Thursday, April 23, 2015

Off the Beaten Path in Condado, San Juan


Vintage dress
Brixton hat // SHOP HERE
Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo shoes // SHOP SIMILAR
Luiny choker
Liebeskind leather bag // SHOP SIMILAR

My favorite part about traveling is taking the paths less traveled. The Condado area of San Juan, Puerto Rico is extremely touristy, but it's also where the locals hang out, so you know that more exists beyond just the sparkly waterfront resorts and ritzy poolside cocktails. Walking a few extra minutes outside the main strip of hotels, bars and restaurants we found ourselves in a part of the city that felt completely different. Much more quiet, but far more colorful. Locals reading the paper on the sidewalks. Kids flying around corners on old bikes. Sticker covered signs next to fruit stands next to artsy coffee shops. Dusty looking baby pink apartment buildings on one street. Mediterranean-style homes hidden behind bougainvillea on the next. Everyone going about their business without a care in the world. Every place feels like a hidden nook behind palm leaves. Don't mind if I do. 


Mariel Parton said...

such a gorgeous place and amazing photos as usual Dylana, you and Natalie look like absolute darlings <3

Rachael // Paraders said...

Your photo style is impeccable!

xo Rachael / THE PARADERS

Ruta said...

I love every single photo in this collection. Seriously amazing. Plus I am lusting after your sandals.

I think the brilliance in travelling somewhere is capturing those small little things that others overlook. Like the corner of a wall or something. Lovely!

Unknown said...

love the paisley print

Rachel Ang said...

Beautifully written Dylana!=)

Unknown said...

Wonderful photos, like always! The dress is so 90s, adore this inspiration and you look amazing with it. Beautiful sandals and cool bag

Unknown said...

I would love to wander through these streets, so many great details on every corner :)


Una B. said...

perfect photography!

Nikki Williams said...

that dress is gorgeous!

xx nikki

I Showed Up In Boots said...

Love your photos and how you tell your story!


Unknown said...

woow you lok amazinh! love your pics as always <3 |

Tonya said...

I love how your posts always tell a story through photographs. It's always so inspiring and beautiful!
(amazing outfits too!!)

Unknown said...

So lucky you and sister Natalie were able to visit that beautiful country and all your pics so lovely.