Monday, February 2, 2015

White Dirt and Time and Space


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It's only once in a blue moon that I get the time to actually escape the encompassing walls of city life. Be it the endless dirt that surrounds me on all sides on a pit stop during a desert road trip (like here on the way to Las Vegas in December), or the limitless dimensions of my imagination that are untouched by time, road blocks or pressure as I sit in the corner of my room dreaming up ideas before the sun goes down. I appreciate the rare times I get when I feel the freedom to breathe and take my time with it. The freedom to just sit still and calm and able to recognize the space around me. Space that can feel like it goes for miles and miles and miles, and that I can choose any direction to set forth in.  The freedom to stretch the farthest I think I can go and maybe even a little beyond that. The freedom to live in the moment and see it for what it is, untouched by the past and not overanalyzed by the idea of what it can change into next. Just appreciation of the now. It's such a hard thing to feel when one knows that the big next thing is just around the corner. And because of that, time seems to fly by so, so fast and the moments in-between get lost in the dust. 

The weeks have been speedily passing by at an exponential rate this past month. I'm not sure if I'm freaked out by this or happy about it because January has been very, very cold. Most likely, both. But shit, really where has the month gone? Although January was speedy, a lot has been done. A lot of time dedicated to family, friends, work and networking. Alone time really hasn't been an option just yet. I thrive off the interactions I have with people I love and enjoy the company of, but being the perfect example of an outgoing introvert, I also enjoy the interactions I just have with my mind and my mind alone. I'm an escapist, both in a literal and figurative way. While I discover and learn so much about things and myself with the people I surround myself with and the situations I find myself in, my most profound reflections come with the time and space I have to myself in the most simple of settings. I can get easily distracted, so keeping my space now and then really helps me grow. 

So whether you find yourself in a place where time and space feel like they have no definition (even for just a little while), soak it in because you know how rare this is. Or if you have an option of staying in or going out and for once decide to give your social tendencies a break, stop and enjoy it for a little bit longer than normal and don't feel like a loner because of it. Time spent with yourself is just as important as time spent spreading yourself thin (although you don't want to feel this way) for the people you love. It's all about the balance.  A little positive self focus here and there never hurt anyone. And the party will always be there waiting for you to jump back into again.

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Ann Robie said...

I love how this dress fits on you - it give you a very romantic look

Ann |

Unknown said...

love the long lace dress

Natali said...

You are such a special spirit Dylana!!! I can't find the correct words to tell you how much you and your sister inspire me in every way! This post is epic in every way, such a deep and smart text, stunning photos and incredibly enchanting you...

Unknown said...

Beautiful dress, cool jacket..goes so well with the location of the shoot! PErfect!

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barbaritapuca said...

hippy look. ok ^_^

Jeanelly said...

That dress is gorgeous! I love the desert setting, it always suits you.

Carina said...

The dress is so beautiful, you look absolutely amazing!!


Paola Buonacara said...

Hi Dy, in love with your outfit!
Kisses Paola

AVY said...

Love the transparency.


thepaarblog said...

Always good to spend some time with yourself... Beautiful shots.

Noust1981 said...

amazing dress!

Jeanne said...

Dreamy fringe jacket Dylana! Looks amazing with that lace dress!

Laura Mitbrodt said...

I love your fringe jacket and dress

Nikki Williams said...

that jacket is amazing!

xx nikki

Theycallmetania said...

Wow so bohemian! I love the dresss! Wish I could get it in the UK


Tusks and Tails said...

White lace is always a good idea!

Unknown said...

That jacket!! <3