Wednesday, September 17, 2014

F21xMe: Little Piece of That Oasis


Forever 21 romper
Stela 9 leather backpack
Sabrina SL midi ring
Brixton hat

Whenever I get the chance to take a day to get lost in the lush greenness of Central Park, THE oasis of the Big Apple, I really make a point to really take it all in. I stop to hear the birds. I look up towards the sky through the leaves and branches, and see how the light changes depending on the angle I'm looking up at it from. I stop to notice the way the earth feels below my feet. Strong and earthy, yet soft and wet with moisture. A reminder that nature will always be there even in the midst of all that is cement and metal and robotic. I search for the hidden paths not trodden by tourists and pretend that I am lightyears away from anything even remotely close to city life. I'll snap a leaf off a branch and stick it in my pocket to make sure that I can take a little piece of that oasis back home with me, because I can never be too sure when I'll be back again. 

Some of you are probably laughing right now from your homes in the middle of real wilderness or at least a home with an actual front yard or acres of land surrounding you all around, as I write about a tiny comparison that is currently the closest I can get to right now, but you know what . . . It doesn't matter. Being able to appreciate even the smallest part of nature, even a kind that is built by the hands of man, can make you feel the same amount of openness as being in the middle of the Poconos Mountains. And that is all that really matters. Looking forward to my next real trip into the wild. Fall will hopefully be much more full of things like. California anyone? I think home is calling. 

This romper by Forever 21 helped me blend into the earthiness of it all. Make sure to check out how others are wearing Forever 21 by checking the #F21xMe hashtag on Instagram :)

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Shall We sasa said...

Love the romper, babe<3

Natali said...

Absolutely amazing photos!

Nikki Williams said...

love this romper! perfect for fall!


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

love the romper!

Unknown said...

you are beautiful

katherine lou said...

Amazing photos! You look amazing and I love that romper of yours! It's hard to believe that these photos were taking in Central Park.

Unknown said...

you look amazing! i need one now!!

Jeanne said...

OI love the print of this romper! So ethnic chic!

Nina said...

Waaauw I'm in love with this outfit!

Unknown said...

Cool romper, love the colors. very beautiful pictures.

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