Monday, October 27, 2014

MAC Matte | Sin


M.A.C. Matte Lipstick in Sin // SHOP HERE
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In the fall, I subconsciously gravitate towards darker tones. On my sweaters, my shoes, my choice of drink, and of course my lips. And not just because Halloween is around the corner and I'm trying to scare trick-or-treaters with my witchy tendencies. In actuality, we are slowly losing our natural summer glow and now need something new to replace it with. Forget the faux bronze gel . . . it's all about the contrast this season. Paler skin against a darker lip is eerie and mysterious. Boys may not kiss you until it rubs off at the end of the night, but girls will think you're cool, and that counts, too. MAC's Sin is as sexy as a glass of red wine, and as regal as a black rose. All I need extra to add to my look is a swipe of liner for a "cat-eye", and some light blush. Viola! A haunting look for the season.

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Just another style said...

That. lipstick. is. gorgeous.

Natali said...

You're such a beauty!

Emmajane. said...

The colour suits your skin tone so much! X

Unknown said...

amazing lip color

Unknown said...

Love the bold lip!

EmerJa said...

What a gorgeous skin. Loving this portraits and how this lipstick colour fits you so well.

senka said...

wow love it

Nikki Williams said...

that color is amazing!!
xx nikki

Jessie said...

this colour looks amazing on you! =)

Unknown said...

LOVE this lipstick! You look gorgeous!!!! I am a lipstick junkie, I'm def going to need to get this one!!!
Xo, Randi

Stephanie said...

Simply beautiful! Love the editing and color of all your pics !


Miss Leote said...

u look stunning, the color is amazing, i love MAC

Elisa said...

Amazing color!
My Fantabulous World

Unknown said...

got that dark red and love it and looks good on you

Anonymous said...

Il est très joli ce rouge à lèvres.
Quelle couleur sublime.