Friday, February 21, 2014

Color Me Nana + Natalie Off Duty + Missguided + NYFW

I'm wearing:  Missguided shaggy jacket and dress
Natalie is wearing: Missguided trench, sweater and skirt

Natalie and I are super excited to present to you another NYFW re-cap, in collaboration with UK online shop Missguided! Natalie and I have been lucky enough to attend 5 seasons of NYFW together since moving to the east coast, and every time has been a complete blast. We've made so many new friends, lusted over gorgeous fashions coming down epic runways that I've only dreamed about when I was younger and gotten to enjoy an amazing city and everything it has to offer. Sometimes I really do just have to stop and pinch myself. I remember being just a teenager in the suburban valley outside of Los Angeles, devouring the images I saw on by the hour during NYFW. Flash forward to the present moment and now I'm invited to many of the shows I've saved images of to my computer in my school library. It's a wild reality, it really is! NYFW, especially during the winter time, takes a lot of time and commitment. The weather sucks, getting a cab is nearly impossible, your feet are hurting and you can't feel your toes, the subways are running slow, you have too many layers on that you can hardly move, and all you really want to do is stop and eat a big old bowl of hot soup. But you just keep pushing on and on. Your body might be shutting down, but your mind keeps going and you're happy to be experiencing it all at the end. It's a complete adrenaline rush! As soon as that first model steps onto the runway and the beat of the runway music begins, you remember why it's all worth it. But my favorite parts of NYFW are all the random moments in-between the industry stuff. The impromptu brunches with friends, sneaking backstage to a show, making funny faces on the subway because you know everyone already thinks you're crazy for wearing cropped gaucho pants and heels in this weather, and crazy nights out in Brooklyn just because. Not to mention all the pit stops we made at our favorite pho restaurant throughout the week. It's the best way to defrost! It's nice to stop and take the time in-between shows to appreciate the everyday of what NYC is:  the traffic, the people, the little hidden spots. It's easy to get caught up in things and time starts to fly until you have no idea where it all went. Taking the subway during NYFW is quite the task, but it gives us the chance to get to know the city better during this crazy time. The streets of the city is the reason why we live here. Even when it feels like Antarctica outside, you don't mind too much because the morning light looks so darn pretty coming down Broadway. New York City sparkles and shines, and it never loses it even during the madness of NYFW.

Now let's get to what I'm wearing. Dressing for fashion week is such a grand time. You get to really explore your boundaries when it comes to thinking up cool combinations from what you already have in your closet. Natalie and I love to share during NYFW, too. It gives us the fun feeling of having a brand new wardrobe to work with. This shaggy jacket from Missguided is so 1960s boho love child and the print on the dress (also by Missguided) is so mod. The combination is like an explosion of my favorite decade. I couldn't resist pairing them together! It felt very Kate Moss indeed with my fisherman's cap! Thank you to Missguided for asking us to share our best NYFW moments with you guys. This might have just been the best fashion week yet for Natalie and I :)

And wondering where we had the amazing brunch featured in this post? It's the Westville Chelsea. 246 W 18th St. It's phenomenal! Best poached egg on kale salad ever! Highlighted show of the week? ZIMMERMANN! It was a fresh take on rock and roll and punk, and I loved that!
 It really stood out to me.

Already looking forward to fashion week in September :)


Vodkaandarose said...

Congrats to you two on the gig!

Great photo's..although I prefer behind the scenes...when people are being a bit silly!! ;)

fashion-meets-art said...

fantastic look! i love the jacket!
Maren Anita


Seeking Style said...

In love!

xo Jennifer

Unknown said...

amazing pics!! :D


Moira Parton said...

Your red fuzzy cardigan is awesome! x

Tabet said...

Beautiful outfits and great pictures! :)

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great photos !
please follow me :) COLORFUL THOUGHTS xoxo

Sabrina T. said...

great post:) love your red fur coat! and the show images!
check my milan fw on

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Nikki Williams said...

that coat is gorgeous!!

Carmen Henry said...

Beautiful pictures :)

Michelle said...

amazing outfit and pics!

Unknown said...

you guys are so lucky and i only remebered the time natalie was doing tons of runway in la.