Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Golden Light


Baukjen coat
Vintage Betsey Johnson velvet dress
VEDA leather jacket // SHOP HERE
Vanessa Mooney black choker // SHOP HERE
Chloe bag // SHOP SIMILAR

Funny, I feel like every time I wear this VEDA leather jacket, I wear my hair this way. Pulled back away from my face. I don't actually do my hair this way that often because I have a round baby face, so I try to draw attention away from it by middle parting my hair and throwing everything in the front. Not that it matters because people will still think I'm 19 years old no matter what. I thought by 27, I'd have lost my baby fat. But oh well. It could be worse. Anyways, let's talk about my love for anything witchy. Velvet maxi dresses long enough to inspire a charmed brew. Choker pendant necklaces that scream "I put a spell on you!". Pointy boots that were made to kick off your broom stick. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little bit, but sometimes you want the moon to be full and you want mercury to go into retrograde. You know what I'm talking about? 

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Mariel Parton said...

that hairstyle is actually really good on you Dylana and looking 19 definitely comes in handy at times I suppose :D haha...anyway, I love your outfit as per usual :)

Unknown said...


Alice Cerea,

Anonymous said...

Amazing !

Princess Audu said...

I always thought you were younger, having a baby face is a good thing in my opinion. Nice coat, such a fun cozy piece.

Princess Audu

Unknown said...

love the layers

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Anonymous said...


Shelby said...

You have such a unique style and an amazing look! Thanks for the inspiration:)

Joanna Joy said...

OOh really like your outfit, especially the fur and shoes. It's so neat that you like witchy styles. Hope you are having a great Wednesday!

Life's a shoe said...

absolutely love your coat!


Nikki Williams said...

love your hair like that!

xx nikki

Mindy said...

Definitely a good thing that you can pass for 19! People always think I'm younger than I look also. Those Asian genes, I'm telling you! Fab coat! Love your hair like that. :)

Mindy | Blonde Nouveau

Jeanne said...

I love the boho rock chic vibe of your outfit Dylana! Perfect jacket!

Unknown said...

You look AMAZING! That fur coat is gorgeous, and I love how you layered it with a leather jacket <3

sylvie_zet said...

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What about following each other?! ♥
Lovely, Sylvie from

Natali said...

You look absolutely amazing!! This is such an inspiring boho chic outfit. :)

Alexis Crawford said...

I love your style!
Alexis @

Tusks and Tails said...

Your style is always on point!

Unknown said...

Love your coat! Great outfit! :)

Unknown said...

Great outfit! I like the moody pics!
xx Elle

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Maddie Toy said...

looooove that coat!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful fur coat, adore the retro inspiration that it have and it looks really amazing with the leather jacket, chic and rock together.The velvet skirt is so 90s that I'll die for it, it's perfect. Great photos

Dani said...

This just reminded me how much I love my vintage velvet dresses, and I think I'll wear one today!

dani @

Eye See Euphoria said...

Your jacket is amazing. Thanks for sharing and have an awesome day.

Eye See Euphoria |

Unknown said...

Great look! Love the coat!


Francesca Rose said...

I have baby fat in my face too! :( But I never look as cute as you!


THIANG said...

You are such a beautiful person just love to read and look at your beautiful face, just PERFECT !!