Thursday, March 19, 2015

Devil in a Red Dress


Topshop scarf // SHOP SIMILAR
Sheye necklace
Giles & Brother bracelets // SHOP SIMILAR

Every girl needs to own at least one fantastically in your face red dress. So red, it makes people stop in their tracks and trip over their feet as if they forgot how to walk a straight line. To be quite honest, red has never been heavy in my closet. I've always viewed it as more of a statement color to be worn in small doses here and there. Maybe a red leather vest to throw over a cream colored knit. Or an embroidered trimming along the edges of a dress. Or a stone embedded in the metal of a sleek cuff on my wrist. Every time I've tried to think of all the full on red pieces in my closet, my mind would sadly draw a significant blank. Until the day I got my hands on this dress that is. Nope, I didn't save it for Valentine's Day. But I sure as hell wore it the day after. A red dress is good because it's hot but it won't ever be as scary to the opposite sex as a red lip because it will never leave a smear. It's therapeutic to interpret your feelings through the things you wear. A fiery heart needs a dress to match. 


Natali said...

I agree! Just like every girl needs a perfect lbw, she most def. needs a perfect red dress too! :)
You look gorgeous in this outfit!

Shelby said...

Yesss I love this! Red looks amazing on you.

Unknown said...

I don't think I could pull off a red dress -- you are rockin it!

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Mindy said...

Love that last line!! "It's therapeutic to interpret your feelings through the things you wear. A fiery heart needs a dress to match." So perfect! Couldn't agree with you more!! That dress looks amazing on you!

Mindy | Blonde Nouveau

Unknown said...

this dress is stunnung!!!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous dress. You look stunning.
Love your jewellery too.

Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

Unknown said...

That is stunning on you so proper and made you like a lady .

Unknown said...

Love the red dress, you look so chic!

Carina said...

You look amazing!

Unknown said...

I love this red dress look and your hair color is beautiful, better than the dark.

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~ xo Sheree

nuria said...

Pretty dress, I would have liked to see more pictures!

Unknown said...

I agree completely. Sadly, I don't have a fantastically in your face red dress, but I'm on the hunt!

x Kenzie
Girl From the North Country

Tusks and Tails said...

Looks like the perfect fit, red is such a good color on you!

Rachel Ang said...

Such a passionate post!!! I've always loved that about u Dylana!! :)

Nadya from said...

Dylana, cute dress!
I love red and wear it very often. It is energizing and mood improving, and it definitely attracts attention! Love it :)

Unknown said...

Amazing red dress!! Love it.
Kisses from Spain.
Xoxo, P.

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Unknown said...

You're so right, a little red dress is like a LBD, every girl needs one. This dress is really beautiful, it's simple and super chic, with the perfect retro touch.

Unknown said...

Just a few years ago red was a no-no color for me but last year the hate relationship turned into love, big big love! Love these photos of you in a red dress, suits you well!

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Nikki Williams said...

i love that scarf!

xx nikki

dudessinauxpodiums said...

I love the vintage effect of your photos.

As soon.

Unknown said...

Love the dress! You're too cute ❤

Michelle Lee said...

amazing dress :)