Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Diesel Tribe


Outfits by DIESEL

When I think of the idea of my tribe, I think of the people with souls I love and personalities that make me smile. My tribe is always growing in this wonderful city that I live in. I come across new souls and personalities every single day, and I always find myself  connecting with someone beautiful when I least expect it. One of my best friends Kiara of Tobruck Ave is someone I have been lucky to meet in California two years ago on a surf trip we both happened to be on. We clicked instantly, and although we didn't see each other for nearly a year after that we always kept in touch. We reconnected at Coachella last year, always at fashion weeks in NYC, and then again this past Coachella for a whirlwind of 3 crazy days of music and late nights where my sister, her and I were inseparable the entire time. 

But this past summer was her true summer on the east coast, and we bonded over everything in NYC. It was a summer never to be forgotten. The longest and the best city summer ever. I'm so grateful to have this girl in my life, even if she is all the way in Vancouver. I can't wait until we reunite and can wreak havoc again in whatever city we happen to be in! Kiara is such a Cali girl at heart just like me, but we always both thrive off the energy of the city. 

We pair grunge leather with our denim. We live for elements of the 90s with chokers boyfriend jeans. We wear booty shorts with our chunky grandpa sweaters. I always get so much fun playing dress up with this girl, and this here is our interpretation of our tribe, thanks to Diesel's fall/winter 2015 collection. Leather and worn in denim represents our east meets west coast personalities and lifestyle. Nothing can ever take that away from us :) Love you Kiara!

Monday, September 29, 2014

In My Natural Habitat


Free People halter bra
Paige jeans (SHOP HERE)
Birkenstock sandals from Free People
Sabrina SL choker

As summer comes to end, and Indian Summer works its way in-between for a few sparse days, I try to work in the brightest pieces I can find into my daily wear to rub in the fact that I don't want summer to eventually disappear. Canary yellow might feel better suited for a vacation in Jamaica rather than a late summer stroll through Chinatown in NYC, but no one ever said there were rules when it comes to transitional dressing. I'll dress like it's still tropical out for as long as I want. Layering is definitely be specialty, so I most likely won't have a problem keeping up with this idea deep into winter, but we'll see what kind of mood I'll be in then.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hunger of the Pine


Michael Stars dress (SHOP SIMILAR HERE)
Stela 9 backpack
Birkenstock sandals from Free People 
Jenny Bird moon cuff (SHOP HERE)
Sabrina SL metal palm bracelet
LAS Jewelry wolf ring

Sleeplessly embracing
Butterflies and needles
Line my seamed-up join
Encased in case I need it
In my stomach, for my heart
Chain mail

Hunger of the pine
Hunger of the pine 

Sleeplessly embracing
Yawn yearns into me
Plenty more tears in the sea
And so you finally use it
Bedding with me you see at night
Your heart wears knight armour

- Hunger of the Pine by alt-J

I love how expressive alt-J's music is. It's so multi-dimensional. It moves like the ocean in my ears. It's always unexpected and it makes me yearn for more and more. The way they tell stories through their music is so interesting to me. You really have to dig for the meaning, but that's the beauty in it. Hunger of the Pine tells the story of the pain of pining for someone . . . how draining it is of all our human senses, much like the physical experience of being hungry. It makes you think of things in new, artful ways.

F21 | The Outdoor Workout

Check out how I get fit outside with these moves featured on Forever 21's 21st Street Blog! See the feature HERE!

Friday, September 26, 2014

H&M x Global Citizen Festival

H&M is partnering up with the Global Citizen Festival 2014 to help end extreme poverty worldwide. THis H&M Conscious t-shirt represents the cause and is part of the IMPACK (The Global Citizen Action Pack) kit. 

The IMPACK was created in collaboration with Conscious Commerce to give Global Citizens all you need to take action on vaccines, education, sanitation and overall life within the impoverished community. 100% of the net profits from the IMPACK are going to support organizations leading the fight against extreme poverty. Inside the pack you'll find everything you need to make an impact, including a Global Citizen H&M Conscious t-shirt, Pura Vida shareable bracelets, a USB keychain with content from festival artists, a door sign, a Global Citizen sticker pack, and an activation booklet. 

Get you IMPACK here and start to make a difference by participating and supporting this campaign with the hashtag, #SHOWYOURSELFIE.

Denim Daze


H&M dress
Goldbarr necklace (SHOP SIMILAR HERE)
Filily by Luiny gold bangle
Teysha sandals

Denim is always casual, but that doesn't mean that it can't be bold or worn in brand new ways. Like this H&M dress for example. It's potato sack formation flows much more delicately than you think, and falls just as gracefully. It is a bold statement in denim because of the fact that it's A LOT of denim. So obviously, it feels oh so right. And you know me, anything with a tassel always finds its way into my hands somehow. It lends me dreams of Moroccan or Turkish adventures. Somewhere extravagant and heavy in culture and color. A sense of outdoor markets with twinkling lights and rich scents lingering in the air for days. Airy enough for the sumer day I wore it on, yet brimming with texture that will carry me seamlessly into the fall. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Oh, Debbie!


Whitney Eve blouse
1.STATE jacket
Forever 21 skirt
Birkenstock sandals from Free People

This mural is no longer up in the East Village, but I'll never forget it. Debbie Harry is just about the coolest chick out there. Bad-assery to the max.

"The only person I really believe in is me" 

- Debbie Harry

Shop more 1.State pieces below:

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Miami Swim Week Photo Diary


Lost images from this past Miami Swim Week. Oh how I miss that sticky Miami heat. All dresses and romper by 6 Shore Road. Oh yeah, it's all my birthday today guys. Time flies when you are having fun :)