Friday, October 31, 2014

NYFW SS15 | The Ultimate Maxi Dress


Anna Sui maxi dress // SHOP HERE
Vintage Chanel bag // SHOP SIMILAR HERE
DV by Dolce Vita shoes
Sabrina SL necklace and arrow bracelet

Throwback to my final NYFW look from this past September (will always and forever be catching up on outfit posts). Wearing a design by the darling Anna Sui. One of my favorite looks to rock during the season. I felt like a 1950s Hollywood starlet in it with the length and slim fit along the waistline. I think that the slight ruching at the top of each shoulder and the oversized embellishments were a highlight, adding a subtle 80's flair. I'm all about that. Taking little parts of past decades and putting them all together. A hint of this and a hint of that.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Like Out of a Dream | Stockholm


Junim maxi dress
VEDA leather jacket // SHOP HERE
Vintage Bally purse
Vintage boots
Sabrina SL necklace

Stockholm is one of the most magical places to feast one's eyes on, especially just before the sun begins to set. So many of the residential buildings are painted pastel tones of yellow and pink that match the colors of the sky. So when the sun sets, it's almost like they merge as one with the sky. So beautiful and inspiring. The streets of Stockholm feel so fresh and clean beneath your feet. No corner lacks a sense of aesthetic. All is light and airy; a cleansing palette for the eyes. It really made me understand the Swedish fashion sensibility so much more. The minimalism and need for clean lines and fresh tones. 

I had such a sweet time dancing through the Stockholm streets in this gorgeous dress by Junim, a label out of Los Angeles. It's the tone of a sunset when all the colors mix together in such a way to create a subtle explosion of purple haze.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

F21xMe | Plaid Little Mini


Forever 21 plaid skort // SHOP SIMILAR HERE
10 Crosby by Derek Lam coat // SHOP HERE
Alexander Wang oversized tee // SHOP HERE
Frye boots // SHOP HERE

Cozy, simple and eclectic are three words I use to describe this little look I threw together last week. Simple and eclectic might seem to cancel each other out, but in this case they coexist. Pattern mixing is an easy way to freshen up simple separates. School girl plaid and a Cruella Deville-esque coat that also feels perfectly at ease in front of a fireplace in the mountains of Vermont. Each on their own, they are classics to be worn with classics. But together, they bring preppy and luxurious cabin life together all in one. Most likely,I  won't be able to wear this outfit again without knee high socks or a pair of tights sadly. One can dream. 

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Winter Coats | Rodebjer

A new brand straight out of Stockholm that I'm majorly, totally, butt crazy in love with is Rodebjer. First learned about the brand right before our trip to Stockholm a few months ago, and I've been addicted to their minimalist meets luxury design aesthetic. Already I see so many options for a new winter coat. Understated luxury is my favorite because it's timeless and literally stands the test of time. But what makes Rodebjer stand out from the rest of the chic Swedish brands is their touches of interesting patterns and texture. Don't you see a little bit of bohemia in there with the desert worn stripes and the Mongolian-esque fur? I sure do, and you know that is so me!

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MAC Matte | Sin


M.A.C. Matte Lipstick in Sin // SHOP HERE
Giant Lion stone earring
SCOSHA hollow wrap silver ring

In the fall, I subconsciously gravitate towards darker tones. On my sweaters, my shoes, my choice of drink, and of course my lips. And not just because Halloween is around the corner and I'm trying to scare trick-or-treaters with my witchy tendencies. In actuality, we are slowly losing our natural summer glow and now need something new to replace it with. Forget the faux bronze gel . . . it's all about the contrast this season. Paler skin against a darker lip is eerie and mysterious. Boys may not kiss you until it rubs off at the end of the night, but girls will think you're cool, and that counts, too. MAC's Sin is as sexy as a glass of red wine, and as regal as a black rose. All I need extra to add to my look is a swipe of liner for a "cat-eye", and some light blush. Viola! A haunting look for the season.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Missing Berlin


VEDA leather jacket // SHOP HERE
Forever 21 striped top // SHOP HERE
PAIGE high-waisted jeans // SHOP HERE
BC Footwear shoes // SHOP HERE

Still so many images I haven't gotten around to posting yet from our Berlin trip back in September. I miss the feeling of freedom and curiosity one has when venturing into a brand new city. I'm always the one to notice little things particular to every place I'm in, and then have it engraved on my brain and on the watch for them to reappear at unexpected moments. Be it a rugged bike on a street corner. Or the way the street signs angle in a certain way. Or how the locals greet their friends at the coffee shop. Or where the graffiti starts and where it stops and the pastel buildings begin. Or how the french fries are so much crispier in Berlin than they are here. My favorite part of traveling is losing track of time and putting down the map a little bit and exploring by foot, guided by the things that catch your eye along the way. You never know what you are going to find this way, and that is what makes it all exciting. An adventure. Teaches you to be an appreciator of both the things you can relate to and learn from in a city so different, yet also so much the same, as your own. So much of Berlin reminded me of NYC, but so much stood out as uniquely Berlin, whatever that means. Whatever it is, I like it. 

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