Friday, May 29, 2015

Teva | Festival Style

After four straight years of attending music festivals I know what I like and don't like to wear when it comes to the fashion part of it all. I have found that I actually prefer the idea of less being more, but that no matter what, the foundation of my looks will always be bohemian and earthy feeling at heart. Not only that, but they will be inspired by my past travels and the places I plan to travel to in the future! I like to play with striking yet soft color pops, such as the turquoise on my belt or the trimming on my Teva Original sandals, to complement the neutrals I have on. Blue, blue vintage denim and retro florals are such staples in my closet that I will never let go of, so I always try to find a way to freshen them up each music festival season. So here is my new take on festival dressing in collaboration with Teva Original sandals and Who What Wear, inspired by the Bonnaroo music festival. Fashion and music go hand in hand for me, and it's a must that I be able to dance the night away in whatever I am wearing.

Look #1 is super 60's, with my paisley printed top and suede high-waisted mini skirt. Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison of The Doors have always been my main inspirations, both fashion-wise and music-wise. I grew up with their music and watching their showmanship and styling on stage. It all had me dreaming. I still listen to them and similar artists on the daily, so incorporating belled sleeves and earthy tones into my daily outfits, whether I'm going to a music festival or not, has always felt natural and effortless to me. Soft-flowing and free-spirited are two ways to explain my personal style, and I try to maintain this vibe in everything I wear. Comfort is always key to me when getting dressed for music festivals, and these Teva Original sandals in braided suede are the next best thing to bare feet in the grass. So modern hippie of me :)


Look #2 was actually inspired my recent trip to the Caribbean . . . San Juan, Puerto Rico to be exact. I've been a lifelong fan of Latin American music, and especially music from Cuba. When I think of the Caribbean, I think of bare shoulders and an uncovered neckline, high-waisted denim that hugs all my curves and Teva Original sandals on my feet. All while dancing with my hips underneath the sun and sipping on a drink made with rum. Older bands like Buena Vista Social Club and newer bands like City of the Sun create something beautiful with those Latin American guitar sounds. When I'm at a music festival, I want to dance like how I'd dance in the heat on a beach with my imaginary Puerto Rican boyfriend :) A little spice and some mysteriousness always needs to be incorporated into my festival fashion.

Check out the Who What Wear feature on my Teva looks HERE.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Moment For Flowers


Carolina K top from Free People // SHOP SIMILAR
Topshop denim miniskirt //SHOP HERE
Matt Bernson leather shoes // SHOP SIMILAR
Kooba leather backpack // SHOP HERE
Ela Rae choker necklace // SHOP HERE
Gentle Monster sunglasses

Cheesy as it sounds, I like to enjoy the little things in life. Like walking past a nursery and taking the time to step inside and pick up something bright on a humid spring day. Instantly, inside this nursery, the heat slowly disappeared and it was like the heavy air and noise of the traffic on the streets just a few feet away no longer existed. Those few moments it took for me to choose out some tulips to take home with me made all the difference on this particular day. A day that felt too hot, too overly lethargic and maybe even a little uninspiring (to say the least). Those few moments in this nursery turned everything around. I'm grateful for those moments. 

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beauty | Physicians Formula Argan Wear

Apparently, my week in Puerto Rico a while back still wasn't enough to get me to that golden bronze color every girl dies for in the summertime. I've never been on to be okay with using a tanning salon, so I'm always looking for the next big thing to help me achieve that glow in the most natural route possible (without killing my skin with UV rays or looking like a carrot). Physicians Formula's line of 100% Pure Argan Oil ("liquid gold") products has come out as the winner for me in this beauty arena. 

I'm head-over-heels over the multi-usability of the brand's Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil. I've been starting my days and ending my nights off with this weightless miracle oil that has without a doubt improved the brightness, tone, texture, and elasticity of my skin pretty dramatically in just the short amount of time that I have been using it. Just a drop or two goes a long way on my skin. A gentle rub on my face is all it needs to effortlessly absorb, working as a moisturizer, primer and protector all at once. The dewy look it gives the skin on my face is a plus, as well. And I never feel or look greasy. I've been using it on the ends of my hair on the daily, as well. I just wet my hair lightly with a spray bottle, drop some oil into the palms of my hands, and rub it into the ends of my hair and then let it air dry. It softens and adds that lusted-after shine. 

Now, onto achieving that glow that I was speaking of before. Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil Bronzer has been my go-to when it comes to getting that touch of bronze on my face. It's infused with 100% Pure Argan Oil and has a touch of shimmer to add to that sunlit, dewy look. It's as if you just came back from a trip to Morocco (something that I've been thinking about quite a lot actually!). The color is easy to control, coming out pretty subtly in the beginning, but can be layered on and on for a more dramatic bronze color. I was pretty pasty before my Key West, Florida trip this past Memorial Day weekend, so this bronzer was an ultimate lifesaver for my pale self!

So now, what do you guys think about my new faux glow look that looks anything but faux?

Check out more of Physician Formula products HERE

Friday, May 22, 2015

Sand Beneath My Feet


Anna Sui x O'Neill tank top // SHOP HERE
Paige white denim overalls // SHOP SIMILAR
Gentle Monster sunglasses

Was looking for a reason to bust out these white denim overalls that I've had for quite awhile again. Found the perfect moment near the pier in Santa Monica in California during my last trip back. The overalls are a tad tomboy, and so to keep from looking like a farmer on the beach, I thew on this little baby doll tank. My friends over at O'Neill did a collaboration with my favorite fashion icon Anna Sui, and it turned out impeccable. So retro 70's child. I think every outfit needs a touch of bohemia here and there no matter what. I miss the sand beneath my feet, but guess what! I'm off to somewhere tropical with some friends today! Want to guess where? Keep posted on our adventures on my Instagram HERE

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Old San Juan | Part 2


The Fifth Label top and skirt from ShopMika
Gentle Monster sunglasses

More from our time spent expiring Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. Just about one of the best parts of our trip! Old San Juan is the oldest settlement in all of Puerto Rico, and still contains so much of the architecture of its original historical Spanish settlement in the 17th century. So much religious and cultural history was made on these cobblestone streets, it's quite mind blowing to think about. One of the most gorgeous buildings of them all was Hotel El Convento, a hotel in an old monastery that is right next to the San Juan Cathedral, one of the oldest cathedrals in the entire Western Hemisphere. You can just close your eyes and imagine what life was like back in the day. The collision of two new worlds. So many things shifting, for better and for worse, to create what it is today:  a melting pot of worldly cultures and views. So amazing to still see so much of the old San Juan conserved for us today. I miss those Old San Juan cobblestone streets beneath my feet! 

Also, enjoy this video I made of clips from our Puerto Rico trip using my GoPro HERO4, the best little gadget to capturing travel adventures! 

My last Puerto Rico post coming soon will give you all a list of some of the particular places we hit up during our trip, and especially places to eat! Watch out!