Friday, May 15, 2015



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For someone with a heavy taste for dramatic detailing when it comes to what I throw on my body, I sure am as far from the definition of a drama queen in real life. The balance of Libra runs strong in my blood, or so my friends like to say. I'm not obsessed with Zodiac signs and the alignment of the stars, despite the fact that when I do happen to read up a little on it (say if I start a new relationship with someone) it's always mind glowingly right. And for someone that doesn't take things to extremes (although some moments I veer from this), I do have a strong believe that some sort of fate does exist. And I believe that this fate pushes us in directions that are out of our hands once it gets past a certain point. But I think it has more to do with myself being much more romanticized with the idea of each of us being born with a purpose and a path towards that purpose. The idea is so simple yet so multi-faceted at the same time. I don't even know how to start to explain the logic of it all and how I try to understand the way the world and our so-called fates work in this against and alongside each other. 

I think the idea of fate can be a beautifully dramatic thing. A thing that gives us hope and a light that will endlessly glow in the end. But still no matter what, if you think about it, we can never be sure what our end fate actually will be because the next thing could always be it. Or the next thing. Or the next thing. Or the next thing. The contemplation of this cycle is a never ending build up of story making in our heads and a lust for a final destination that may not even really exist. But the belief in its existence is the only thing to keep us going despite the fact that the emotional turmoil of the process might just be too much to handle, for we handle it in a way that might get the best of us. But that's okay, because it's supposed to lead us to our fates right? 

What a beautifully corrupt thing the idea of fate is. So corruptly beautiful. So good yet so bad. So good that it gives us hope, yet so bad that it keeps us reliant . . . unable to stand up our own two feet sometimes (a lot of the times) without it. Fate keeps us waiting yet it might just keep us waiting forever. But whatever it might be, it just might be worth the wait. And that promise is what keeps us going. So for now, I'll allow fate to bring me wherever it wants to bring me. But maybe I'll work harder to interpret it and mold it as much as I can in the moment, as opposed to just standing back and watching it decide for me. Sometimes I forget this . . . that the balance of these two actions might be the formula to beating the system. Who would have thought? Just a little something to think about.


Unknown said...

really great dress


You look beautiful! love this outfit

cherieedle said...

This is gorgeous, I love it! I don't personally believe in the horoscopes etc but I do think they're nice to read up on for encouragement :)

Summer Read said...

What a beautiful post! Fate is always something I have thought about. Constantly torn between the idea that I make my own destiny and the idea that my path is already laid beneath my feet. Lovely post!

Rachel Ang said...

You write my thoughts perfectly!!! Love this post Dylana!

Rachel x

Unknown said...

Love your post so much and the writing is Perfect

Carina said...

This dress is so beautiful!

Mariel Parton said...

amazing look Dylana, love the all black!
well written too about fate..fate is such a strange thing but a wonderful thing at the same time, there is just something about not knowing and knowing..not knowing whats going to happen and knowing that somehow it was meant to happen..
how strange and wonderful really!
I hope that made sense haha <3

sonia said...

love you so much and it's so gorgeous

Michelle Lee said...

beautiful writing
and love the shoes match with that dress!