Friday, February 13, 2015

How To Survive Fashion Week

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A few of my tips on how to survive the the week we hate and love the most . . . New York Fashion Week. I'm obviously trying to be funny, so all you hardcore fashion enthusiasts don't feel like I'm hating. Fashion is far more fun when you can be humorous about it. So here we go:

1. Stay Hydrated
Because passing out from lack of water in the middle of a show is not cute. Plus your skin won't look as supple and fresh as the fashion week dress you just overpaid for last week. H2O. Chemistry. It works. 

2. Pack snacks. 
Because you work in fashion, you are already effing hungry 95% of the time. No need to be any hungrier. EAT FOOD (not gum) throughout the day during fashion week. Energy is love and your metabolism will be forever grateful.

3. Don't kill your feet.
I've learned from experience that it is NOT WORTH IT to literally perpetuate the death if your baby toes because you want to be street style photographed. We will all be laughing deep down inside because we can sense pain from underneath those reflective retro cat-eyed sunnies babe. TEVA sandals in-between shows sounds just as crazy, but they are a LIFESAVER!

4. Get at least more than 5 hours of sleep each night.
There's nothing more dreadful than that 9am fashion show you promised to be backstage at and that you know you will be showing up 10-15 minutes late for . . . looking dreadful. SLEEP PEOPLE. SLEEP. Fashion week doesn't need anymore unhappy, tired looking people in the mix. 

5. Wear invisible layers under your layers.
UNIQLO HEATTECH layering shirts are you friends people. YOUR BEST FRIENDS.

6. Don't forget your phone charger (or Boost Case).
You're trying to get that finale catwalk video and then all of a sudden your iPhone 6 that you just got for fashion week dies on you midway through and everyone and their mama's is posting the exact same video before you do on Instagram. It's almost like that feeling of FOMO but worse. 

7. Stay fresh! Deodorant! Perfume! Face Powder!
Homeless chic might be in. But smelling homeless isn't. Especially when you are dancing hardcore at the BCBG after party at the top of The Standard hotel in that metallic dress with absolutely no ventilation. THAT'S IT. Sorry. 

8. Pho.
Fashion week smack dab in the winter is just about enough sensory overload to make a fashion girl as sick as a dog. Pho is the perfect after-show escape your belly has been aching for. It's as if the wind tunnels, stilettos in slush, frostbit, delayed subways and annoying fashion chicks in Louboutins never happened. VIETNAMESE MAGIC IN A BOWL. Viola!

9. Walk into the shows as if your favorite song is playing just for you.
Because nothing feels more killer than your fave beat. All day errrrryday. WERK IT and OWN IT. Doesn't matter what you are wearing. 

10. Don't over think your outfits!
How many times do I have to repeat? Over thinking leads to trying too hard. Don't try to be a part of the pack. Be yourself and you'll be sure to stand out. Dressing just for the street style photographers is LAME. Really it is. Isn't it so much cooler to be photographed for something you'd actually have worn on one of your normal best days? I think so.


Anonymous said...

This was great haha and a breath Of fresh air, pretty much just relax and be yourself because that's when you'll most enjoy the experience of fashion week :]]

thepaarblog said...

True, you should always walk like you are listening to your fav song!

Law1sfab said...

YES! i agree with everything, nothing worse than seeing girls at london fashion week struggling to walk in heels ... not chic darling. It's all about having fun, and enjoying. If you get snapped great, if you don't it really isn't the end of the world. I think some people forget what it's actual about.

Beauty Editer said...

I enjoyed reading this post.


Jeanne said...

Thanks for sharing these stunning tips Dylana!

Unknown said...

I can't stop laughing my heart out so funny and so true. I can't see lots of girls especially the short girls wearing high high heels and looking so dumb and you being so tall can get away wearing comfy shoes . You are so funny and you need to write for SNL or some cray shows as you can come up with funny stuff so good love it dyyyyy !!

sharon said...

You are a true genius and your little sisters too so talented love you sisters durrrr.

Unknown said...

such great tips -- now I just need to go! I also really want some pho

Laura Mitbrodt said...

I wish I could go to fashion week
Happy Valentine's Day

Mindy said...

Haha I think your survival tactics apply to every New Yorker on any regular day not just fashion week. Pho is literally the best!
Blonde Nouveau

Unknown said...

Amazing survive guide, it's easy and perfect. Great post

sharon said...

You are a true genius to make a comfy sandals into a fun and chic sandals to wear.

andrea said...

my husband is so in love with his Teva sandals and never want to let it go lol.

Michelle Lee said...

great tips!