Tuesday, January 13, 2015



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One of my New Year resolutions is to unwind more. Take more down time. And most importantly write my thoughts down more often. Even if it's just a tiny note, or a poem I made up in my head on the spot. Every thought process has a significance I believe, and a lot of times writing it down can put all the jumbled emotions and ideas in our heads far more into perspective, as well as turn then into more tangible possessions of the mind. 

The way that I write when I am writing just for myself is a pure steam of consciousness. I feel like a lot of you can say that about yourself. Thoughts spilling out with no real sense of order but that finally do come to find what they were trying to say somewhere a long the line. But another goal of mine is to be more streamlined with the way I put words and ideas down together on paper. This is why I have taken to making more lists! This new year is a year of big goals that I have set for myself, and with a bigger scope of things that need to be accomplished comes the inevitable fact that more attention needs to be paid to organization and timelines. The chaos and jaggedness of the early-20's life is very enjoyable and inspirational, yes, but there is no more time left for procrastination. At least for me at the moment. A little maybe, but not a whole lot. Right now, writing for me is as free spirited just as much as it is conformed to the road I have set ahead for myself. 

Let's just say this. Write more. Contemplate more. Think back on things more and grow from them. Take joy in the time you have alone with yourself to create something beautiful both inwardly and outwardly with just your mind, paper and a pencil. Or a colored marker if you'd like instead. Jumble it. Unjumble it. Repeat.

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Unknown said...

love moccasins

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Tailored and true said...

I love those boots! And what a great resolution! Write all those thoughts down :)


AVY said...

Time on my own just makes me think more, that's never a good thing.

/ Avy

Natalie Suarez said...

BEST BOOTS EVER. so comfy!

Unknown said...

gorgeous boots!


Yonosoyunaitgirl said...

Nice boots! XX

Unknown said...

Love this. Good luck with your goals for the new year!

Rosie x

Nikki Williams said...

love those boots!

xx nikki

Jeanne said...

I love yor fringed boots Dylana!
How cool!

Unknown said...

I used to tell my older brother to leave me alone during the mornings, because if I don't write... I will go INSANE.

Writing is a release for me. Talking isn't enough. I know how it is. It's a great and lost art. We're always so busy now, and nobody ever writes. Well, maybe not in cursive. I do though ;-)

Hope your writing goes well, and just relax.


Unknown said...

Love, Love, Love those boots!! Great way to unwind :)



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Stephanie said...

Beautiful fashion photos!! I love this boho style.

It's amazing what a little quiet time with a pen and a moleskine can do for your soul...I've started writing a journal everyday and it's such a perfect way to slow down and sorta catch up with the speed of life. X

Stephanie | www.thepassportlifestyle.com

Kimberly said...

I totally agree with you! We all need a little time to spend with ourselves and our own thoughts. And the act of actually writing makes all the difference! Great post!

Zoe said...

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