Monday, October 6, 2014

To Live Like A Rose

These blushed toned roses are so, so beautiful. A gift to me from lovely new friends in the city. I placed them near the window in my kitchen, where the sun enters the most. Out of all flowers, I've always been drawn to roses the most, and not just because they are the most romantic. Roses are both delicate and strong. Made up of many layers that curl in a way that reminds me of the edges of a really good used book. Wise. Blush toned roses are especially my favorite because of their symbolism. They stand for thankfulness, admiration and happiness, all things that I have experienced a lot of lately. Thankfulness for the beautiful city I live in that never bores me or ceases to amaze me every single day. Thankfulness for my family and real friends who are the foundation of my spirit. Admiration of the bold characteristics of those who are a part of my life, which I can learn from and lean on, and feel the total freedom to be myself when I am around such strong defining features of these people that I love. Happiness about the goals I have achieved and the dreams that have turned out to be more than just dreams, but a real life pathway into something much more tangible and stimulating than what I could ever just feel in my sleep. Happiness that I have come to appreciate every moment and every second. Despite me noticing how fast time is flying, I try to live out the best of moments fully involved so that they last far past the actual seconds of their existence in real time. Sometimes this can be a struggle, but I have noticed that I need less of a constant reminder of these things nowadays. 

Like how the sun and water is the nourishment of a rose, we also must take the good experiences and energies around us and absorb them. To really feel them. To be thankful, admiring and happy because of them. To live like a rose is to age gracefully and wholeheartedly. And that is how one stands the test of time. 

Just a little words of wisdom for you guys this happy Monday :)


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

amazing idea!

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Unknown said...

Wow! What beautiful roses and awesome photography! I would love to do this.


fran said...

this is really beautiful
your blog is the best
lots of kisses

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Unknown said...

so so lovely♥!

Unknown said...

so pretty said...

This is beautiful! I may need to make one of these!
Melanie @

Lovey en Rose said...

This makes me so happy
La vie en rose!!!

Holly Read said...

That was really beautiful! Thankyou for the inspiring words! xx
Holly x

Juliette Laura said...

SO beautiful!

Michelle Lee said...