Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Natalie and I were lucky to be a part of Nicole Miller's Fall 2014 campaign, #NMWarrior. The campaign is inspired by female warriors, which today's interpretation is made up of strong women who embrace a fearless sense of fashion and perspective on life.  The upcoming Nicole Miller fall collection exudes today's modern warrior woman to a T.  A woman who doesn't take the mainstream or sage path. 

"You don't have to wear a suit to feel strong"

That's the motto coming out of this campaign. I think it is the motto of many young women today, like Natalie and I. Young, working women on the go. For us, every single day is different and what we wear reflects who we are and what we do. We work in fashion, but we aren't defined by fashion regulations. We wear what we want and we wear to be the characters we want to take on that day, and most of all we wear what makes us feel confident in our own skin.

Check out the video below to see how Nat and I conquer the day #NMWarrior style:

Part 2: #NMwarrior featuring "Natalie Off Duty" & "Color Me Nana" from Nicole Miller on Vimeo.

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Christina said...

I love the video. It looks like you two had a lot of fun :)

- Christina

Jessica said...

Awesome looks, pictures and video! =)
Thanks for visiting my blog!



Payton Rodewald said...

So much to love about this post. Looks amazing!


mane untame said...

i love the outfits and i love the message behind this campaign.


Natali said...

Such a beautiful and smart two ladies! Great video!

Unknown said...

great video!! love it!

thepaarblog said...

I love the vibe!

Juliette Laura said...

You guys are too cool. Looks fun!

Nikki Williams said...

these photos are awesome!


Lucia Flores said...

You guys are so, so, so cute and SO beautiful!!!


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