Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Backstage | Anna Sui SS15

One of the highlights of this SS15 New York Fashion Week was being able to attend the runway show of one of my all-time favorite designers, Anna Sui, as well as do coverage backstage before the show, including the rehearsal! I've been lusting over Anna Sui's retro-loving and musically inspired collections since I was around 13. And nearly lost it when I first visited the Anna Sui store in Soho during my first trip to NYC when I was 16. So as you can see, it's been a long-lived love affair for quite awhile. What I love most about Anna is that she always sticks to with her gut. She doesn't change with the trends, keeping true to her own personal style and inspirations that are always ongoing themes each and every season. If Anna dreams about moon boots paired with 90s crochet, then she's going to send that down the runway. She doesn't care with the critics say. Every collection is undeniably Anna with just a glance, and I think that is a rarity with designers nowadays, who come out with collections each season that carry hardly any resonance with the brand it started out as, or even just with themes from the season before. AnnA knows who she is, and isn't scared to share her colorful world with us. 

Backstage was a mad town. Models everywhere, some getting touched up, many getting photographed, a few waiting to put on their outfits. Anna was bustling around with everyone trying to get her attention, but you could see that her mind was totally in the game. She has a show to put on people!! The models had minimal look, with clean skin and just a touch of cyber glitter on their eyes. So David Bowie. Hair was straight and scraggly. So 70s "I'm with the band" vibes. 

Getting to see the clothing hanging on the racks for each model was such a treat. What Anna is mind-blowingly good at is prints and textures. She plays with them all without any constriction! Sheer floral chiffon with metallic threading. Earthy space-dye knits. Sequins with polka dots. Anna Sui inspires the eclectic inside all of us to come out, and to just have pure fun with the clothes we wear. Long live Anna. Enjoy my snaps from backstage :)

And here are some lovely Anna Sui pieces you can shop online!


Unknown said...

great backstage pics! I can feel the energy!


Shall We sasa said...

Cute pictures! I saw Liu Wen<3


AVY said...

Fashion always helps me escape.



Juliette Laura said...

Awesome photos, looks like an incredible time.


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i love all of the glittery makeup!



Unknown said...

Anna Sui's line looks amazing. I can't wait to be apart of fashion week some day.

Great photography!

Chelsea//Destroyed Beauty

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great posr girl

NEW OUTFIT IN MY BLOG: STRIPES OVER THE SEA with my new Trashness shirt

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amazing photos!