Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Boy / Girl


Kahri scuba skirt
Denim & Supply plaid shirt
Mipacha sneakers // SHOP HERE
Katie Diamond arrow earring // SHOP SIMILAR HERE
Joy Gryson bag // SHOP HERE

Can't be too much girl without being a little boy. Can't be too much boy without being a little girl. Why can't dressing just be straightforward? Because that's boring. We can't make up our minds, so we will wear it all. Girl. Boy. Boy. Girl. Body-conscious with boxy. Baby pink leather with beat up high top sneakers. Plaid with my brand new handbag. I love how sexy this little pencil skirt makes me feel, but going out just like that isn't very me. Grunging it up a bit with leather and plaid in more feminine tones feels more right. Now that's a true fashion collaborative effort. 

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Anonymous said...

Trop cool !

Kriti said...

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keep in touch

Miharu Julie said...

Great look
Would you like to follow each other?
I'll follow back after it

Camilla said...

Really cool outfit and the pictures are awesome!


Unknown said...

Great crop top!
by Hannah Josephine

Unknown said...

love the bag and you look so beautiful

Jenny said...

I love this outfit and mixing the girly/boy pieces together. It works nicely :)


Bridge of Memories said...

looking great, nice pics:)

Michelle Lee said...

amazing style
and love your makeup do!