Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#ItStartedWithMom | Sunglass Hut

To celebrate the upcoming Mother's Day (even though we will be on the other side of the states on the actual day) Natalie and I styled our favorite vintage pieces from our mom's closet with our favorite pair of shades from Sunglass Hut. The old and the new never fit together so seamlessly than as how they do right now. Mom would be proud :) And I am pretty sure she can expect a pretty little something from Sunglass Hut on Mother's Day, as well!
I'm wearing the Vogue sunglasses and Natalie is wearing the Ray-Ban sunglasses from Sunglass Hut. 

There are so many reasons why Natalie and I love to celebrate our mom. She basically taught us everything we know! She's nurtured our creativity from day one. She's always made us feel beautiful and smart. And she never let a day go by where we wouldn't learn something worthwhile. Not to mention, she taught us some really great fashion sense. I've always said that our mother was the reason why my sister Natalie and I have always loved getting dressed in the morning. I remember always admiring our mother's effortless way of dressing, looking at old photos of her as a teenager, with her sisters all dressed up for a night out in the 70's. Her style was defined by the decade she was in, but still felt totally original and timeless. Looking at those photos as a kid, I imagined myself wearing all of her outfits when I grew up. I still do. Thankfully, our mom held on to many of her favorite vintage pieces from her past for Natalie and I to play around with. When we were little, she always sketched me figurines that I would then use my crayons to draw clothing onto. Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire were in a perfect pile underneath the television set for me to take in thoroughly from front to back cover with my eyes and imagination. I dreamed to someday wear the leopard printed coat that the lady on the cover of the magazine wore. So my mom would take me shopping at the flea market so I could get a mini version of my own. Or I'd dream to sport the perfect little black dress my mom wore out to dinner with our dad every so often. So off I went to the mall with my friends and spend all of my allowance on a modern day version to wear to school. I wanted to be as elegant and beautiful as my mother. But the pieces of my mom's that I love the most are the ones that she acquired during her travels throughout Asia, like her authentic embroidered silk kimono jackets. Our mother was always a worldly soul; an adventurer. And her wardrobe gave even more life to her stories that she told us from the places she visited. Thankfully, she lets Natalie and I raid her closet whenever we visit home, and we are able to take back to NYC a few of her beloved pieces to interpret in our own ways. We can always be sure to get our hands on something colorful and standout. Pieces that are almost works of art all on their own, like these vintage Asian silk jackets are extraordinary all on their own. Thanks mom! 

Paired with our sunnies from Sunglass Hut, we are able to take our mom's past adventures someplace new. To me, there is nothing more special than passed memories from generation to generation. Whether these memories come in the form of a long-winded story, artfully brought to life with vivid adjectives, in the form of an eclectically patterned jacket, or in the form of a pair of sunglasses from Sunglass Hut, they will live on forever. And most importantly, #ItStartedWithMom

Looking for the perfect gift to get your mother this upcoming Mother's Day? Check out these gorgeous sunnies from Sunglass Hut:


I Showed Up In Boots said...

Oh my gosh, your mom is BEAUTIFUL! Love this sweet post!


Unknown said...

love this -- your mom is so gorgeous! and you both look amazing

Nemanja Ralic said...

Your mom has a great style too!
Lovely items, so timeless evidently!
Lovely golden clutch!

Mariel Parton said...

your mum is so gorgeous and the phrase 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree' definitely applies to both you and's so fun and even heart warming to be able to share and explore your own mother's clothes :) <3

ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

ohmy, your mum is so stylish! :) love whta you both chose from her closet :)

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Stephanie said...

Beauties! Such stylish ladies!


Unknown said...

It's really beautiful the way you talk about your mom. I'm so in love with this amazing kimono jacket, it's incredible and it's also vintage so it's more wonderful. Great photos


Your mom looks stunning! Love the sunnies you have picked!
x Fiona
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aurora said...

love your mom amazing closet, i would raid her closet too . Love the sunnies.

Ruta said...

This was literally the sweetest post. I fully agree with you on passing memories down the line, especially when it comes to clothes. One of my favourite pieces in my closet is the dress my mom wore to her high school graduation. It's a dress that I feel so special in, every time I wear it because I know my mom also had so many adventure in it.

Nikki Williams said...

such gorgeous ladies!

xx nikki

Unknown said...

Love your outfits and love these photos!!



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