Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hunger of the Pine


Michael Stars dress (SHOP SIMILAR HERE)
Stela 9 backpack
Birkenstock sandals from Free People 
Jenny Bird moon cuff (SHOP HERE)
Sabrina SL metal palm bracelet
LAS Jewelry wolf ring

Sleeplessly embracing
Butterflies and needles
Line my seamed-up join
Encased in case I need it
In my stomach, for my heart
Chain mail

Hunger of the pine
Hunger of the pine 

Sleeplessly embracing
Yawn yearns into me
Plenty more tears in the sea
And so you finally use it
Bedding with me you see at night
Your heart wears knight armour

- Hunger of the Pine by alt-J

I love how expressive alt-J's music is. It's so multi-dimensional. It moves like the ocean in my ears. It's always unexpected and it makes me yearn for more and more. The way they tell stories through their music is so interesting to me. You really have to dig for the meaning, but that's the beauty in it. Hunger of the Pine tells the story of the pain of pining for someone . . . how draining it is of all our human senses, much like the physical experience of being hungry. It makes you think of things in new, artful ways.


Unknown said...

Love your outfit! Your jewellery is absolutely gorgeous.
Never heard alt-J's music before but I definitely will.


Natali said...

Absolutely amazing jewellery!!!

Jeanne said...

Very cool rings!

►Naďa said...

great post and photos ! please follow me :) COLORFUL THOUGHTS

Unknown said...

Awesome jewelery! Stunning vision, you look so sexy with tat little black dress!

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Michelle Lee said...

great accessories!

Unknown said...

Your style is awesome, and the correlation with alt-j's Hunger of the Pine was awesome! Love their music and love your blog. xx, kc.

Vera said...

Beautiful pictures! x

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Nikki Williams said...

love all of your jewels!


Tanya said...

I like your tattoos.