Thursday, April 30, 2015

Classic Twist


AZALEA trench coat
Citizens of Humanity jeans // SHOP SIMILAR
Chan Luu necklace // SHOP SIMILAR
Chinese Laundry shoes // SHOP HERE
Joy Gryson backpack

I hope these shots from California don't feel old to you guys. Because there are A LOT more to come. Bougainvillea is the ultimate reminder of growing up on the west coast for me. So many childhood memories of mine are marked by its scent. Its voluminous nature catching my attention from the corner of my vision as my parents drove me down the wide streets of Los Angeles. It's extravagant blast of color that detoxes you from everything that is boring in the world and makes you appreciate nature once again. Whenever I see a bush of bougainvillea, I can't help but stop, walk a little closer and breathe it all in. Because there really is no reason not to. Enjoy the abundant and grand beauty of nature's gifts that is around you. Take it all in with open arms. And let it bring a little more vibrancy into your life. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Shot By Me | Softest Light


Jewelry - Tara Rosenbaum
Intimates - Negative Underwear
Model - Elle Dawson
Hair - Paige Gibson 
Makeup - Annie Brice
Photography - me

A few of my favorite shots from a shoot I did a few months ago in collaboration with Tara Rosenbaum jewelry and Negative Underwear. Modeled by the lovely Elle Dawson. It was a gloomy day which made for the softest of lights to drift into the gorgeous West Village apartment we shot in. Tara's handmade jewelry pieces are inspired by nature; versatile yet functional; delicate but with a dark edge. 

As for the intimates used for this shoot, Negative Underwear was the perfect choice. Intimates that feel complete natural yet super sexy at the same time. 

Together, everything created the perfect balance of subtlety and boldness. The balance I aim for when it comes to all my shoots :) The relaxed and peaceful mood of these shots suited the aesthetic of both brands perfectly. Here's to more rainy days well spent inside while wearing beautiful things. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Green Thumb


Somedays Lovin tank and shorts
Hat Attack hat // SHOP HERE

I've been working on finishing up some current projects and prepping for future ones, as well as locking in some upcoming travel adventures. Gosh, I am already so excited for the summer! So here's a quick post for you all this fine Tuesday. Flashback to one of my first days back home in Cali a few weeks ago. Where sunshine and gardening was just a regular part of my day. My suburban roots will never be lost. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Jetset Goals


The Jetset Diaries romper // SHOP HERE
Chan Luu necklace // SHOP SIMILAR

Southern California is an endless summer. Always sunny and 75 degrees. What is there ever to complain about?! The weather puts me in happy-go-lucky mood and it just makes me want to explore. Close my eyes and book a flight anywhere that will be just as sunny and gorgeous out. But at the same time, just spending time at home and chilling on the front porch of my parent's house outside Los Angeles feels just as fabulous to me. The simple things are all you need sometimes. 

Shop my other favorite The Jetset Diaries pieces:

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Shot By Me | Tasi Malibu

Finally, I am able to post these photos of the darling Thania Peck, model and blogger of Catcher in the Style, wearing Tasi Malibu in my beloved Santa Monica. Shot these photos on one of the first hot days in Los Angeles of the year. It hit over 90 degrees! Tasi Malibu's bold neon pops  fit in so perfectly with the west coast boardwalk vibes that I grew up with. Spirited and laid back. Always looking for the next adventure, bare footed and tan. Restless and finding comfort only in the water. The girl who wears Tasi Malibu has messy hair down to her lower back and only looks through rose-tinted sunglasses. Isn't she lovely? 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Off the Beaten Path in Condado, San Juan


Vintage dress
Brixton hat // SHOP HERE
Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo shoes // SHOP SIMILAR
Luiny choker
Liebeskind leather bag // SHOP SIMILAR

My favorite part about traveling is taking the paths less traveled. The Condado area of San Juan, Puerto Rico is extremely touristy, but it's also where the locals hang out, so you know that more exists beyond just the sparkly waterfront resorts and ritzy poolside cocktails. Walking a few extra minutes outside the main strip of hotels, bars and restaurants we found ourselves in a part of the city that felt completely different. Much more quiet, but far more colorful. Locals reading the paper on the sidewalks. Kids flying around corners on old bikes. Sticker covered signs next to fruit stands next to artsy coffee shops. Dusty looking baby pink apartment buildings on one street. Mediterranean-style homes hidden behind bougainvillea on the next. Everyone going about their business without a care in the world. Every place feels like a hidden nook behind palm leaves. Don't mind if I do.