to go listen to Casey Jones right now.


Monday, December 23, 2013

Blue Skies

Just finished packing for my early morning flight back home to California. I can already feel the sunshine on my skin. Ha. It's been warmer in NYC, but rainy and quite dreary. So ready for some much needed downtime with family. In that sort of mood where even the littlest things in life make me smile. Let's soak it all up while we can. California palm trees here I come. And because I'm in an inspired mood, I want to of course share what's been catching my eyes recently.

rusty orange and fur | baby kisses | everything american | luscious lips for peak kissing action | bike rides with friends (preferably in amsterdam) | little black dresses with interestingly modest necklines | rock and roll babies | bread and cheese and unlimited food with good people | black lips | morning sunshine through the bedroom window | pink tapestry bedsheets made for a princess | red roses and daydreamy expressions | audrey hepburn expressionist poses | eccentric pillow displays | summertime skies

**Pictures found on Pinterest

Snow Monstress

Black Swan Clothing faux fur coat, Free People tunic, Siwy jeans from Crossroads, Free People scarf, Berry Brown leather satchel, SOREL boots, H&M beanie

Even though these past few days have been feeling a whole lot more like spring rather than the dead of winter, I still won't forget the snowfall a few weekends ago. A few friends and I took an adventure a little deeper into Bushwick during the snowstorm and I experienced my first legit experience attempting to dress and get around in this sort of weather. In Philly, it was easy because we all had cars we could hop in and out of, but NYC is a whole other story. Thank goodness I have my sweet furry coat to keep me from freezing my ass of.  But really, coming from California, where one does not see this sort of thing that often, streets covered in white really is a treat. I kept texting pictures to everyone I knew back home. "Look ma! It's snowing over huuuurrrrrrrr!!!" The thing that I love most about snowfall in NYC is that it doesn't stop anyone from going out and enjoying their day. Vintage shopping. Hot ciders and burgers at my favorite Bushwick bar Tutu's. Maybe taking the long way home. It really is fantastic. 

Oh yeah, and let's talk about my new favorite purse. Le chic, no? Berry Brown you are genius when it comes to the design of this satchel. Lightweight and the leather is so supple. So easy to carry everywhere, and so, so spacious. Everything I need fits plus there's room for more if I need it. This bag is saving my life right now.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Free People Rock and Roll Caravan Tutu Dresses!

Natalie and I were so excited to get our hands on these Free People custom-made Limited Edition T-Shirt Tutu Dresses made from vintage band tees. These dresses are exclusive to Free People  and totally sold out right now, but don't worry, you can still get your hands on some rad Free People vintage goodness. These dresses are a part of their most recent Vintage Loves collection: Rock and Roll Caravan. This entire collection will taken down from the site on December 26, so you only have a few more days to shop it, so get on it fast! 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Glitter in Gold

Stylestalker dress, Willow & Clay cardigan, Vanessa Mooney silver cuff, Bing Bang skinny cuff, Giles and Brothers leather bracelet

'Tis the season to party and dance and drink champagne! Oh wait, that's everyday, but we just go harder this time of year. This Stylestalker dress is my crochet-overlapped dreamboat. I wore it out for a Broadway show with friends a little while back and then later went on to drink beer in a metal bar with the Led Zep heads. Perfect for every occasion. It makes me feel super sexy, which is obviously not the norm for me, but it's nice to embrace this side of the river every once in a while. More often than not actually! Threw on this little metallic cardigan on top to really feel in season. 2014 is almost here and there is every reason to celebrate it with gold :) It's crazy to me to think that right now basically marks my 5 month mark in New York City. What a crazy whirlwind it has been. So many faces, so many places, so little time. It feels like a million years has passed though, but I have been enjoying every single second of it. This upcoming new year is going to be a very special one I know it. Here's to what's to come. Oh, and California again in a few days. Can't effing wait.