Monday, February 16, 2015

NYFW F/W 2015 | Part 1


BCBG baby tee
Vintage pants from Antoinette
Miu Miu creepers // SHOP HERE
Botkier purse // SHOP SIMILAR
Jocelyn fur

Here I am sipping some tea, recovering from an extended cold and reflecting on the past few crazy days full of beautiful clothes on tall and thin models, hungry street style photographers trying to get the perfect shot, quick and easy pizza breaks, Uber ride after Uber ride and bright flashing lights. Plus a whole lot of other things. I can't seem to keep track of the days anymore. But that's sort of a good thing I think. This was my first season where I definitely was far more picky with the shows I decided to attend, basing my decisions on how well I knew the designer's aesthetic, how much research I did on an unfamiliar designer beforehand, if the designer suited my personal vibe and sense of style, and if I had a good seat (for the best pictures to show you guys, of course). I'm no front row snob, but the closer to the front the better people! And it makes sense for bloggers to be front row since we (at least those with cameras at least) will actually be posting the best possible photos which the designers can only gain from. I love busting out my big old DSLR front row! The images I capture really bring to life the entire show's thematic elements far better than a shaky iPhone photo ever will. I have so much fun going back, editing and reflecting the images I take from runway shows and sort of interpreting them in my own way. Plus, I get to contemplate all the details of the runway looks far better this way.

Downside to NYFW? The cold, of course. And slipping on slush in your brand new Saint Laurent shoes. How many times do I have to repeat this. So sorry, I'll stop talking about it now. Getting mobbed by street style photographers (they like to shout and give far too much direction in my opinion). NOT getting mobbed by street style photographers (thus, feeling shitty about your outfit. But you know what? Their opinion really doesn't fucking matter! What do they know about fashion! They wear the same outfit everyday). Getting judged by normal passerby on the subway or on the way downtown because of your  seasonally inappropriate get-up. The best thing to do in this situation is to ignore the eye rolls and just own that big pink fluffy feathered coat that does everything BUT keep you warm. Oh yeah, and lack of sleep. Oh wait. And an over-consumption of alcohol that makes you feel not so cute in those high-waisted trousers the next morning. Shit, I can keep going and going. But WAIT. It's all worth it in the end. Because at the end of the day, there really is nothing else we'd rather be doing despite the tiny little pitfalls along the way. Our imaginations flow during NYFW, and our creative engines move forward to ideas we never though we'd ever have. As long as you let them that is. Underneath all the glitz and glam and circus act over-exaggeration of NYFW lies the distinct love and appreciation for creation and sensibility by way of the forms we throw on our bodies and express ourselves with. There really is something super grand and personal about this. I feel it. I don't you? 

And here are some of my favorite moments from the earlier last week. 







AVY said...

Oh, Saint Laurent shoes. I need a new pair.

/ Avy

Natali said...

Beautiful photo diary! Love the vibe and moments that you've captured on them!

Unknown said...

Love your pics!

Little Dreams by R

Shelby said...

Looks like you had an amazing time! Great picts, I hope to make it out there sometime soon:)

Mindy said...

I always enjoy your writing! Thanks for sharing your perspective and highlights from nyfw! I loveee your outfit! And omg the pastel pink coat from Kate Spade!!! <3 I needed that coat like yesterday!
Mindy | Blonde Nouveau

Jane said...

Love your outfit ! It's so much more original than what we usually see in every fashion weeks report !!

Unknown said...

great shots

Unknown said...

Such perfection


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

such great photos, looks like you had a wonderful time :)

ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page

Unknown said...

i love your pants!

xx nikki

Unknown said...

Wow just Wow, the NYFW is my favorite time of the year, everything is so cool and inspiring. Your look is amazing, really original and super chic, adore these vichy pants. The bag is pure love and these photos are wonderful.

Vale ♥ said...

Your vintage pants are wonderful, love the entire look, you rocked it !

Fashion and Cookies
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Anonymous said...

Joli Sac "bouche"!


Ahhh those pictures! Love them all and you look so stunning:)


The Style Circus said...

Oh what an amazing fur bagchain and bag! And gorgeous pictures!

Love, L

Michelle Lee said...

amazing outfit!!!

Jess and Tonic said...

you got some really great photos from the runway! and who cares about those eyerolls on the own that outfit, girl!

Marta said...

Nice post and your outfit is amazing! Lovely shoes!

ndudlagirl said...

Thanks for comment, Dylana,
this look is amazing and fits you perfectly,like!

Unknown said...

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