Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Night Light

Forever 21 dress, H&M coat, O'Neill beanie, Stuart Wetizman shoes, Richer Poorer socks, Berry Brown bag

As soon as I arrived in California before Christmas (my flight was delayed), my parents took me out to see some of the local lights on the "Main Street" of our little cowboy town before heading home. The valley can definitely be a little boring, a place where you would not survive unless you had an overactive imagination, but little sparkly highlights like this on a mild winter's night make the place not seem too bad at all. I had on everything sparkly. What a coincidence. 


Juliette Laura said...

These photos are so rad. You look like perfection. And those lights totally make for beautiful photos!

xo, Juliette Laura

Carelia said...

I love night time pictures!! You look great!

"See how I dressed up a chambray shirt for NYE" on:

Shabrina Hazimi said...

Happy new year, Dy Dy ! <3
Looks like you were having so much fun with your rock and roll parents ;) xx

Kacie Cone said...

Looks beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! I love these pics <3


rossana said...

lol it's not as boring as you have grown to be sooo perfect in this town, you look gorgeous anyway. we love you sooo much dydydyyyyyyyyyy

Natali said...

Beautiful photos! Happy New Year :)

Lady Vintage said...

So great pics ! Happy new year beaut !!

Jeans Please! said...

wow! beautiful lights!

Unknown said...

what lovely photos! your mama is stylish!

Unknown said...

amazing photos!!! <3

happy new year!


Unknown said...

Is it out of place to ask what brand mom's pants are? She looks rad.